Fans should dress for occasions


I’ve been a sports fan for as long as I can remember. ESPN has been my favorite channel, well, since I could hold the remote. But for all these years, I have had one single irritating sports pet peeve: I can’t stand sports fans who wear the wrong jerseys to sporting events. It’s downright un-American and disrespectful.

I’ll give you an example of an egregious fan foul I have seen repeatedly the past few months. Last week during the K-State home opener against UCLA, I saw two guys walking around wearing Ohio State jerseys. Ok, I get it. I like Ohio State too; they’re one of the teams I root for in the Big 10, or Big 12, or whatever conference it is now. But the issue that I have was really twofold. For starters, they were at the K-State-UCLA game. They weren’t even at the Horseshoe! The last time K-State even played Ohio State was in 2003, and I think all Wildcat fans would like to remember the events that surrounded that game. Thanks, Ell Roberson. The second thing that irked me was that Ohio State wasn’t even playing that day. They had played on Thursday against Marshall. That’s like wearing a tuxedo to do yardwork. It just doesn’t make sense.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen fans committing gameday fouls. This summer I had the chance to visit three different ballparks. Each time I went to an MLB game, I saw fan fouls. I had to sit through nine innings of watching the drunk guy in front of me at the Mets-Astros game make out with his girlfriend. To make it worse, it was a home game for the Astros and this guy was wearing an Eli Manning jersey. Nice try, but wrong sport. I get it if you love New York, but at least drop $20 at Wal-Mart and pick up a Mets jersey.

From this point forward, we need to enforce fan law. It’s similar to man law, but not limited to one gender or sport. It’s pretty basic. If you’re attending a sporting event, wear the appropriate attire for a team playing in that contest. If you just got free tickets and are going for the heck of it, that’s cool, just dress neutral.

I don’t think Missouri State head coach Terry Allen is going to challenge you on your attire. He’s too busy yelling at the officials anyways. But don’t be the Dodgers fan at the Anaheim game rocking your Manny jersey. A) Manny got traded, and B) the Angels aren’t even in the National league. Fan law is simple, my friends. Just think about what you’re doing. It’s like not walking through someone’s tailgate, which is probably fan foul No. 2.

If there were penalties for fan fouls, sports fans would rack up more fines than Chad Ochocinco on a six-touchdown day. Let’s have our heads on out there. You have to be the best sports fan that you can be.

Oh, but if you’re a Jawhawk fan, you still might just want to wear neutral colors even to home games. Even if you did beat Georgia Tech this weekend, you lost to North Dakota State, which is picked to finish 3-8 this season. Somewhere Mark Mangino is verbally abusing someone.