Being Christian conservative in college has its ups, downs

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I am a minority. Not only am I left-handed and red-haired, but I am also a Christian conservative on a college campus. Do you know what that’s like? It’s like being Madonna in a monastery.

Every year seems to have a special buzzword. In 2003, it was “Crocs.” In 2012, it was “gluten.” Now, it’s “diversity,” and you have to say it with a little sparkle in your voice. I love the real definition of diversity of a variety or discrepancy. However, I despise, I mean seriously don’t like, what the new definition of the word is developing into. As a disclaimer, my graduation speech was about how we’re all like a box of crayons, OK? I’m fruity.

What I mean by this new definition, though, is that the word “diversity” is becoming a blanket of hypersensitivity over select issues and groups. But I guess you’ve got to know people to get on the list, because not all minorities are on it. Mine isn’t.

I’ve never seen a diversity poster or presentation in which a person or text said, “No matter if a person is white, conservative or Christian … ” That just doesn’t happen, and honestly that’s how I like it. It doesn’t make sense to me why anyone would be OK with this buzzword that makes it seem like their demographic is asking for sympathy.

I go to class, and if I have the balls I may bring it up in discussion that I’m a Christian. At that point, I’m stripped naked and everyone is staring at me. I’m the freak. You love … Jesus? Or I’m tagged as a hypocritical, homophobic, anti-social, judgmental traditionalist that doesn’t understand basic science and how the “real world” works.

Scenario 2: Let’s say I’m in a class discussion and I announce that I’ve voted for a Republican. Once again, it’s like I just carelessly cut the cheese and everyone smells it. At this point, most people assume I run a puppy mill, steal from old ladies and selfishly smoke Cuban cigars in my multimillion dollar condominium. I’m the target, all because I don’t believe in socialized medicine and support fiscal responsibility and freedom.

Once again, I like it this way. I’m fully aware that when I pick a side, I’m going to get backlash from the opposition, and that’s how we should all think. Now, we’re not perfect. Sometimes I wish I had a diversity poster or sympathy cry to throw at people when I’m unreasonably called a hateful racist when I say things like, “Virtually every victim of the knockout game has been white.” Then I think, “That will make me seem weak.”

We must stand up for what we believe in, and be ready for stones to be thrown. Haters only make us stronger, right? I hate myself for just saying that.

But all in all, being proud, not defensive, of who you are is the key.

As a Christian, when I’m being falsely accused or feel like I’m battling alone I remember that Jesus said that Christians would be hated just as He was hated. I’m proud of this. I don’t need a poster to say so; I can say it better with my own voice.

Likewise, when someone tries to force feed me some white guilt, I stand tall and say “I’m proud my ancestors hopped on a boat to America when they ran out of potatoes. I think that’s super cool. I like my freckles, thanks.”

If I’m being jumped by a classroom full of liberals, I just think, “They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.”

College is the place where my mom learned to civilly debate about cultural differences. College is now the place where I am learning to civilly sensitize myself to the appropriate people. Don’t let someone else make you seem like you’re less than what you are. Be a strong little Crayola crayon.

Laura Meyers is a freshman in journalism and political science. Please send comments to [email protected]

  • ARealMinority

    “Freshman in Journalism”. Sorry sweetie, You are not a minority and claiming that you are is an insult to actual minority groups who go through things much, much, much worse than this.

    • Caramelkh

      No, I’m a much more minor minority: I’m trans-sexual, pan-romantic, gender neutrois, fat positive, wheelchair using, autistic and go fuck yourself.

      • Mordschlag

        Go back to tumblr with that crap

      • ARealMinority

        What a privileged thing to say. If you think Christians are a minority or largely discriminated against in this country you are incredibly dense. This isn’t a minority competition as you so cleverly equated it to; It’s a reality check for this girl and people like yourself. Never once did I go in-depth but as a gay man I find it extremely insulting that she compared her struggles to that of mine, They are exponentially worse and to deny that makes you a simpleton.

  • Them Liberals

    Being ostracized in a class in not that great of a feeling, but if you have the “balls” to do it, do not complain about people making judgements about you. To be honest, it is very close-minded of you to insinuate that only the liberals on campus are the ones that make judgements. More than likely, you probably have a couple of your not-so-rare conservative Christians judging you as well. Kanas and especially Kansas State University are full of conservative Christians, so thinking that you are the only one in your classes is a bit foolish and arrogant. If you are worried about being judged for your opinions, which you really do seem to care since you wrote a whole article about how you don’t care, find groups on campus that support your beliefs. There are at least half a dozen Christian groups on campus that meet weekly.

    Please take a minute next time you write an article. You may feel like us liberals are judging you, but even if we are, at least we are doing it to ourselves and not writing articles making assumptions about a whole group of students. Realize that you might be doing what you are writing about people doing privately about you to them publicly.

  • Jimbo Ivy

    Awww. Theyre cute when theyre young. If you’ll notice she discredits her initial argument by the fourth paragraph by saying she doesnt mind not having her minority status recognized before regurgitating thinly veiled sound bytes and propaganda from the rightish side. Politics aside, this is just bad writing. But you’ll do great at your church newsletter.

    • Mordschlag

      You do realize you just proved her point right?

      • Ya Boi

        Pretty sure pointing out how bad her writing organization is has nothing to do with treating her like a minority. And comparing her illogical presentation to that of a church newsletter (which for the most part have looser standards when it comes to writing) is just Jimbo Ivy making a comparison of styles.

      • Jonas

        Well, I didn’t think she was trying to make the point of how awful her writing technique is. Jimbo just pointed out how well she made that particular point 🙂

    • Jaclyn Walker

      Didn’t you enjoy the sound bytes, Jimbo? She’s so happy she’s part of the armed community…you know…in case the Liberals come try to enforce Obamacare death panels or whatever fear mongering tactic they’re using these days (perhaps the knockout game?). She’s blowing things completely out of proportion with extravagance that is ridiculous. She says:
      “At this point, most people assume I run a puppy mill, steal from
      old ladies and selfishly smoke Cuban cigars in my multimillion dollar
      She says this b/c she wouldn’t see anything evil about a sentence like this one:
      “At this point, people assume I want Hobby Lobby to deny their workers birth control, that I don’t want gay people to adopt
      children, and that I want to teach creationism to Kindergarteners.”
      No…she sees nothing bad about that at all.
      Now me? I don’t really see what is so evil about smoking Cuban cigars, but apparently that’s the kind of thing she thinks of when she thinks about things that are illegal.

  • Brent

    Great article, Laura! It is refreshing to see a journalist who is not embarrassed by the Bible and who has color in her word palette (and can paint more than Thomas Kinkade knock-offs). Indeed, the word “diversity” must be the greatest irony of this generation. “Tolerance” is right up there with it. It’s interesting how those who champion “diversity” are the first to expel the Bible-believing Christians from their midst. And those who champion “tolerance” are the first to not tolerate Christians. I’ve come to believe that the ideal world of the “diverse” and “tolerant” crowd is a world where everyone is just like them and only their beliefs are tolerated.

    As a side note, given you communication gifts and platform, I think you would really enjoy the book “A Serrated Edge” by Doug Wilson. Check it out on Amazon if you have time.

    • JA

      Bible-believing Christians are welcome. Just don’t get angry when your arguments are countered with fact and logic.

  • jacqsprat44

    I just think, “They’re just mad their health care website
    can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t
    know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.”

    This statement from a person that claims SHE is being judged!!!

  • MinorityGirl

    I respect what you have to say but you have got to be be kidding me. You’re a white, Christian, and conservative girl in KANSAS. Basically you couldn’t be in a more perfect place. Please go out into the world and see what it is like to be judged for your skin color, or to be judged because you’re wearing a hijab. As a African American female, I am judged before I even open my mouth. People don’t expect me to be smart or opinionated in worldly matters but against all odds I am. Society expects and waits for me to fail, and I am sure you do not get little racial digs but have to go on pretending like it does not bother you. You are a typical American girl, you need to get out of your bubble and really see what it is like to be a minority before you start talking about how your few insecurities make you one. You are very naive if you think you have it rough.

    • OkieStrong

      You realize you are judging her for her skin color just the same, right? Stop victimizing yourself.

      • Jaclyn Walker

        No, anyone who judges the writer of this article is judging her on her opinion and world perspective, not her skin color. She’s given us all the info we need to understand that she doesn’t have the slightest clue what she’s talking about and is right on track to become a Repulican politician who will throw women’s rights under the bus without even knowing what a pawn she is.

        • thebeardedone

          Automatically because someone is republican they don’t respect women’s rights? My…my.. someone has been drinking the kool-aid haven’t they? Just because you don’t respect a baby’s life (a human right btw) doesn’t mean that someone is against women’s rights. Get some common sense.

          • Cake

            Born people have rights.

          • Jezica

            Bodily autonomy. Period.

          • DavidMHart

            Just so we’re on the same page here, a foetus is not a baby in the same sort of way that a baby is not an adult. Foetuses have less sentience than babies, and in the early stages have no sentience at all, so cannot be capable of suffering (which is what we normally require before affording rights to something). You can argue that a foetus should have the same rights as a baby, despite the obvious differences between them (one of which is that there is no way of granting a foetus rights that do not conflict with the rights of the pregnant woman), but you cannot take it for granted by declaring a foetus to be a baby, as if that settled it.

            And, like it or not, the Republican Party is overwhelmingly the party of opposition to womens reproductive rights. One can support the Republicans on other policy areas while being in favour of womens’ reproductive rights, but only if one holds one’s nose rather tightly.

          • Joseph O Polanco

            Argumentum ignoratio elenchi. Is a baby a human being? Or is it adults only who are human beings?

