Collegian series wins Rolling Stone competition


The Collegian’s editor-in-chief, Jason Strachman Miller, is the recipient of  Rolling Stone’s 35th annual College Journalism Award, and he will be featured in the magazine’s Oct. 14 issue.

Strachman Miller entered a series on a K-State student, who was referred to as “Thomas Swanson” in the series. Swanson underwent conversion therapy to be “cured” of his same-sex attractions.

“Swanson” was an alias used to protect the student’s privacy.

In addition to the recognition in Rolling Stone, Strachman Miller will also receive a $2,500 prize.

The Collegian is proud of his recognition, and all staff members will continue to strive for journalistic excellence.

Though Strachman Miller’s series was printed in last semester’s Collegian, this semester, the staff will continue to circulate meaningful news and stories throughout the K-State campus.