Head to Head: Third-wave feminism requires inequality

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Do you believe that it is the government’s obligation to ensure that every woman has access to birth control, the morning after pill, abortions, maternity coverage, equal pay, equal opportunity and everything else that she may require to be on equal standing with a man? If there were a petition going around to end women’s suffrage in the United States, would you sign it?

If you answered yes to that last question, please do us all a favor and Google the term “women’s suffrage.”

The original women’s equality movement had a lot of ground to stand on. Yes, women should have all the rights that men have, but the year is 2014 and I hate to break it to third-wave feminists, but we do have those rights. Go ahead all you woman’s study majors, please school me in how awful we really have it. While you’re ranting on about equal rights and how hard it is to find a job and get equal pay as a woman, remember men and women are different – scientifically different.

According to a Sept. 22, 2011 Live Science article by Natalie Wolchover, some of the genetic differences between men and women range include men having more body hair, deeper voices, flat chests and a more muscular build. Additionally, several recents studies prove that there are differences in the way men’s and women’s brains function and perform. These neurological differences are linked to why men and women have different life goals, desires, habits, and why each gender tends to excel in different fields.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research flaunts the fact that, on average, full-time working women in 2012 made 77 cents to every dollar that a man made. However, the study neglects to tell the audience the real numbers, the ones that truly compare the differences in pay, based on more than just a person’s gender. A study by payscale.com shows that the real difference between wages for men and women. who are “similarly qualified” within the scope of six popular careers, is less than 4 percent. Yes, there is still a slight gap, but not the one you’ve been led to believe exists.

The same study shows how women are more likely than men to selecting careers such as nursing, education, and human resources – all fields that typically do not provide high-ranking salaries, especially compared to male-dominant, high-paying fields, such as software development, construction and computer programming. The biological differences between men and women may explain why the sexes prefer to fall into different salary ranges – not because there is vast inequality of treatment, but rather, an inequality of participation in high and low-paying workforces.

The problem today is that instead of fighting for equality, third-wave feminists seem to be fighting for superiority. This group of women cannot accept the fact that females are genetically different than males, that they pursue different careers and lead different lives. They aren’t satisfied with women being able to vote, run for public office, go to college, work in their desired field, etc. Instead, feminists want women to get the jobs over men, get paid more than men, be accepted into colleges over men and more. That’s not equality, that’s dominance and a complete abuse of affirmative action. It should not be gender that decides things for a person. It should be personal drive, grades, achievement and capability.

There is no doubt that, at times, men get picked over women because of their sex. But there are also times that women are picked over men. Not every job gets the same pay. A teacher does not make the same as an engineer; an engineer does not make the same as a nurse. Are we supposed to close the pay gap and have everyone paid the same? Sure, if you want socialism.

Life isn’t fair, but having women try to dominate does not make it fair either. People should not be hired based on meeting standards the government has laid out because of gender or race. People should be hired based on the quality of work that they perform.

Equality is a good thing, but when women start demanding to be chosen for a job over a man simply because of her gender, she is no longer being treated with equality; she is being acknowledged solely because of her gender, and that is detrimental to women’s long-fought fight for equal treatment.

Samantha Poetter is a senior in political science. Please send comments to [email protected]

  • sick of collegian trash op-eds

    Seriously, how does this garbage make it into the collegian? You cite from payscale.com? Seriously? Did you learn anything in school about what reputable sources, studies, and research are? Shame on you, Samantha. It’s lazy undergrads like you that give social science a bad name.

    • Most students of social “sciences” are plenty good at bringing a bad name on themselves. Usually has to do with being ideologues and activists first, and “scientists” a far second.

  • way to misunderstand feminism

    And it’s just coincidence and not an effect of sexist society that jobs that are stereotypically “feminine” or that emphasize stereotypically “feminine” traits (like caring for the sick or children, for example) are paid less? I don’t buy that whatsoever. The pay difference between engineer and school teacher (which both require the same amount of education) is a value judgement on masculine vs. feminine traits, and feminine traits lose in society.

    For the record, for your “men and women are hardwired to behave differently” nonsense, check out the book Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine.

    • Vape4Lyfe

      Numerous studies debunk the wage gap. (forbes, economic research, cbs, abc, slate, etc etc etc etc etc.)
      The jobs that are stereotypically feminine are experiencing a glut of graduates like nurses and teachers. Which is why they are paid less. Supply and demand. There are less engineering graduates than there are nursing graduates, just like there are less doctors then teachers (which at the highest levels of teaching require roughly the same amount of schooling, PhD, published etc) You are correct in that it is a value judgement, incorrect on masculine vs. feminine.