          • DavidMHart

            You just never let up, do you, Joseph?

            Given the extreme vitriol with which the anti-abortionists attempt to privilege non-sentient cells over sentient women, the question of what is a ‘human
            being’ is essentially useless here. You and I can never reach a definition that we would agree on. So how about we both agree to drop the term, and instead, focus on ‘entities to whom we ought to afford rights’, then specify what rights exactly, and why, and what to do where those rights come into conflict with other entities?

          • Joseph O Polanco

            On what objective moral basis do you dare confer to or wrest inalienable rights to any human being? Who made you God?

          • DavidMHart

            Okay. I have literally no idea what you’re talking about. You are the one who is wanting to wrest away womens’ rights to bodily autonomy, to not being forced to continue a pregnancy against their will, and confer rights onto foetuses that cannot possibly have the sentience to appreciate them. If I am ‘playing God’ then so are you.

            But of course neither of us is really playing God – God almost certainly doesn’t exist, or if he does, he has yet to make his presence known in any way that is distinguishable from him being merely mythical. There’s just us humans here, and we can either have a sensible ethical conversation about what legal protections we will afford to what entities and why (in which case we can work out as best we can how to increase happiness and decrease suffering in the universe), or we can loudly assert that the wellbeing of pre-sentient foetuses trumps any concern for the women carrying them without offering any good argument for that position (in which case, why should anyone pay any attention? Why should we be more concerned about non-sentient foetuses than we are about non-sentient plants, or about rather obviously sentient cats, say?)

          • Joseph O Polanco

            If exceptional intellect is required to merely duplicate designs and systems present in nature ( Biomimetics ) then much more the original being replicated. Creation is thus proof of a Creator.

            “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – Soren Kierkegaard

          • Jaclyn Walker

            You should spend some time studying the science of vacuums, physics, and matter in general when trying to deduct origins of matter, rather than trying to apply logic and philosophy to this issue.
            Please don’t use a quote about truth and facts to back up your nonsense statement that is nothing more than a fleeting thought, likely inspired by herbs or rotten grain.

          • Joseph O Polanco

            ” As recent advances in cosmology suggest, the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.” -Stephen Hawking

            Are you referring to this kind of amphigory?

          • Amor DeCosmos

            don’t try logic or reasoning on people like Guest… it only frustrates you and makes them angry…

          • Jaclyn Walker

            No, no…don’t you get it? They CAN just say that a fetus is a baby and go about their jolly way…just the same way they claim that Jesus and Santa are white…”b/c he just IS white, ok kids?” 😉

          • Guest

            No, women’s rights was just an example of the type of issue she should be personally connected to and cannot fully understand b/c her perspective on the world is an unrealistic one where. She doesn’t have any common sense and you don’t seem to understand that concept either.

          • Jaclyn Walker

            No, women’s rights was just one of many issues that she should be personally concerned about, but won’t be b/c she’s drank the “kool-aid”. She’d rather write people off to make herself feel better than utilize critical thinking skills and logic, so all the words that ever come out of her mouth will be talking points, never real offers of solution.
            She doesn’t have any common sense and you don’t seem to grasp the concept of what that is either.

    • yael farache

      Yeah yeah, african americans have a monopoly on prejudice. Nobody else ever suffers from it.

      • Johnnie Harvey

        She’s saying from her prospective, not just who can be suffer. Everyone’s upset because there are actual people who have undergone extreme acts of prejudice besides someone disagreeing with their political standpoint.

      • Carmenalex

        Come back to me when you walk into a store and they treat you and watch you like a criminal for being white christian…there are worse acts of prejudice than people not agreeing with your political/religious views.

        • Ashlyn Sullivan

          I love the way that you worded that!!

        • WaitYourTurn

          Come back when you’re shouted down in a class for your viewpoint on (pick any moral issue of the day), given poor grades by an activist professor whose salary is paid for by your money, told you’re a hateful individual, and mocked for believing in so-called mythology. Come back when you are aren’t allowed to celebrate your own race, have days of honor devoted to it, when you don’t have scholarships, programs, and money specifically for your race, and and when you are prevented from openly promoting your worldview in a public setting or your private place of business without a lawsuit or threats of violence by street thugs who comprise the definition of “diversity,” an exclusionary concept specifically to your race and your worldview.

    • Brent

      MinorityGirl, in case you haven’t noticed, about 78 of the 80 comments here are vehemently opposed to the author’s belief. I find it ironic that you mock her claim to be a minority, claiming that she is surrounded by supporters. If she’s the majority, where are all her supporters on here? This comment thread proves the claims she makes in her article.

      And by writing this article in the Collegian, she IS stepping into the world. She’s willingly wading through dozens of opinions that challenge her own as she reads comments like yours. This piece WAS an attempt to communicate with those different than herself.

      • Jonas

        What most hilarious is how many of these comments are from her fellow Conservative Christians who know how full of BS she is with her claim. She’s playing the minority card based on being a White Conservative Christian…in a place practically overflowing with White Conservative Christians. She may very well be a minority, by going so far beyond simple ‘Conservative Christian” that even her fellow Conservative Christians view her as an outsider, but in THAT case, she isn’t a Conservative Christian and the premise of her article is STILL wrong.

        Remember, just because you’re a part of a majority doesn’t mean the majority is going to have your back when you say something monumentally stupid.

      • Owyn

        “She’s willingly wading through dozens of opinions that challenge her own” — Haha, really? Judging by this article, and your own response, she’s learning nothing because she thinks being disagreed with is akin to racial persecution.

        • Brent

          If that’s what you think she’s saying, you need to re-read the article.

          • JA

            No, Owyn’s post sounds about right.

      • Rose

        She it makes it pretty clear that she has no intention of “wading through dozens of opinions that challenger her own”; instead of listening to the criticism of her peers, she simply writes it off as some kind of backwards liberal agenda. She says what she has to say and then, quite hypocritically, criticizes anyone that disagrees with her.

      • SecularPatriot

        If she’s the majority, where are all her supporters on here?

        There’s a concept in reasoning that’s obtusely referred to as ‘ceteris paribus.’ The direct translation is, ‘all else being equal.’ It is an expression that’s supposed to remind us that everything has a context, a background, in which to judge the change being looked at.

        With that in mind, consider this post. There are at the time of my writing, over 170 replies. Let’s establish some context for that. The author Laura Myers typically gets 0-5 comments per entry. That is presumably comments by regular readers.

        Therefore, the vast majority of comments made on today’s post can be assumed to be one-time visitors come from somewhere else. I propose that they are coming specifically because the absurdity of her comments garnered her a lot of negative attention.

      • JCNow

        So what if she is a minority on her college campus. Perhaps she can pay back some of the blatant discrimination exhibited by her type for centuries.

        • WaitYourTurn

          Now that’s the most ignorant comment I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously. Should we punish innocent people for the sins of others? Should we turn back the clock and send everyone back where they came from? After all if we set everything straight no person of color, caucasian, asian, etc. has a right to be on this continent, so pack your bags. You don’t belong here unless you’re a native American.

    • Cake

      Maybe she’s a Phelps Christian. All of her overblown feelings of persecution would suddenly make sense.

      • De Soto graduate

        Nope, I went to high school with her. She’s just whiny.

  • rootsandthings

    “Sometimes I wish I had a diversity poster or sympathy cry to throw at people when I’m unreasonably called a hateful racist when I say things like, ‘Virtually every victim of the knockout game has been white.’”

    Uh, no, you ARE being a hateful racist when you say things like that, whether you realize it or not, because the knockout game doesn’t really exist. It’s a trumped-up media myth which pretends random assaults (that happen every day in every major city in America) is part of some grand black hoodlum conspiracy, rather than a few random assaults. Coverage of the knockout game is systematically designed to make white people fear their black neighbors for no reason whatsoever,

    This is why people have so much beef with conservatives – watching Fox News and reading the Drudge Report does not constitute a solid basis to build a worldview. It just makes you susceptible to racist propaganda.

    If you want a Christian analysis as to why you’re being such a racist idiot, read this: //

    • ML40

      While the trend of the so-called “knockout” game is not known.. There have been attacks of Black against Jews in New York.. whether it’s just coincidence or a trend is still not determined. But you pointing to a leftist Christian website and saying ..see, these people say it “doesn’t exist” is also disingenuous.

      Black mayor Ray Nagin and other Blacks have called for the “knockout” game to end. Is he racist? People like you do not allow for discussions on race. If anyone says something un-pc they get called racist.

      The videos we have been watching have been primarily black youths knocking out white/Jewish/Asian people.

      Saying this issue is a “media myth” “systematically designed to make white people fear their black neighbors for no reason whatsoever” is dubious

      One could say then, the media took a local tragic incident between a Black man(Trayvon) and Hispanic man(Zimmerman) and turned it into White racism. (Which they succeeded in doing)

      Try not calling everyone racists who has an opinion. It’s weak. You help to make the word irrelevant and strip it of its real power.

  • John The B.

    Ughhhh typical, clueless ostracized ginger expounding on her ignorance while dragging her imagined cross across campus. Maybe if you had a few friends and you stuck your freckled face out side of the bubble some “true christian light” might seep into your brain. FYI Jesus is NOT on board with ignorance…. When in doubt, imagine Jesus Christ sitting next to you looking at you shacking his head in disgust because you JUST DON’T GET IT!

    • Silver

      Yes about the Jesus part because at least from what I hear about him (I’m not a Christian and have never read the bible), he was all about being accepting and loving your neighbors, not accusing them of attacking you when they are just defending themselves after you started it.

      ((Also, kind of a little side note, her being ginger has nothing to do with her poor arguing ability.))

