Tea Party hate unjustified, shows fear


The recent Tea Party movement has given Democrats and Obama supporters a new target for the 2010 congressional elections. Those against the Tea Party will paint it as a racist, anarchist, hate group in an attempt to win votes for their party.

In reality, the Tea Party is a group for constitutionalists who share the vision of the founding fathers. The Tea Party came to existence with the rise of the socialist left in an effort to counter the progressive tendencies of the Democrats. But why do people hate the Tea Party?

The answer is simple: The Tea Party is right. When banks and automobile companies were failing, the government was bailing them out. When a majority of Americans were against government health care reform, Obama and the Democrats were hell-bent on forcing it down their throats.

The Tea Party was against the bailouts and in favor of letting capitalism run its course. They also vehemently opposed health care reform. Both instances expanded the federal government’s power over private businesses and set the nation on a course to add $11.5 trillion to the national debt this next decade.

The thing is, the Tea Party fights against everything the socialists believe makes a good country, such as punishing the wealthy with higher taxes, government health care, business safety nets, everything Obama and the Democrats have been promising their voters.

But the Democrats and the left-wing media have recently seen the impact of the Tea Party on the American people. Threats against congressmen have tripled since Congress passed healthcare reform, according to the Associated Press. Congressmen who were expected to run for reelection, such as Chris Dodd, Bart Stupak and Eric Massa, have all resigned following the passage of the health care bill. The Democrats see this as a product of the Tea Party movement.

They are most likely correct. However, if they fear a group that stands for the beliefs of the founding fathers, what does that say about them? See, the Democrats are fearing right now for the 2010 congressional elections. With the threat of losing a majority in either house, Obama’s power weakens. And if the Republicans have a good year in 2010, the momentum could carry over to the presidential election in 2012.

Resorting to labeling the Tea Party as a racist and hate group shows the desperation from the socialists. The fact is, if they let Americans figure out what the Tea Party really stands for – capitalism, limited government and lower taxes – then they will lose the election.

The hatred directed toward the Tea Party is an effort to maintain political power, not to protect the American people. CNN and MSCBC show videos of the Tea Party holding signs and rallying in Washington. Apparently, they are not allowed to rally. What no liberal media outlet will discuss is the Tea Party’s actual views, out of fear more Americans will be swayed. The Tea Party has American values at heart and what began as a grassroots movement quickly became a nationwide sensation because of the undeniable truth of the movement. Hatred directed toward it is merely disguised fear.