      That book is full just as full of biased science as the studies she is poking holes in it. The studies she is picking apart in it, the baby face reaction over faces or mechanical objects for instance was conducted by gender blind judges. Meta data backs up this study as a meta was done in 2012. Same thing for the rhesus monkey not reacting to fetal testosterone , backed by meta data. She picked one species and said that debunked it. How about we take a closer look at it, instead of writing it all off.

      60 minutes just did a segment on how men and women are so biologically different that we need different dosage of medicine, a reversal on the position held since medicine began being institutionalized. Women don’t react well to male stem cells and require female stem cells as well. Men can operate on both.

      Are brains are wired differently as well (scientific american, you can look it up.) Our hormonal systems which are known to play a huge part in the development of the brain are different. We’re different. Not better than the other. Complementary. Not saying women can’t be engineers but as averages, men will choose to be engineers over women.

      In a more gender free society, the sexual segregation is greater than in less free societies. Example sweden and several other countries. The more free a society the more women choose “typical female” jobs and men choose “typical male jobs.”

      Those engineers are paid more because 1. There are less graduates. 2. They are net producers in the economy and net producers are inherently more valuable to society than consumers i.e. making something is more valuable on an economic level than pushing papers and educating children which are notable resource sinks, as is care for the elderly.

    • Enlightened

      In addition to wage gaps between professions, we also have the gap within professions. In both ways women lose. First because they make the population’s majority in areas that pay less (many of the considered ‘pink collar’ professions such as nurse or teacher); and second because even within these ‘less demanded’ professions women still earn less (e.g., male nurses earn more than female ones, and so do teachers). I point here that the author perceived ‘pink collar’ professions as less demanded, but actually they are less demanded by those who have money and power, and not less demanded by society (giving that they are essential for society’s well being).

      • Vape4Lyfe

        My mom was a nurse so I have some anecdotal evidence. The male nurses are asked to help lift, do the “messier” jobs of cleaning up, they cover more shifts when someone’s kid gets sick.

        Women take more time away from work, use more sick/vacation days than men etc.


        $00.09 per hour. Maybe that has to do with men asking for higher starting salaries on average and demanding raises more frequently than women as well.

        Census data suggests that the difference in earnings is partly due to more men working full-time than woman. When looking at full-time, year-round workers, the salary gap narrows, but full-time female nurses still make an average of 9 percent less than male nurses.

        And who dictates the prices of good/services? Those with the money to pay for them or those not actively participating in the growth of the economy (read net consumers) Women consume healthcare goods and services 66% more than men too. Face it we still live under capitalism. Society values education, and health which is why they are funded partially by society (government) either through subsidies or direct control over employment (healthcare, and teaching respectively).

        9% is hardly a crisis.

    • ice dawg

      Its supply and demand why petroleum engineers get paid more than teachers. Oil companies run the world. Are incredibly rich and can pay their engineers top dollar.
      Teachers are funded solely by the taxpayer and have to compete with other sectors
      You are comparing apples to oranges

    • Troy Livingstone

      OK to start with, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, but you do know that Cordelia is a feminist right. Like I said that doesn’t really matter, however I like to make my opinions based on unbiased material. Regardless of which side it comes from

  • N/A

    Why was my comment not posted?

    • N/A

      Why did this unsubstantial comment make the list but not my other one?

      • N/A

        Seeing how there are no longer filters to the comment section now, let me reinstate some key things I tried to mention. Please refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Census Bureau for more reputable statistics and studies on wage labor and women in the work place – or any other online research tools provided by K-State Library.

        There are inherent flaws and bias in all research. Your concern about the Institute for Women’s Policy Research study being biased is understandable but your counter-argument using payscale.com isn’t more reputable. Payscale.com strictly uses its clients data. It limits Payscale.com’s ability to generalize to the greater population, because it does not meet stricter guidelines of randomness. The BLS draws it sample from any company that pays Unemployment Insurance (UI), which should be all companies, because it’s the law to pay UI. The Census Bureau, the BLS, and state governments often work in tandem to provide these statistics. We pay for this research with our taxes, let us use it!

        Please be more informed, exhaust your resources, and deliver an informative and inspiring article – not what was published by the Collegian in the latter.

        I believe you can do it.

        • N/A

          Please don’t censor this comment.


    I love you. Spot on!