    • I disagree with this article as much (or more) than you, but by making fun of her appearance, you are sinking just as low….

  • Silver

    Okay, so when people call you out for saying racist or homophobic or classist things they aren’t doing it to be mean or to hurt you, they are doing it because you hurt them and want you to stop. No-one is trying to attack you, we want you to treat other people who are different from you as human. Don’t assume that just because some disagrees with you on legal matter means that they haven’t read the constitution or don’t understand the material.

    Also, your comment about “the knockout game”, was racist. So stop

  • Nikki

    Is it just me…or did she ACTUALLY compare herself to Jesus and Jesus’ struggle?? Oh, and this:

    “If I’m being jumped by a classroom full of liberals, I just think, ‘They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.'”

    What? I’ll have you know that I’m a liberal who 1) has read the Bible AND the Constitution and 2) loves her guns. And guess what? I’m STILL a liberal. Sounds to me like you’re making judgments about these individuals just as you claim they make judgments about you. Doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

  • k

    i’m not convinced this isn’t satirical.

    • l

      Her Facebook page matches up pretty well with the views stated in this article. So unless she’s going for the long con, no, she’s serious.

      • Jonas

        If she IS going for the long con though, kudos to her. Such marvelous dedication!

    • Jaclyn Walker

      Have you ever been to the K-State campus? I attended 10 years ago and back then at least half of the girls I met thought this exact same way. I can only assume it’s gotten worse as the country has become more polarized recently. Kansas is crazy, but yes, it is for real.

      • Jezica

        It’s silly for someone to complain about liberal academia at a place like kstate… I’m as liberal as they come. Kansas State is NOT a liberal institution. In almost everything I did, I was out of place as an atheist-leaning agnostic. There are certainly no on-campus cathedrals for my kind.

  • Anonymous

    This is seriously appalling. First off you are a freshmen in the middle of Kansas. The way I see it your life experience are in a limited view point. Kansas State is one of many conservative leaning schools in this country. Have an open mind. Personal attacks on different view points do not help your case and serious degrades your argument.

  • Johnnie Harvey

    Okay, I was totally with her for a minute. I am a gay, black spiritualist who has had my fair share of discrimination. I love meeting a member of any faith and being able to truly debate our religious beliefs. I never judge someone until I have had an actual conversation with them (except Hitler, he was just a douche).

    BUT: when she said she was proud of her ancestors hopped on a boat because they ran out of potatoes AND she started stereotyping liberals I had to say, “Pause”.

    First and foremost: Do not seek out acceptance and then go back to use blows like “They don’t know the Constitution and their healthcare website doesn’t work.” That’s like saying, “I’m not racist but Asains doing really good nails and I wonder if my black friend wants a some fried chicken.”

    Second: You are proud of your ancestors running Native Americans out of their homeland, killing their food supply, giving them smallpox blankets and making it into a national holiday? How arrogant can you be?

    You are not seeking acceptance with this article; you are seeking supremacy. Try to see the struggle of others before you cry about your own.

    • Faust

      I see what you are saying but just a quick thing, generalizing the idea of all European immigrants killed the Native American population is also arrogant and incorrect. Christopher Columbus did some crappy stuff but if you look and her family DID come during the Great Potato Famine, you are off on your assumption by about 350 years. I don’t want to step on toes but just fact checking for you.

      • JA

        I’ll have to agree here. I may be European in ancestry, but my family (both sides) didn’t immigrate to America until the 1910s.

    • Meow meow

      Christopher Columbus and Benjamin Franklin were terrible people for what they did. They were liars, rapists, and murderers but, not everyone back then was like that. Some people wanted to generally know more about our people and our culture and went out into the world and learned. Generalization is what is causing racism and there is no need to discriminate an entire group.

  • GB

    In lieu of saying some nasty things in regards to your article, I have a suggestion. Make friends that are homosexual, Mexican, Black, Asian, Muslim. Hang out with them and listen to their stories of discrimination, and you’ll find that it doesn’t mean being disagreed with and argued against in a collegiate classroom.

  • Worn Out

    I too have had a hard time being a Christian In Manhattan. When I returned to Kansas I witnessed many examples of Kansas Christian behavior. People calling themselves Christians spoke at city meetings and wrote letters to the editor about protecting their right to discriminate. People proclaimed their good Christian intentions while renting dangerous, substandard housing to students. Christians wrote spoke out against laws to stop bullying or protect women. Many, often unintentionally, used racist stereotypes to prove their point. I hate to break it to you, but you did in your letter. The local Christians have done a pretty good job of driving me, and others, from the church.

    So, next time someone responds to you in class in a negative manner, remember that they are probably not attacking you in a vacuum. It’s probably based upon first hand experience with very public, very vocal, local Christians. I do apologize for anyone who is rude or responds like a jerk. There are some in every group.

    And consider: When Bluemont College, the precedent to Kansas State, was founded, the original class was an equal number of men and women. Coeducational colleges were rare and to have such an equal number was down right radical. As the women’s studies program developed it was one of the first to require that the women take chemistry. Many people at the time thought women were unable to understand sciences. There were probably people complaining about the radical “diversity” at the school. That radical diversity set the stage for you being at Kansas State today and being able to write this letter.

    So when I say my prayers I’ll add an extra prayer for you and I hope you do for me.

    • History Lover

      Quick side note: we had equal men and women because at the time of Bluemont/KSAC/K-State’s founding (1863), the Civil War had eliminated the number of men able to attend college rather than fight in a war. Women’s attendance skyrocketed in the Civil War because they were the ones home and able to attend. It speaks more to the time period than K-State’s fight for gender equality.

      • Worn out

        I just read an article about the history of coeducation and their research shows that the civil war argument is overstated and that the growth in coeducational schools on the west, like Kansas, did have more to do with progressive attitudes. Later growth was more influenced by economic issues.

  • ThoseWithMinorityStatus

    Must be terrible having so much privilege. You have no idea what it is TRULY like.

  • Velker

    THANK YOU LAURA. Finally some sense.

  • Michelle

    There is nothing wrong with you expressing your feelings of being a White christian conservative on campus and what you perceive others think about you. However, you spend this entire article destroying your own message. You complain about how people judge you about your beliefs and your skin color, but then you turn around and judge other groups in the same ignorant way. You seem to like to point out what people assume about you, but is that actually true or are you just putting that label on them because they disagree with you? Just because someone does not agree with what you believe doesn’t mean they are not christian or conservative or hate people who are. For you to assume that and then stereotype them does not help your argument. This is probably the first time in your life where you have actually been challenged on your beliefs and because of that, you seem to be taking an extreme view of that you are being attacked. As a Black Female Christian who has experienced actual racism and discrimination both at K-State and elsewhere, it is hard for me to really have sympathy for you when you spend the whole article complaining about being a minority (which you aren’t since you are in Kansas). And as a liberal who has experienced many actual conservative Christian attacks on her faith (being called everything from a baby killer to an Atheist Christ killer), I have even less sympathy for you. It’s ok to be a proud White Christian conservative, but you really need to rethink your logic on this topic.

  • Nick Snodgrass

    Love your passion. I would challenge you to step outside your friend group and start living with the “outsiders”, as Jesus did. Make friends who do not know Jesus. Listen to them. Strive to understand them. Listen to them. Care for them. Listen to them. Sacrifice for them. LISTEN TO THEM. Pray. And take the good news of Jesus to them, as He leads you to do so. I am fully convinced that the good news that we carry is good news to all, not just a select few in our culture. This is not an easy thing to do. It is scary, and feels outside our comfort zone. But be assured that the Lord’s heart is for these people (Matthew 18:12-14), and that the Lord gives strength to those who are after his heart, to do his mission in this world (2 Chr. 16:9). I would encourage you to ask God to give you a change of heart, to be able to see the world more broadly, and see outside yourself. Don’t be so quick to call your analysis wise (Proverbs 3:7), but instead seek the Lord. He is faithful. Please pray for me as I try to do these things (I am a learner, just like you), and I will pray for you. Again, so glad to see a passionate freshman. Seek the wisdom of God and you will find it (Proverbs 2:1-15).

  • JonSnow
  • Kate G

    As a journalism student, I hope you can recognize the immense hypocrisy you’ve presented in your article: you’ve tut-tutted *actual* minority groups for using “diversity” as “a blanket of hypersensitivity,” yet you go on to use words like “attacked” and “defend” and “battling” and “stones being thrown” when describing yourself. You, in those instances, are asking for our sympathies. You are a white, college-educated, (likely) middle class religious conservative; the slant-eyed looks you got from the cute guy across the hall (of your air conditioned dorm) in your “Anthropology 101” class (where you have the freedoms to speak airily about your religious and voting preferences) do not make you a minority.

  • Daijah Porchee

    Hi, Im Daijah and an actually relevant minority,

    Being an African American woman and having my struggle compared to someone who left-handed is beyond… oh God beyond WORDS. Sweetheart, when is the last time you have faced discrimination, TRUE DISCRIMINATION for what HAND you write with? To compare the plight of the left-hander to people who were beaten, spat on, and even killed for who they were is so beyond words. When is the last time felt bad for your friends for being PRESENT because you happened to walk into someone’s room which was decorated with confederate flags? When was the last time you were truly mortified because a guy you liked got referred the as a “nigger-licker” simply for KISSING you? (Both of these things happening this year at school by the by). Walked right past the room and SHOUTED it? And the worst part? I felt bad for HIM. Just for being who I was. I should never have to feel that way. No one should. Girl… Please. Stop. Your dismissal and trivializing of the hardships that not only blacks but SO many minorities go through? Your ignorance is showing.

