Letter from the Editor


Faculty, staff and students:

I would like to personally address the article “Public universities should not accept students from countries that have bad relations with US” that was published in the Friday, Feb. 24 edition of the Collegian.

On the opinion page that day, the Collegian published two articles that were on opposing sides of the argument about internationalization of universities in the United States. This head-to-head format is designed to simultaneously present arguments that spur discussion within our community, on and off campus.

I would like to make it known that opinions of individual reporters do not represent the opinions of the Collegian staff or of Student Publications.

Sometimes students have opinions that are controversial or unpopular. That being said, the Collegian does not wish to police student’s thoughts if they are not vulgar, profane or obscene.

I have read each letter and response to the article published on Friday that was sent to the Collegian. Some of them are published on page 6 of today’s paper. I encourage readers to look at these letters as well as the counter-argument written by Andy Rao, also published on Friday, Feb. 24. While readers may find certain controversial issues upsetting, it is exactly for that reason that we promote dialogue about these issues. If these opinions are not acknowledged there will never be a chance of resolution. I also want to emphasize the power of discussion. The Collegian website provides a forum, because frank, well-educated discussion is important. I appreciate the passionate response we’ve received and hope readers continue to engage in discourse with each other and with the Collegian.

Caroline Sweeney