  • Ashamed alumna

    I thought Samantha Poetter’s writing couldn’t get worse than her brilliant piece on Hillary Clinton. Congratulations, you’ve upped the ante. Why does the K-State Collegian allow writing like this to be published?

  • Proud alumnus

    It’s great to see a college paper hosting fair debates on contentious issues instead of only tolerating a single viewpoint.

    • Tracheal

      The rigid gender bigots (mainstream feminists) beg to differ.

      • DukeLax

        Its the perfect pretext to break / divide, and keep un-educated……massive amounts of poor American boys who have had their fathers removed. They are easier to subjugate when they have been “psychologically broken”.

    • dlf93dj
  • Disappointed

    I’m disappointed that the Collegian editors failed to both check the GRAMMATICAL ERRORS as well as the FACTS in this piece. I am ashamed to go to a school where people who think and write like this are allowed to progress in their majors. I hope Miss Poetter takes an extremely informative course during her senior year that somehow teaches her everything she should have been learning over the course of her time at K-State, otherwise I am actually afraid of living in a world where she has any sort of political or social control. Read a book, Samantha. Try to look at the world through a new lens for once.

    • Nice attempt at shaming her. Too bad you couldn’t be bothered to say what the actual problems with the piece are, other than it doesn’t fit your pre-determined worldview.

      Several other commenters seem disappointed as well, and have made criticisms. Not any good or factually correct criticisms, but at least they tried!

      • 123456789

        Clearly you didn’t read the comment as the problems with the piece were mentioned in the very first line.

        • 1. Grammatical errors? Big Deal.
          2. What facts are wrong in the piece? As far as I could see, only that it doesn’t parrot boilerplate feminist propaganda. If there were actual factual problems, maybe the disappointed commenter could have mentioned WHAT THEY WERE. Instead, the commenter decided to do nothing but make smug comments that tell us nothing except that the commenter is a gasbag.

          3. Go bug someone else, smug idiot.

  • Scott D

    Came across this on Google News. Anyone care to explain exactly what rights men have that women dont have? I keep hearing it but no one says anything specific. Additionally, why dont I hear feminists complaining about women expecting a man to pay for dinner, open doors, let women go first, expecting a man to buy the engagement ring, allowing women to slap men (even on tv) but expecting the man to refrain from reacting, promoting breast cancer while ignoring prostate cancer (more people are affected by prostate cancer), calling men “pigs”, commercials portraying men as stupid, allowing courts to show favoritism in child custody rights, etc etc etc. So, I suppose you feminists ARE correct: We don’t have equal rights. Go ahead….I see it coming: act like men’s issues aren’t as important. Equal means EQUAL. Take the good with the bad or stop complaining. Seems like people no longer want equality. They want an advantage. I rest my case.

    • Anna Karenina

      OK rights men have:
      The right to drink and not get raped by athletes
      The right to be overweight on a beach without people staring
      The right to slap women on t.v.
      The right to fight women in custody cases with more financial resources because women make less than men
      The right to play in the NFL
      Commercials portraying women as objects
      Media assaulting our daughters with images of photo shopped perfection
      The right to be taken seriously

      • Scott D

        That’s one seriously failed attempt at a rebuttal. Men do NOT have rights to rape. They go to jail for it. Women hit men and don’t go to jail. Men hit women and go to jail. Women have all the right in the world to be overweight, just don’t expect men to be attracted to you (cant force us to like the way you look either). Slap women on tv? Show me an example where there was not a consequence for the guy. Commercials portraying women as objects? You mean, like the David Beckham commercials, or the “Jingle Balls” commercial from KMART? Oh, as if MEN are taken seriously??? Is that why women call themselves “The Better Half” and why commercials and TV make men look stupid and helpless without the help of a woman? Your attempt= EPIC FAILURE ON ANOTHER LEVEL. Bring it.

      • AlexK

        Anna Karenina. Seriously?

        Men do not have the right to rape, only women do. Check out the
        different treatment of female rapist compared to male rapist. Many men get
        taken advantage of while drunk sexually, financially and physically. Look at
        the non-punishment for female rapist and non-punishment of females who made
        false accusations of rape.

        Many overweight men wont go to the beach. Mens bodies get ridiculed all
        the time.

        Slapping women on TV? You’ll have to provide examples. I’m only aware
        of men getting abused by women on TV. Especially in

        And fighting for custody. During divorce men often have to pay the legal
        fees of their ex wives. And who do you think looses custody the most? In
        unmarried situations, in many states, fathers have far less custody rights, so
        going to court is not even an option for these fathers. Does a mother even fear
        loosing custody?