  • Matt

    Loved this article. Very well-written, not offensive to other races and certainly a legitimate argument. College campuses run rife with students that seem to try to elevate their own status with hypersensitivity and berating students like you that have your own set of beliefs. I’m sorry many of the previous comments are probably hitting hard, but I’m sure you knew what you were getting into by writing it in the beginning, and you seem a very headstrong, independent woman, so I’m sure you’ll be okay. Truth be told I’ve wanted to write an article similar to this one for a long time but felt uncomfortable dodging the many hoops that a liberal front puts up, not wanting to appear “racist” or “bigoted”, so I’m glad you just up and did it, knowing there would be major dissent from them. Every comment against your article I read below was extremely condescending and hypocritical on the part of the liberal left, a party that stinks to high heaven of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

    • Johnnie Harvey

      But again, you are doing the same thing the writer did. You complain that you are not being treated fairly, and then come back with banter against liberals, putting a blanket opinion over them.

      This is my main problem with this whole argument.

  • Adam

    Please tell me this is a farce

  • London

    I’ve spent that past twenty minutes trying to come up with an appropriate response to this article, but have been hindered by the inability to cease rocking back and forth and crying in the corner. I can’t decide what’s upsetting me more–the poorly constructed argument or the blatant bigotry. Now that’s a toughie…

  • Madonna in a Monastery

    “It doesn’t make sense to me why anyone would be OK with this buzzword that makes it seem like their demographic is asking for sympathy”

    For me personally, posters calling attention to equality and such nonsense aren’t cries for sympathy. However this entire article seems to be doing exactly what the author vehemently complains about. In my experience those most susceptible and sensitive to others “judgments” tend to have the most judgmental mindsets. Did the Collegian actually consider this appropriate material for a publication or are they more concerned with controversy and generating buzz? More students will respect the paper once more respectable articles are published.

  • cpharris

    It’s true. An agriculture school in the middle of Kansas is famous for ostracizing white Christians. They’re forced to flee to more accepting cities on the coasts.

  • Faust

    Yes, Christianity and Conservativeism are not always the most popular things at college.
    No, This does not make them minorities.
    This is where a lot of people are losing you and getting angry. If you want to talk about disagreements based on these factors which you encounter in class, focus on those not trying to justify your position or psychoanalyze the opposition because no matter what there are always exceptions and that will lead to arguments.

  • Hunter Ellsworth

    I’m sorry someone disagreed with you during your POLS 100 class, but you’re not being persecuted.

    I’m an atheist liberal. Trust me, there are more Christian conservatives on campus than there are atheist liberals. You know what? That’s perfectly okay with me. Sure, I’ve had a stranger call me a communist for donning Obama apparel. It happens; some people are obnoxious. But after you’ve spent more than one semester on campus, you’ll realize that most people aren’t going to hold your beliefs or opinions against you. If you’re nice, people will be nice back. I lived on a floor where it seemed like half the floor when to Navigators and the other half went to Christian Challenge. Despite being an atheist, I made plenty of friends. One of my closest friends is the most Christian person I know, and we discuss our opposing political and religious views civilly. He voted Romney, but I still trust the man with my life. It’s not godless socialist hippies versus fascist gun-toting bible-beaters out there. There’s no war on you, there’s no war on me. It’s 20,000 students of varying beliefs and opinions who are generally pretty okay with one another. People don’t get upset with people for being Christian and conservative, or for being atheist and liberal. They get upset with people for being ignorant and confrontational.

    Calm down, just calm down.

    • AK

      This is hands down the best response on here. Well said.

    • ashlyn

      PERFECT WAY TO RESPOND! This shoiuld have just ended all arguments.

    • Nick Johnson

      You forgot to drop the mic!

  • Bill

    I see the progressives have shown up in the comments to show how tolerant they are.

  • Alex A

    I guess these commenters don’t realize that you prove Christian conservatives face hatred by being hateful towards them.

    • Jonas

      Yes. Nothing proves to a Christian Conservative that you hate them like disagreeing with them and finding their patently false claims ridiculous. She’s not getting hate for being a conservative Christian, she’s getting hate for having the audacity to claim she’s a minority facing troubles. You know, I suppose it’s possible that her views are so damn extreme that she managed to make herself a minority, but if that was the case, she isn’t a Conservative Christian. She left that far behind and morphed into something completely different. I, however, fervently cling to the hope that this entire article is a joke.

  • Teniel Davis-Lawson

    This is literally the dumbest thing I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

    • Guest

      Then you haven’t read much have you?

  • ShelbySP

    WOW. I cannot believe this article was published. This is the most privilege ridden diarrhea of the mouth I have ever read in my life. If you ever feel like making a black friend (I have a feeling you don’t) there are lots of us around. Maybe if you had some interaction with minorities besides grabbing your purse tighter when one walks by, your mind wouldn’t rival Hank Hill’s urethra in narrowness.

    • Ashleigh

      This comment is scathing in the best way possible.

  • ShelbySP
  • LOL

    So Brave

  • Bananubbles

    Dear Little Crayon, as your choice of major is journalism and political science I would advise otherwise. Tact is not in your skill set. Perhaps another career choice is in order? There is nothing wrong with you or what you said, but the manner in which you present those ideas is hilarious. You have an opinion and a unique perspective. How about trading those rose colored glasses for a new prescription? Remember, you are not the only crayon in the box, but certainly a proud one as you emphasized. What color exactly is an Irish, red headed, conservative, Christian, girl? Peach?

    To The Collegian, thanks for publishing! I believe we are all thoroughly amused.

  • lmfao

    cry my a goddamn river and get your disgusting racism in check

  • Carlos Salazar

    I’m appalled that this piece was ever published in the Collegian; this is the worst thing I’ve seen published here since Sean Frye’s wonderful piece: //

    The fact is, not all college campuses are liberal, regardless of how many times a conservative pundit claims otherwise.

    Lets start with some numbers to put everything in perspective. In 2013, 77% of the undergraduate students at K-State are white. For reference, from the 2010 Census, 73% of people in Kansas are (non-hispanic) white, meaning that K-State is even whiter than the rest of Kansas. Kansas is also a fairly white state, nationally 63% of the population is white. Now lets look at the part where you’re a conservative christian – 76% of the US population as a whole is Christian, 86% of Kansas is Christian, and without a doubt the population of Manhattan and K-State is also overwhelmingly Christian. (Look at all the christian groups on this list: // Kansas is a staunchly conservative state, having voted for the Republican candidate in all of the past 10 presidential elections. From what I gather, Riley county has gone republican in every single presidential election. I’m not able to find any hard numbers of the political affiliations of students at K-State but I think it’s fair to assume they will not differ much from the rest of Kansas.

    In summary, K-State is white, christian and conservative. In terms of race, religion, and politics you are not in the minority. You are not be persecuted for who you are. More likely, you’re merely in a situation for the first time in your life where you aren’t exclusively surrounded by people exactly like yourself. Instead of dismissing what other people have to say and turning them into straw-men in your head, try and think about why they disagree with you. Maybe if you listen, some of the things other people are saying will start to make sense.

    • Nicholas

      Wow, that other story by Sean Frye is horrible. What is going on in the K-State journalism department that is allowing this type of stuff to be published?

      • Jaclyn Walker

        Ive been asking myself this question for 10 years now. I have never read an article from the collegian that was well written, logical, or thoughtful. Everything in this paper should be taken with a grain of salt.

      • Jonas

        I just figured it was a joke article. I got good laughs until I realized that either she isn’t joking, or she’s SO GOOD at the joke that I can’t tell she was joking. Personally, I think she has a bright future writing for the Onion.

        • Nicholas

          You mean Jaden Smith’s future wife. “How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?”

      • Owyn

        It’s not just K-State journalism. It’s this idea we seem to have accepted that opinions can’t be wrong. HA! That’s what’s so great about the Collegian: literally ANYONE can get published. The fact that this girl got her horrible column printed should be proof that she ISN’T being persecuted

    • KC

      In my opinion the fact that Frye’s article was published to begin with is just a clear example of how wrong this author is.

  • Ironic Carlos

    How dare you say that you are targeted because of your views! You must be silenced! … Oh, wait.

  • Nicholas

    Lol, from her Facebook

  • RedStateBlues

    Sloppy arguments, erratic use of tense, no parallel structure, sentence fragments, and incorrect word usage litter this article. This is ghastly writing and worse editing. Her views do not merit comment as they are not articulated in a manner conducive to civil debate.

  • Riley Hall

    “They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.” I might point out that the South had a farm more martial temperament and was significantly more backwoodsy/gun-happy than the North pre-Civil War. Tell me how that worked for them. Otherwise, grow up you thin-skinned, narrow minded freshman.

  • Hope

    Ok, I’m a left-handed, redhead, Conservative Christian as well and this article offends me deeply. We’re not minorities! This is Kansas for crying out loud, one of the most conservative places in the country. Also, as a very open minded Christian, this kind of article offends me because it gives a bad name and makes all Christian’s look stuck up, judgemental and ignorant. *Sigh* 🙁

  • CW

    If you really were a crown in a colorful box of Crayola crown, you’d be the color ‘Bullshit’

    • JA


  • Appalled

    I wonder if she knows she can dye her hair…

  • Lucius Whitman

    It would seem that the author is suggesting that white, conservative Christians are a minority in COLLEGE. Imagine that.

  • Paige

    Is this a joke? I spent 5 years at KSU. It’s the most conservative, Christian place I’ve ever lived.

