University policy change allows alcohol sales at athletic events


According to an email from Warren Strauss, K-State director of internal auditing, the K-State Policy on Alcohol Cereal Malt Beverage has been updated with a revised section .040. The section, titled Athletic Facilities and Athletic Events, now states that “all sales of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage shall be conducted by a third-party concessionaire.”

Previously, alcohol was not sold in the general admissions sections of home football and basketball games. The new policy allows for third-party vendors to sell alcohol to those of legal drinking age provided that they hold liability insurance and indemnify the university with respect to such sales.

The policy still bars spectators from bringing alcohol into the stadium and reserves the right of the university to eject unruly fans from the stadium.

  • I’m with stupid

    Get ready for a mass of ejections and MIP’s to be handed out next season….GREAT IDEA KSU!

    • JB

      Actually, WVU started selling beer recently, and the number of incidents with unruly fans dropped dramatically. Instead of getting hammered outside, or sneaking liquor in, fans will now have the option to have a beer or two.

  • Perkins

    Great! More drunk K-State fans to spit on people and treat people like garbage. Do yourselves a favor and go to a REAL stadium and football game, where people are treated with respect. Like Memorial Stadium in Lincloln or Texas A & M.

    • Schmidt

      Memorial stadium fans treating you with respect? You must of never gone to a game in Lincoln. Beat it nerd

    • Go Cats!

      who says stuff like this…seriously.ha ha. “a real stadium and football game”. I guess ill take my fake stadium and football game along with my real big 12 title last year any day.

      • Schmidt

        No kidding go cats. Perkins must have grown up in Lawrence as ony a complete idiot or a KU fan would make a statement like that

  • powercat!

    Yeah cuz nothing says family like alcohol and a bunch of underage college kids using fake I.D.’s to buy beer….Time to change the name of our stadium. Wasn’t a fan of the name in the first place.

  • Powercat!

    Yeah cuz nothing says family like alcohol and a bunch of underage drunk college kids trying to buy beer with fake I.D.’s. Time to change the name of our stadium! I didn’t like the name in the first place…

  • Scott

    KState is not going to sell beer at FB or basketball games. The athletic dept released a statement about that. They want to sell beer at baseball games.

  • anon

    Mike Stanton needs to work on his reporting skills and clarify that there isn’t currently any plan to sell alcohol at football and basketball games, just baseball.

    C’mon, Collegian, get your crap together.