        The right to play in the NFL – most men cant make the NFL. It’s not
        discrimination or a “right”

        And “woman as objects” thing and “Photo shop”. Who do you think
        obsesses over their looks and body, and often demand they dress sexy and be
        photoshopped? Women put this onto themselves!

        PS-In case anyone is wondering, I’m female.

      • Matt M

        Quite literally the most ignorant and uneducated argument i have ever heard

  • Tracheal

    Women will never be equal to men or vice versa. Feminism is simply fascist female supremacism cloaked in the sheepskin of false ‘equality’. Equity between the opposite sexes and (genuine) genders is the best we can hope for since we will always be very different animals both biologically and socially.

  • The Great Helix

    None of the feminists I know demand that they be payed more than similarly qualified men or that they be selected for a position simply because they are female. The core of the feminism movement is about equal rights and pay for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or orientation. Not about superiority for women. Picking the most extreme views, that most feminists don’t even hold, to base your argument against an entire movement/belief seems a bit silly. I can cherry pick the most extreme right wing views about women’s rights (some of them are truly horrifying) and use them as a weapon to demonize all conservatives/republicans, but that wouldn’t be fair either would it?

    The raw numbers indicate that gender income inequality exists largely because more men hold more positions that have larger salaries. But you ignore what is inherently disturbing about this fact, that positions with larger salaries a disproportionally held by in men in the first place. Insinuating that women are genetically predisposed to prefer, on average, what are lower paying positions simply is not backed up in the science.

    • Vape4Lyfe

      Feminism is a symbol for a lot of things. Not all of them are good. Being called a conservative you get associated with the loud asshats like sarah palin, glenn beck, rush limbaugh. A liberal gets associated with maher, gun control nuts, eco terrorists PETA etc.
      Perhaps if you do not hold the belief that women shouldn’t get preferential treatment for jobs based on gender you shouldn’t identify with those that do, and give them the moral permission to continue to espouse that kind of extremist ideology. I suggest egalitarian or humanist.
      So women’s only scholarships for science should be disregarded because they are selected for positions over other qualified males for positions in a limited scholarship pool for those programs? Based solely on their gender?

      As I cited earlier in another comment. The more sexually equal a society the more the sexes segregate i.e. Sweden and other high HDI indexed nations. We on average (which is what we’re talking about here) are interested in other stuff. Not saying women can’t be scientists or CEO’s. Just men typically choose these type of professions overwhelmingly over women, even when no barriers exist to hold women from these positions.

    • Draigo Luther

      What feminism claims to be and what it does in practice are completly two different things. Ideological Feminism shows it’s vehemance when it’s core theoris are challenged by empiracally sound evidence.

      Feminism is cause, it is not a practice, it is not a movement, it is not a movement, it is not a collection of people who share an idea in commen.
      FeminISM is an ideology. a system of beliefs, it is a set of theories which decribes a model of what society looks like, how it operates and how men and women coexist within that model. These set of theories about various things and issues is feminism

      Ideological Feminism core theory is the unifying (false) paradigm of the Patriarchy and has these main theortical offshoots: Male Privilege, Female Oppression, Patriarchal Domestic Terrorism (Otherwise known as the Duluth Model of Domestic Violence) ,Rape Culture and the Gender Wage Gap.

      Now when these tenants are being challanged by other studies or other evidence, empiracally sound evidence that directly counterdicts the view that feminism holds near and dear, feminism engages in intimadation, blacklisting, censorship, boycotting and even terrorism in order to perserve the basis of their beliefs. So no they are not cherry picking the most extreme views or actions of this ideology.
      Now the Pay Gap Agrument: It is not a result of market discrimation or any other kind of discrimation for that matter, it has do with the choices that men and women make in their lifestyle, education, career,field that leads to different results in the employment market.
      If this was true across all career fields, this pay gap would not sustainable, especially in a free market economy. Because women would be able to sell there employment at a lower price then the ones who would discrimating in the favor of men, who would paying a higher wage., and lose their business to people who are better strategists who would higher women for the same labor or productivity for less. This is not the case ANYWHERE. So it makes the feminist agruement bunk to say the least.
      The $.77 to $1 is an apples to oranges comparision does not take into account any of these factors, and while I agree that the Payscale.com research is not best method of study for this issue, I have to say it tries to include some of the factors alot better than the 77 cents to 1 dollar study.
      How to solves this? Women need to make the choice for themselves to get themselves into those postions to earn that money, No choices are being restricted or prevented them from doing so. You cannot force these choices on anybody, especially in a free market employment environment.