  • HatePeopleLikeYou

    oh…poor little white rich girl who has nothing else to bitch about but how terrible people treat her in this already conservative state…

    get off your high horse…

  • Joco

    “We must stand up for what we believe in”

    No, college is where you question what you believe in, to see if it stands up to facts about the outside world. If it doesn’t, then it’s not worth believing in.

    Re: “diversity” – The 1980s called. They want their white-privilege hypersensitivity back.

  • ldfjsdlkfjsdlkfjslkd

    You have some cool comments down there Wow.

  • humping dolphins

    BS. Everyone knows gingers don’t have souls.

  • Pleasebejoking


    • Pleasebejoking

      Then I read the titles of some of your other works, and I realized that you probably aren’t… Then I was sad…

  • Cats Alum

    As a K-State alum, Kansan, and Muslim I find this highly offensive. I looked up religious student groups on campus, finding 20+ groups being Christian based and 1 for Muslims (which I am not even sure existed when I was a student). I always felt like a minority on campus, but instead of playing the victim I embraced the people around me (of all different nationalities and religions) and had one of the most enriching and wonderful times at K-State. If you want to enjoy and enrich your life, please open up your eyes and mind to the beautiful people around you.

  • Jt 4c

    Great story! Good point in saying that Christians are a minority! Sure there are other minorities but the point was to say that Christians are minorities. Anytime someone is said to be a Christian they are immediately discredited. I think that is the main point of the article and it was a good one. People comparing minority groups to Christians is not relevant to the story.

    • Jonas

      Can’t tell is sarcastic….damn you internet and your lack of voice inflection…

    • amomymous

      How are christians a damn minority explain this to me, 78% of americans identify as christian. Doesnt that make you the MAJORITY?!?!?!!?

  • Bobby-P

    She says: “I am a minority because I’m a conservative white girl in Kansas!”

    The reality: “I am a huge majority, but I feel like a minority because where I grew up EVERY SINGLE PERSON had the same beliefs and value system as I did, and I don’t know how to process a scant few slightly differing opinions. my life is SO HARD and this is bullshit. Everyone is wrong and should think the way I do. I hope I never see any more of the world than what I already have.”

    You see this quite a bit. People who live a life where they are virtually never ever harassed or discriminated against have a lousy point-of-reference. Then, when their environment begins to change and they are merely presented with, not attacked by or forced to live by, just presented with differing opinions and lifestyles, they think they are being oppressed or somehow unjustly treated. This is a textbook example of it.

  • Guest

    Her phone number happens to be located in a tweet of hers from mid-November…

    Perhaps she’d like to discuss some of the ‘points’ raised here.

  • Hannah

    This would have been a better entry for your diary than the school newspaper.

  • KStateAlum

    Everyone has their own prism in which they judge their personal experiences and interactions. I’ve had the honor of being able to interact and have friendships with those from other races, religions, and sexual preferences. The basis of our relationships were what we had in common and not with how we were different. As we interacted with other in a work environment it was noticeable how we perceived the world so differently. But we were able to have respect for each other and our opinions. We sought first to understand. While being white, christian, and conservative may well be a majority in Kansas, it’s the politically correct race, religion, and political affiliation that is acceptable to discredit and blame. Ms. Meyers expresses the very real issue of pushing tolerance with intolerance. To disagree with a previous post, college is not where you go to question everything you’ve been taught. College, as least in my time, was where we were introduced to a variety of people, professors, thoughts, etc and learned how to discuss them, debate them, sometimes embrace them and other times agree to disagree. We could be passionate and fiery without the fear of reprisal or name calling. Unfortunately that is disappearing from our workplaces, family gatherings, and classrooms.

  • Jaclyn Walker

    What she’s really saying here is, “There were 8 people in my graduating class and only 1 of them was a Democrat…I wasn’t taught real science or history, so I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, but I was taught to assert myself and defend good conservative Christian values b/c there were at least 6 protestant churches in my town, so we had plenty of diversity for deep debate, but these kids who aren’t spending 100% of their time thinking about Jesus just look at me so crazy if I say something that goes against the mainstream “norm”. I’m feeling an incredible amount of peer pressure to listen to logical arguments, but I just buckle down when things start sounding like sense and remind myself that these valid arguments don’t know the Constitution and if they don’t shut up soon, I can always just shoot them and claim stand your ground…b/c I’m white, so they’ll let ME use that defense. God, I wish someone OTHER than the federal government would cut me a break every once in a while…”
    I know b/c I used to be much like this girl….not as extreme or ignorant, but I eventually moved to the city and woke the fuck up. Maybe she will someday, too.

  • Lucy Goosey

    Here is my problem…
    First of all you are from Desoto Kansas… You have not stepped out and seen the world outside your small town bubble and Manhattan. Second of all Fruity? Really? Why would you write that. If you are so knowledgeable and feel like you have a pretty good grasp about the world at 18-19 than you would realize that fruity is a derogatory term for gays and lesbians. Proving to me that you don’t know what your talking about. Second of all you are claiming that all liberals don’t read the constitution and are idiots when they talk…. Are you seriously kidding me. You don’t wan to be judged but yet you are judging us.Just because you have been dubbed the Collegian opinion editor does not mean anything. You’re an editor to a newspaper that is in a campus that is primarily white christian. You are not a minority my dear. You have never stepped out of your comfort zone.

  • OldKStater

    Is that you Beth Mendenhall….

  • Miguel A. Ramos


  • joseyboy

    I sense a lot of liberal butt hurt on this thread…

    • Markus Leviticus

      that’s because you are incapable of sensing anything outside of your paradigm…jesus thinks you’re a festering axe wound.

      • M

        Jesus thinks you’re both worth His life.

  • Toni Lona

    ::face palm::

  • Pluto Animus

    Christians are a minority in Kansas?

    What kind of a moron writes such nonsense? Oh yeah, a Christian.

  • Billy Ripken

    The only thing faker than the knockout game is Jesus.

  • oneofmany

    You have a totally backwards way of approaching this. You’re feeling ostracized by others and yet you attack their views with snide comments like “they haven’t read the constitution”. What you should be doing is trying to understand the views of those different than you and presenting yours like the civil human being you so wish to be. Rather than perceiving yourself as the minority and thinking that others look down on you, you should realize that people on both sides feel that way. As a ‘left-handed liberal atheist’, I just hope you can understand that if you can say you feel like a minority in your position, then those in other minorities (or even majorities… like Christianity) must feel equally or exponentially more affected, and deserve your respect rather than your dismissal.

  • I think it’s quite ignorant to consider K-State a standard college campus. It’s quite conservative compared to just about every other college campus in America. I’m disappointed with this entire article because it shows a lack of global perspective. If you think you are a minority as a white, christian in Kansas, you’re in for an incredibly disturbing future. Good luck!

  • You seem to be confusing “people disagreeing with you” with “people oppressing you.”

    The First Amendment gives you the freedom to speak your mind. It does not give you the freedom to speak your mind and never hear any dissent.

  • RobertoTheChi

    You and other christians are not being persecuted in the US. No longer having the special privilege that christians have had for far too long and being treated as equals does not equal persecution.

  • Jesus

    Oh Honey, first of all you are in Kansas and to my knowledge this is a republican state and has been for an extremely long time. Second of all, as a Christian why do you need a support poster for being a minority? Last I checked, there are a lot of Christian churches in Manhattan, maybe you haven’t drove a block. Also, Are you sure you are not at KU? You may have schools wrong, but that is okay. A lot of people forget the S isn’t in there. YOU ARE NOT A MINORITY IN KANSAS BECAUSE YOU ARE GINGER AND LEFT HANDED AND CHRISTIAN. Maybe you should quit journalism

  • Bryce

    If you were impressed by the writing in this article, you’ll be happy to know that this young lady will be representing K-State’s writing programs even further next semester as the Opinion Editor of our renowned Kansas State Collegian!

    • RedStateBlues

      I weep. The Journalism Dept. should be ashamed.

    • Owyn

      As the Collegian has already shown, the sole job of the opinion editor is simply to publish anything that anyone writes without questioning it. She’ll do great!

    • JA

      Hope it’s college-level only. Would be embarrassing to be shown up by a 9th grader.

  • Collegial

    You are an especially sheltered, spoiled, and privileged person to compare being a Christian with being an oppressed group of people in America. Pray you never have to experience real hardship and can enjoy your blessed privilege.

  • Laotzu

    Please take more writing classes.

  • jdude

    “But all in all, being proud, not defensive, of who you are is the key.” Nice of you to take the time to undermine everything you’ve written to this point in one single sentence. Haha. I know conservative Christians have had a rough time in Kansas. Nice of you to reveal your true point of contention in what is surely one of the most ignorant statements published in the history of collegiate newspapers, “They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.” Take a second, think real hard about whether this statement actually helped you make your point, or actually had anything to do with what you are writing about. Anything? Nothing? No?

    You can’t be helped.

  • Guest

    Please, in logical sense, please explain to me how being 1) White 2) Christian 3) Republican at KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY makes you a minority?!?! Do you even know the demographics of where you live?!! According to, Kansas is as of 2012, 91.19% white, and of that white populous, 86% identify as Christians We are the most conservative university within a 4 state radius, arguably in the Midwest. You cannot call yourself a “minority” in this context.

    As an Asian American student who has lived in the United States for the entirety of my life, I find equivalent your article to that of a whiny overprivileged girl who had her feelings hurt when her ideology was challenged. It is, to me, extremely offensive that you would even for a second put yourself in the “minority” status, when hundreds of students (Asian American, Exchange Students, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc) like myself know fully well that you cant even begin to fathom what it means to be in the minority. To be in a minority means to be part of a smaller group that of the whole. To be less than half of the half. Your entire article/evidence/arguement, your opinion, essentially your ideology negates your point.

    Tldr: You live in Kansas. Being white, Christian, and Republican does not make you a minority. Get over yourself.

    P.S. If you really think that the ObamaCare website was having troubles because of its author/supporter’s failure to comprehend the constitution, then you seriously better go back to 8th grade American Government, and maybe take a class in Computer Science.

    P.P.S. Your hinting at a civil war by stating “[…] if anything happens, at least I’m part of the armed party.” really shows how faithful you are to your christian values. Good on you, gal.

  • Thomas

    Please, in logical sense, please explain to me how being 1) White 2) Christian 3) Republican at KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY makes you a minority?!?! Do you even know the demographics of where you live?!! According to, Kansas is as of 2012, 91.19% white, and of that white populous, 86% identify as Christians We are the most conservative university within a 4 state radius, arguably in the Midwest. You cannot call yourself a “minority” in this context.

    As an Asian American student who has lived in the United States for the entirety of my life, I find that I equivalent your article to that of a whiny overprivileged girl who had her feelings hurt when her ideology was challenged. It is, to me, extremely offensive that you would even for a second put yourself in the “minority” status, when hundreds of students (Asian American, Exchange Students, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc) like myself know fully well that you cant even begin to fathom what it means to be in the minority. To be in a minority means to be part of a smaller group that of the whole. To be less than half of the half. Your entire article/evidence/arguement, your opinion, essentially your ideology negates your point.

    Tldr: You live in Kansas. Being white, Christian, and Republican does not make you a minority. Get over yourself.

    P.S. If you really think that the ObamaCare website was having troubles because of its author/supporter’s failure to comprehend the constitution, then you seriously better go back to 8th grade American Government, and maybe take a class in Computer Science.

    P.P.S. Your hinting at a civil war by stating “[…] if anything happens, at least I’m part of the armed party.” really shows how faithful you are to your christian values. Good on you, gal.

  • James Ryan Roberts

    This article does not work. Not because of the opinion, which is something I have heard before and do not agree with, but because of the structure.

    First you muddle your argument immediately when you mention being left-handed and a red head. Are these things truly the point of your article? Of course not, but by adding them you have immediately discredited yourself as someone who is completely out of touch.

    Secondly, in your rant about a diversity poster you include “white” as one of your identifiers. Now again, do you truly believe that being white qualifies as a minority. According to the census, Caucasians will lose the majority in the United States by 2043… but that’s still 30 years away.

    I believe your focus to be your status as a Christian Conservative, which as a whole Kansas State University does have a large number of; however, I will say that within your individuals schools (journalism and political science) I’m sure you are a minority… at least in regards to your political beliefs. I’m sorry to break it to you but this isn’t going to change. If this is how you choose to exercise your frustrations (lashing out) I don’t see you surviving the next four years.

    Those are the major outline issues. While I do believe there is dialogue to have here, your article is full of hiccups that damper that result. Your buzzword analogy does not work. It seems forced, especially since you only claim two years, with nine in the middle. But mostly it doesn’t work because “diversity” – even in the definition you are using – is not new. The diversity/tolerance argument has been used for years, if not decades. Also, your Crayola crayon metaphor, which you place in between your diversity argument and then don’t pick up again until the final sentence, does nothing to further your argument. These two small points do not land and instead confuse the reader as to the point you are trying to make.

    Next, there is a difference between “white guilt” and recognizing that you are a genetics lotto win. I’m a gay male. A minority. However, I am also well aware that I am a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian male of mostly German/Irish descent born into a lower-middle class family. I do not feel “guilty” for these traits but am aware that there are things in this world – extreme racism, for one – that I will never be able to truly understand. On top of that your comment about potatoes and freckles reeks of ignorance… not only of people different than yourself, but also of history for that matter.

    You claim that you feel attacked – and you very well be, I do not claim to know your life – but then turn around and attack those that oppose you. Your health care, constitution, armed party comment not only stereotypes conservatives as well as liberals but it also undermines your “proud, not defensive” point you attempted to make less than ten seconds earlier.

    The list goes on and on – your attempt at what I can only assume is hyperbole in regards to how you are treated when you mention your spiritual and political beliefs, your use of the “knockout game” as well as your comparison to Jesus – but I will end with one final point. You mention that college is where your mother learned to “civilly debate” while you have learned to “civilly sensitize” yourself. Firstly I’m not sure “sensitize” is the word you wanted there. Secondly, I would argue that you are a Freshman wrapping up your first semester of college. KSU is nowhere close to as liberal as this article has made it seem, but is mostly likely ten times as liberal as your hometown. College is still a place to learn how to “civilly debate” and you definitely have a long way to go.

  • Yours Truly

    You’re assuming way too much… And, Sonder

  • Kelsey

    I hope that your college experience shows you that being white isn’t something to feel guilty about. Being white, however, does grant you with undeniable privileges that can be grounded by engaging with those of different identities.It would be interesting to see this piece written by someone preparing to graduate. It may look different. College has a funny way of opening our eyes to different perspectives.

  • Taylor

    I find it funny that you complain about the stereotypes conservatives receive and then proceed to assume the majority is the polar opposite (“liberal”)’s stereotype. Also, how many times is it relevant to bring up, “I’m a Christian” in class? Maybe you get weird looks because you are off topic, say it in a manner that offends other religions, or are trying to make an argument based on you religious affiliations when the topic shouldn’t depend on the religion…because of the Constitution you said liberals don’t read. I’d like to see some campus statistics, because I know of more campus groups specifically for Christians and/or conservatives than I know of for any other specific religion or liberals…implying there’s a demand for these groups…implying there is a relatively large population of these groups on campus. I think really the biggest problem I have with your “article” is that you claim to be Christian, the definition of which is being Christ like. Christ’s MAIN lesson was to love one another, despite faults or differences. Yet, you specifically target groups of people with seems akin to hatred.“They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.” This is far from Christian and far from “civilly” arguing your point.

  • thebeardedone

    To the commenters on this article: I’m sorry, I was unaware that this was a pity contest. You bring hate on this girl and act like you have it bad? You people post I’m black…. I’m gay…. I’m whatever…. just to say you have it bad? You live in the United States where you have the ability to make a life for yourselves. You have food on the table and the ability to go to a prestigious university. Other people around the world have to fight to live each and every day. Stop complaining. None of you have the right to sit here, cast judgment, and be generally obnoxious.

    I understand what the author is saying because there is a trend occurring in the United States where if you’re white and Christian, you’re automatically written off because you couldn’t have had it bad. Sorry folks you can’t make that judgment. You’re so focused on what you see on the outside, that you automatically judge someone based off how they look. Race and sexual orientation should not be a factor in what type of job you get, what school you get into, or what scholarships receive. Until factors like that are erased from applications, discrimination will continue to exist in society.

  • Mike

    Way to stand up! Always remember to boast in Christ alone, and remember that no matter how much you may seem to be a part of the majority or not, or what anyone says about you, each one of us is beautifully created by God Himself, and we are all equal before Him.

  • corsair82

    Author: If I’m being jumped by a classroom full of liberals, I just think, “They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.”

    Translation: That thing that I said about “I like it this way” a few paragraphs up was a total lie. I’m deeply unable to acknowledge that my critics might have a point so I will dishonestly depict them in a condescending and degrading fashion. This will help me avoid both self-examination and any meaningful analysis of the merits of their position—both of which terrify me almost as much as the idea that my white, Christian, conservative privilege might be eroding under the steady wash of equality.

  • DearAuthor

    The Collegian strikes again. The disappointment I have in our University’s school newspaper continually dips and dips with each passing semester. The real kicker is that the author is set to be the Opinion Editor next semester. How can you be an editor if you lack so much writing skill? I can’t fathom the ignorance in this article. I hope you can A) get your facts straight before you write another TERRIBLE article about something SO STUPID. and B) learn to actually write. Good luck with a career in Journalism……… LOL

  • ksuproud

    It’s hilarious that you mention that others stereotype you as a gay-hating, anti-social traditionalist just because you associate yourself as a Christian, but your second-to-last paragraph drops all liberals into a stereotype when you say that they are all just mad because their healthcare site doesn’t work. Pot calling kettle black, much? That’s one of the biggest examples of being a hypocrite that I think I’ve ever seen, and you should be embarrassed. And yea…if you are pretty much anywhere in America, a white, Christian conservative is not a minority.

  • ShakingMyHead

    Just ridiculous. As a white, Christian and conservative girl I know how much privilege I am afforded simply because of that. I am personally offended, that you would see yourself as minority. It’s an insult to those who have experienced true, discrimination as a result of their heritage. Your example of discrimination is being judged by your classmates. That’s just childish. Your illogical rant clearly illustrates how self important you feel, and how close minded you are. I am embarrassed that my alma mater would publish this.

  • hsjsbdk

    Just because people judge you and don’t support your beliefs does not make you a minority. You are a conservative christian in Kansas. Wow you poor thing, must have it so rough. Get it through your head, you are the majority. Stop playing the victim and knock off the spoiled little girl attitude. You have been handed everything on a silver platter and this is the first time in your life someone told you you were wrong. Save yourself some embaressment by getting off your high horse and stop writing idiotic articlesd. You’ll regret these later if you ever realize how truly ignorant you are.

  • You’re not “Christian”

    “If I’m being jumped by a classroom full of liberals, I just think,
    “They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly.
    They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know. If anything
    happens, at least I’m a part of the armed party.””

    “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” John 13:34

  • LikeReally?

    I knew K-State was bad, but I didn’t believe they’d post something this awful. Can you locate Kansas on a map? What about America? Because this article sounds like it was written by an unintelligent Miss America.