    • Mark Neil

      “None of the feminists I know demand that they be payed more than similarly qualified men ”

      Don’t they? Or do you simply not notice because you agree. Feminists often demand women be paid exactly the same as men, be compensated for being mothers with childcare, as well as to not have the time they’ve taken off to raise children counted against them, all while demanding greater and greater child support enforcement, and opposing any kind of shared parenting initiatives that would result in fathers getting equal participation (and thus, reductions or eliminations in child support). Ultimately, this comes down to women getting paid as much as men, for less experience, plus benefits they overwhelmingly benefit from, all while profiting from a government enforced transfer of wealth from men to women. Sounds an awful lot like getting paid more than men to me.

      “The core of the feminist movement is about equal rights and pay for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or orientation – not about superiority for women”

      Actually, that’s not true. Even the definition, which feminists so often try to point to to deflect criticism, says feminism is about equal rights for WOMEN, not everybody. And when so much of the feminist goalposts are now fabricated, or caricatures/stereotypes, rather than based on the realities men face, supremacy is, in fact, the goal. One simply needs to look at education, when women make up 60% of diploma earners (that’s 4 points higher than men were earning when it was deemed discrimination against women), and yet, feminists and governments keep saying that’s not good enough, we need more women in STEM. So, there are fields of education where women dominate, and fields where men dominate, and overall, women dominate education more than men… yet, the only fields where domination seems to be a problem is the ones men dominate? Women are allowed to dominate fields, but men are not? That makes the feminist idea of equality look more like “nothing less than equal for women, nothing more than equal for men”… and that is the description for supremacy, not equality. And not a thing you’ve argued actually deters from that model.

      “I can cherry pick the most extreme right wing views about women’s rights ”

      well, you could, though I suspect some of those would be left wing propaganda. But regardless, the difference between conservatives and feminists is, for ever example of a right wing view on women you would call extreme, I can point to a conservative that openly promotes a diametrically opposing view… for every extreme feminist view listed, the best you could do is provide examples of feminists with less extreme views promoting the same goals. The core theories that inform the extremists views are also held by the more moderates, and while some of the moderates may not be willing to go to the same extremes, they are traveling in the same direction.

      “The raw numbers indicate that gender income inequality exists largely because men hold more positions that have larger salaries.”

      They also hold more positions that have larger fatality rates, injury rates, physically taxing, or economically risky, with higher failure rates but big payoffs when they succeed. But you keep ignoring those other factors in preference to playing victim.

      “But you ignore what is inherently disturbing about this fact: that positions with larger salaries are disproportionally held by in men in the first place.”

      What’s so disturbing about that, other than your own personal greed? Those positions are open to women if they want them… they just, necessarily, come with the increased risks of physical and economic devastation that men are routinely accepting while playing their enforced provider gender role… and THAT doesn’t appeal to women. Given women’s choices still allow them to rely upon a man’s income, in whole or in part, and state laws often allow them to continue collecting that income, well after the relationship has dissolved…If you want women to start earning more, stop subsidizing them with alimony and government welfare. You know, just like men.

      ” Your claim that women are genetically predisposed to prefer, on average, what are lower paying positions simply is not backed up in the science. It’s total nonsense.”

      Actually, it is. Women prefer positions that work with people, while men prefer dealing with things. Studies have shown male newborns (IE, still not socialized) will tend to focus on mechanical things over peoples faces, while girls will tend to focus their attention on faces over things. Male monkeys tend to prefer toy trucks over dolls, while female monkeys prefer the dolls. Now, you can argue that the jobs themselves shouldn’t be paid differently, but then you’re arguing for communist socialism, and that’s a whole new discussion (and starts getting into the “women deserve to be paid more than men”, when all the other benefits and subsidies are factored in).