  • thebeardedone

    To the commenters on this article:
    I’m sorry, I was unaware that this was a pity contest. You bring hate on this
    girl and act like you have it bad? You people post I’m black…. I’m gay….
    I’m whatever…. just to say you have it bad? You live in the United States
    where you have the ability to make a life for yourselves. You have food on the
    table and the ability to go to a prestigious university. Other people around
    the world have to fight to live each and every day. Stop complaining. None of
    you have the right to sit here, cast judgment, and be generally

    I understand what the author is saying because
    there is a trend occurring in the United States where if you’re white and
    Christian, you’re automatically written off because you couldn’t have had it
    bad. Sorry folks you can’t make that judgment. You’re so focused on what you
    see on the outside, that you automatically judge someone based off how they
    look. Race and sexual orientation should not be a factor in what type of job
    you get, what school you get into, or what scholarships receive. Until factors
    like that are erased from applications, discrimination will continue to exist
    in society.

    • Mario Strada

      The only hate directed at this girl (and let’s face it, it’s not the Hate that some have had to suffer for things out of their control) is based on disagreeing with her statements on this blog. No one knows what she look like. She is being called off of her naïve viewpoint on life and human relations. No one cares if she is white, Christian, red headed or otherwise.

      What everyone objects to is her unwillingness to see her privilege against the real hate and venom many real minorities still have to suffer under.

      “You’re so focused on what you see on the outside, that you automatically judge someone based off how they look.”

      How does this relate to this discussion?

    • amomymous

      Umm isnt the author throwing herself a pink panty meltdown cry party over people disagreeing with her? Is she not casting judgement and generally being obnoxious with her little rant?

      Im white and come from an extreme christian household, I have never seen them written off. Does she not have food on the table and is going to a college, oh thats right only white christians being disagreed with matter to you i suppose.

  • Elizabeth

    minority? you are white, Christian, and conservative in Kansas…move to New York and then we can talk….

  • JA

    You guys…clearly she IS a minority…it’s been a hard life for her

  • BitchesBeTrippin’

    Is this your application for fox news?

  • unbound55

    Impressive. Christian privilege and martyrdom in one handy rant.

  • Andy Lucero

    I think part of the problem is that you don’t understand the concept of diversity. So let me explain it to you using your ” we’re all a box of crayons” analogy. The reason they don’t normally put a white crayon in the box, is because the whole fucking page that you color on is white.

  • Ron

    You complain that people judge you for being Christian, then you go making a blanket statement that “liberals haven’t read the constitution.” That, in itself, is hypocrisy. Also, Chief Justice John Roberts (nominated by Republicans) actually said that Obamacare IS constitutional. If you’re going into journalism, I recommend you have a strong grasp of history and current events before writing opinion editorials.

  • Ashley

    Freshman in journalism whose career is already ruined. Any future employer will stumble upon this and send her away, unless, of course, it’s Ann Coulter.

    • Mario Strada

      Are you kidding? I bet Fox News is already putting their head hunters to work. The only issue will be to get a blond dye job and shorten all her skirts. Once that’s done, given the willingness to identify as a martyr and make up stuff she’ll fit right along with Gretchen and the rest of the bimbos.

  • Jerry

    The ignorance displayed by some of these posts is concerning. Hispanics will outnumber Whites in California and Texas within the decade. In a few decades, Whites will no longer make up the majority of the American population. I believe Laura’s frustration comes from contemporary society’s shaming of Christian Whites who take pride in their European heritage. “White pride” has inherently negative connotations, whereas Latino pride is viewed as an expression of culture. European colonialism should fill us with guilt? Holocaust should drive us to blindly arm and support Israel? Let me remind everyone of the millions of White Christians ruthlessly persecuted by Soviet Russia, the ethnic cleansing of Armenian Christians at the hands of the Muslim Turks, and the modern, unrelenting campaign against Christian’s rights in the Arab world. The United States was founded by Europeans on Christian principles, and I will not feel shame in professing my pride to be part of this beautiful tradition and glorious heritage.

    • bearclover

      Maybe if she actually lived or went to college in any of those places, she could speak about feeling persecuted. But she doesn’t. She’s in the thick of the bible belt. A white, christian chick in the Bible belt. Yeah, that must be hard.

    • MineApostasy

      You know, I would believe that you want to simply express the same pride in one’s self that any one is entitled to except for the part where you start by talking about “hispanics outnumbering whites”. You kind of shot your argument before you even made it, and that is impressive.

      And yeah, the US was founded by Europeans — and let’s not forget that many of those Europeans were from Spain: a country with a huge islamic influence in terms of its culture and history — but the earliest colonies were not founded on religious principles, they were founded on the principles of mercantilism and trade. Even when you get to the Declaration and Constitution what you really see enshrined in those documents is a firm devotion to the principles of the Enlightenment, why else would there be no direct reference to the ten commandments in our laws? It was based more on the Roman and Athenian Greek paradigms.

      You want to play the game of who killed whom? That’s a really bad idea considering the subjugation of the entirety of the native populations in North and South America using Christian theology to justify the killing and enslavement of the people. That’s just one example. We could ask the first peoples how they feel about it, but it was one of the most effective genocides in history.

    • tatoo

      You are right. The horrors done in the name of god are terrible. No wonder atheism is on the rise.

  • If your views are challenged, you’d better be prepared to defend them. That’s what academia is about. If you identify with a group that is of ill-repute locally, you have to show that you are different, that you’re trustworthy, and that your views are logical and that you believe them enough to defend them. Vocally. Rationally. Diplomatically.

    If people who disagree with you won’t engage you, then it’s their folly, their irrationality and lack of academic prudence that causes the static in the room.

    You’re fighting an uphill battle. If you want to win, you have to harness the force of logic as your shield and wield the power of persuasion as your sword. If these are not on your side, you are lost.

  • Basil

    It’s a rare day on the Internet when every single one of the comments following an article is better written than the article.

  • Camille

    PLEASE tell me more about what it’s like to be in the 75% minority of Christians in America. Then tell me what it’s like being in the 72% minority of white people in America. Tell me what it’s like to never walk into rooms and be the only person who looks like you and has the same background as you and the same general beliefs as you.
    Oh wait, nevermind. You aren’t in the minority. Chances are, you’re able to go pretty much anywhere and find someone with the same background, religion, and ethnicity as you. You’re never told that your success is “so great for a { } person”.
    Stop acting like you’re some persecuted martyr because it’s really not convincing anybody.

  • Cake

    People challenge your ideas and you call it persecution?

    You poor thing.

  • Kira

    People don’t dislike you because you are a white Christian (not a minority by the way). People dislike you because of the arrogance, ignorance and bigotry thst exude from you–and your whiny persecution complex.

  • Moose McNuggets

    Take it from an old man, sweetie, the term “diversity” went around in the sixties and the seventies and the eighties and the nineties and the oughts…

    Wait, you’re in Kansas. I guess it is new concept there.

  • alconnolly

    Many a questionable statement in that diatribe, but I hope her statement of “Likewise, when someone tries to force feed me some white guilt, I
    stand tall and say “I’m proud my ancestors hopped on a boat to America
    when they ran out of potatoes. I think that’s super cool. I like my
    freckles, thanks.” Means she is all about supporting immigrants who are clearly being in her words “super cool”.

  • corhen

    the above post summed up

    “sure, im part of the most widely accepted demographic, and sure there is a huge amount of similar minded people in my school, But for once in my life i’m not part of the supermajority, this scares me, and exacerbates my already not insignificant persecution complex.”

  • Jessica

    Sometimes _feeling_ discriminated against doesn’t mean you are _being_ discriminated against. If you made it into the classroom you have already won.

  • You are only a freshman.

    The great thing is you still have a few more years to actually learn something.
    Do what other college kids have done. Read about different faiths. Experiment with some drugs and lesbianism for a bit. Spend a semester wearing all black and quote Nietzsche. Volunteer at a homeless shelter for the summer. Have an STD scare. Find a book (other than the bible) that changes your world. Take a fine arts class. Flunk out of Calculus. Take Philosophy. Wake up 10 mins late for a final. Spend all night cramming. Spend all night drinking. Wake up next someone and only know them as “hey you”. Throw up on your roommate. Listen to a lecture that leaves you in tears. Listen to a lecture that pisses you off so much you stand up and yell at the professor. Spend a month eating Ramen because you don’t have the money for food. Spend another month eaten Ramen because you spent your food money on concert tickets in another state. Talk to someone you think hates you; find out they really don’t they just don’t know you. Then after you have grown up a little, think about how moronic your article sounds.

    Come back when you are senior, or better yet Grad School, and write the follow-up “Wow, Just Exactly How Stupid Was I?”

  • StopPretending

    Jesus didn’t say Christians would be hated for their bigotry, but their commitment to subverting systems of oppression (it is not easy for the rich to get into heaven, for instance). You mock Christ with your words and your system of beliefs. How dare you. “The name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you.” Read your Bible and stop trying to pretend you’re anything like a Christian should be. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  • saint-bmo

    This is literally just a conflation of “minority” and “oppressed”. Some minorities are oppressed (e.g. transgendered individuals, non-whites, etc.). Other minorities are not (e.g. red-haired people, the bourgeois). Hopefully you learn something while at college and it involves learning to not illegitimate ACTUAL oppressed groups (which can some times include majorities [see: apartheid South Africa]) by saying it is the same thing as your relatively mild discomfort with the stigmas placed on Christians or Republicans.

    Think of it like this: you don’t really have to worry about your life being in danger because you are a white, conservative Christian–if anything is in danger, it’s your privilege and your ego.

    Best of luck with your journalism and political science degree!

  • David Manhart

    This screams of the exact same feelings of persecution whites felt when, in the south, they were FORCED to have to sit next to a black person in a restaurant! The horrors!

  • In further thought.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Oh the humanity…..

    You my dear, being a white Christian conservative in a college, state and country chock full of people just like you, are not in a minority. You just suffer from that common condition of the US right wing Christians….persecution complex. Any challenge to your little world and traditional position of privilege is seen as being hounded down and thrown to the lions. Like many on “your side” you scream persecution and play the wronged victim card at the least of things, often simply because your ideals and principles are called into question by others not of the same faith, political philosophy or mindset.
    You do not have a clue what actual persecution is my dear. Unlike you I have traveled extensively around the world and have seen it many times in many different varieties. And almost always where there is real persecution in this world is it at the hands of one religious group of socio-political hard liners like yourself, and visited upon a smaller minority group not of the same socio-political makeup. If you wish to see what a persecuted Christian looks like I suggest a trip to West Africa. Nigeria would be a good start. There you can see Christians being persecuted and killed by Muslims in the same country. You can also watch Christians doing exactly the same back to Muslims.

    Or if that is too far to travel, perhaps you could travel within your own country and visit the small atheist community of King, North Carolina. There the local community, led by right wing Christians like yourself and their pet politicians, led a Salem style witch hunt against the atheists who challenged their ingrained Christian privilege and took a court case out to defend the Constitution against 1st Amendment abuses. You could also just watch the online documentary, via YouTube, called “In God We Trust?”. Or you could ask Damon Fowler what persecution is – he was thrown out of his home and hounded out of town by Christians like you for the crime of being an open atheist. Or you could ask Jessica Ahlquist how it felt to be bullied, threatened with murder, and called every name under the sun (even by her local politicians) for taking up a 1st Amendment case against her school. THAT my dear is what persecution looks and feels like.
    Still, I’m sure there is a silver lining waiting for you once you graduate. For “journalists” like you, immune to actual reality and truth, always ready with the cries of persecution, full of hyperbole and cod aggressive soundbite quotes, and flying that self righteous Christian persecution flag high, there is always a place at Fox News. You can work for Bill, Sean, Megyn and Gretch on fake stories about wars on Christianity, Christmas, Easter etc etc or try to prove for Megyn’s sake that Santa and Jesus really were white.

  • Levon Mkrtchyan

    Have you considered the possibility that people disagree with you not because you’re a persecuted minority, but because you say things that obviously haven’t been thought all the way through? If this post is representative of the kinds of opinions you express in class, I think even your white conservative christian classmates are likely to see problems with what you’re saying and be ready to point them out.

  • Amor DeCosmos

    wahhhhh… I live in a country where 80% of the people identify as Christian… waaahhhhh…. my country’s motto is, “In God We Trust”… waaahhhhhh the leader of my country is a self-professed Christian waaaahhhhhh… we have national days off for every major Christian holiday…. but waahhhhh… I am a MINORITY! It is so tough to be a privileged white Christian in this country waaaahhhhh…

  • Fred

    Fortunately the author is still in school and might still learn something.

  • JA

    “”As a Christian, when I’m being falsely accused or feel like I’m
    battling alone I remember that Jesus said that Christians would be hated
    just as He was hated. I’m proud of this.””

    Your persecution complex is showing.

  • ajustinmoore

    Maybe she’s just an unlikable person. Her writing kinda makes me think she’s a bit of a tool and people don’t like her. So, she’s wrapped herself in this ‘I’m a minority’ cloak to shield herself from being responsible for the shunning her behavior has created. That’s gotta suck… Persecution complex. She should work that out in therapy.

  • Booya Bible

    LOL. I couldn’t get past…I’m white, Christian, and I’m in the minority. Oh my god… The dumb is strong with this one.

  • DropThaMic


    1. I am very sorry that you feel excluded from discourse on your college campus. I am not sorry, however, that as a white, conservative, Christian woman you get a stake in every discourse that happens. As mentioned in previous comments, people who deviate from whiteness or heterosexuality or conservatiivism or Christianity don’t get the opportunity to even enter the conversation. Moreover, you’re whining about how you don’t get to engage in diversity when your status as a white woman is fundamental to diversity since its near the top in the social hierarchy.

    2. You should read more into multiculturalism politics because you’d learn that privilege is situational and you can exercise where needed. Instead, you’re complaining that you are underrepresented in a state that is fundamentalist, right-wing, and female-oppressing…I have no pity.

    3. Your quote: “civilly sensitize myself to the appropriate people.” #wut Please tell the world what you stand to lose by becoming sensitive to the cultural, racial, political, sexual, and genderwise oppression that occurs every day because of people in your group? Then again, God and/or Sam Brownback probs wouldn’t support you anymore if you happen to accept people for who they are. Idk.

    4. Since you’re so comfortable feeling victimized by your privilege (and, to some extent, you should welcome it because you have the ability to choose your status and what discourse you engage), allow me to be quite blunt. If you feel like you’re “the bad guy (or girl),” then do something about it. Give people a reason to believe that you are not puppeted by your privilege, which I know is extremely difficult because this article is now published and you’ve cemented your place in the hierarchy. Tell whomever makes you feel excluded that you can be a part of positive change instead of taking the typical white/conservative/Christian route and relying on faulty assumptions of your whitewashed and Bible-dependent moral compass.

    All in all, sounds like you should have chosen a college that was more in-line with your ideals. I did, and it feels great. Also, listen to Beyonce’s new album…it’ll teach you a lot about the empowerment of women and their role in diversity. Oh, wait…you might culturally appropriate that, too.

  • Carmenalex

    Call me when you walk in a store with your black boyfriend(hahahahahahahahaha, as if that would happen) and they follow you around and treat you like a criminal in a store and when you walk in with your white friends they don’t bat an eye. So far your only whining because people dont agree with your views or throw roses in front of your feet for being White Christian Republican. BTW…the knockout game turned out to be a media created hoax.

  • Gael

    Fact number one: The “knock out game” is a Fox News fantasy….which is why they are called “Faux” news, they lie worse than a cheap rug. See here: //

    Fact number two: Welcome to the real world. People disagree over a lot of stuff, no matter who or what you are. It’s not “being jumped” when people disagree with you.

    Beyond that, you sound like a list of Conservative buzz words. It’s really hard to take you seriously when you say things like ” They’re just mad their health care website can’t function properly. They haven’t read the Constitution, they don’t know if anything happens at least I’m part of the armed party.” Well, way to stereotype!

    1) The web site works fine You won’t hear that on Faux News.
    2) I have read the Constitution, thank you very much.
    3) I am also armed. Yes, I’m a liberal with a gun. Several of them. I hunt, I skeet shoot, and I have hand guns. As many liberals own guns as conservatives do, the difference is we don’t feel the need to brag on it, nor are we buying the lies that the big, evil government is coming to take them away.

    As to your earlier comment re: fiscal responsibility, are you aware that our national debt has an historical trend of increasing under Republicans and decreasing under Democrats? It’s much lower now under Obama than when Bush left office. This chart is older, but it shows it nicely. WE had a SURPLUS when Clinton left office, but then good ol’ George W had to lie us into an expensive war and there it went…


    If you were really into fiscal responsibility from governments, you’d be voting Democrat.

  • Carmenalex

    I love how you pat yourself in the back for being “persecuted”.and “hated’ for being Christian. You don’t know what real religious persecution means and your words are a self righteous slap in the face to those Christians (and any person from any religion or atheists) who are MURDERED and MAIMED and TORTURED every single day for not having the ‘right’ religion. You’re just whining that people are vocal about disagreeing with you and having strong opinions (I bet you have strong opinions about gays marrying) Persecution DOES NOT MEAN people are disagreeing with you, or that they do not follow nor wish to follow the tenants of your religion. Freedom means following the religion or non religious philosophy of choice AND criticizing and questioning religion or any philosophy. It seems to me you just can’t handle freedom. You are not being persecuted, and let me tell you, if you where REALLY persecuted you wouldn’t be patting yourself on the back for it…you’d spend too much time hiding in utter terror for your life. You are completely unaware of the privilege you enjoy being a white christian living where you live. You really come off as a privileged, ungrateful, whining child who is discovering the world doesn’t revolve around you or your personal beliefs.

  • Alicewrites

    Wow. Ten years ago, I could have written this. My response to Laura: //

  • JCNow

    Oh you poor deprived little thing. It’s such a imposition when white christian privilege is no longer taken for granted. Grow TF Up.

  • X3Charlie

    Laura should you ever stumble into these comments I think the only one worth reading is Alicewrites. It was a very nice letter.

  • anonymous

    Laura, as a conservative Christian on an extremely liberal campus I truly understand your problem. I know that feeling when you have to decide when to hold back your beliefs or opinions simply because it isn’t worth the verbal beat-down that will ensue the minute anyone finds out you are a republican. The many conversations I have had to sit through or have left because republicans are being rabidly condemned as idiots who drown kittens destroy the ozone in their spare time. Or that moment you ask why I can get scholarships that acknowledge and are awarded based the latin part of my heritage but not my white family. Because that would be racist. Why is this acceptable? Because whites are the majority in the States? Because that statistic didn’t help the poor european immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Irish, for example, were often refused service in many places for years. When did it become a competition to see who has suffered the most or which race has been oppressed the longest? If we are so focused on moving forward and creating a society without prejudice then why are people so focused on reliving past wrongs? While they should not be swept aside, why should our generation be made to feel guilty of things that took place before we were born? White people come from all over the world, so why should being white not make someone “diverse” or “multicultural”? When did American culture stop being a part of a “multicultural” world?