      • hello

        I know you posted this 2 years ago but I must say…this is probably the most sound and objective comment ive seen in a long time

    • anon

      “The core of the feminist movement is about equal rights and pay for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or orientation” You are describing the human rights movement as a whole, not feminism. Feminism by definition is focused entirely on one gender (A complete contradiction to “everyone, regardless of gender”)

  • mkim

    Feminism: the belief in social, economic, political and cultural equality of the sexes.
    Women are paid less. Fact. Your “counters research” is shoddy…did your expos one instructor not teach you the value in credible research and respecting other people’ social identities?
    You know what else is a fact? That twenty percent of young women who trend college will be the victims of attempted or actual sexual assault. And try disputing that statistic– its on k state’s own website. Here: //www.k-state.edu/womenscenter/law-and-crime/rape-stats.html.
    You know why else is fact? That many of those cases will go unprosecuted. That many of those women will be asked “what were you wearing?” As if choosing that little black dress rather than a floor length tunic was an invitation for another human being to violate basic human rights.
    You know what else is a fact?that last semester a k state student was physically assaulted in the parking lot of a k state dorm. By “assaulted” i mean “beaten”. Upon asking student life for help and a different parking pass, she was refused both on the grounds that she danced to pay for school and, after all, “you’re a stripper, why do you expect?”
    You think that would have been the case if the victim is male? Unlikely. And why should a person’s VERY LEGAL profession impede on their right to safety? Who knows.

    As an athlete in a male-oriented sport I am constantly belittled, judged and challenged for being a woman. As a teacher, I am consistently called a “bitch” for during to assert authority.
    And THAT is why I am a feminist. That is why I will fight in this corner until the day I die. Do your research and stop acting like an insolent chid, Samantha. Do your research and act like a real journalist. And, most importantly of all, do your fellow women and sisters a favour, and keep your damn mouth shut. We have enough bullshit to deal with– we shouldn’t have to fight our own.

    • Tracheal

      Tired old lie about the Big Lie: “feminism: the belief in social, economic, political and cultural equality of the sexes.”

    • Zimba Zumba

      re:- “Feminism: the belief in social, economic, political and cultural equality of the sexes.”

      That is a recent definition and also does not reflect the activism of the feminist movement. More accurate is that of a women’s advocacy group.

      Your complaints associated with your gender are petty and you sound a little like a brittle princess. Take a walk around the projects in your town.

      • asdfghjkl

        By calling her complaints “petty” you are just demonstrating why feminism/gender equality movements are still needed. Any negativity towards a person because of their gender is bad no matter how small or “petty” it may seem to you. The point is that people’s value within a sport or a job etc etc etc is still being judged on what’s between their legs not how good they actually are at it.

        • Zimba Zumba

          “…being judged on what’s between their legs…”

          What on earth are you talking about?

  • Draigo Luther

    @mkim Ok I will dispute that statistic that you have mentioned. Even though it appears I cannot directly respond to your comment but here goes:
    First, statistics on rape and sexually assault are in its nature unreliable. Second it is surveyed questions given to random college students that includes questions that may or may not meet the criteria rape, and when it is answered “yes” it is automatically assumed to be rape, without the benefit of a court trail or a criminal investigation. It is all based on survey’s you can answer them any way you want, without NO independant verification what so ever. In other words there is NO WAY to know if a crime actually occurred it is all guesswork and that all it is. But let’s see about this 1 in 5 (20%) claim you are parroting out that all of us are expected to take on faith. Why? because how can you count something as a crime when NOBODY knows if it actually occured or not.
    First we have the Kansas State Student life fire and safety report that has to be published each year as required by federal law (Cleary Act):
    In this report we have for the year of 2012 for the crimes of a sexual nature for forcible and non-forcible the total of this is six. That’s right: six. Now, we often hear about how 90% of of rapes are never reported, I will take that number on faith and nothing more, that would bring it up to 60. There are approximately 13,000 female students that attend Kansas State University. 60 of 13,000 is not 20% or 1 in 5. It is 1 in 216 or .46% . Your claim of 20% would mean there should be approximately 2600 rapes should have occurred to K-State female students. Are you telling me the 2,594 female students were raped and did not say a word? To anyone? And only 6 out of 2,600 come forward? Excuse me but the mafia and drug dealers have a higher squeal rate.

    The numbers just do not add up to the claims that feminist peddle out. In short feminism is lying to the general public about this issue. The reason why they do it? Money.
    There is a very big bandwagon attached to the subject of rape. A bandwagon that runs on encouraging victimhood, unrealistic expectations, personal vehemence, agendas and lots and lots of money. After all making something into a “rape culture” or a “rape crisis”, and overblowing and lying about statistics, means more funding, and keeps the lights on, especially for women’s centers and rape crisis centers. Even more so when they have compete for funding. It does anybody any good. Men or women.

  • AuronZanark

    Feminism stands for female supremacy under the pretext of gender equality. The name implies support only for women.

    • DukeLax

      US gender feminism, is the perfect pretext for many foul things. Basing public policy on inaccurate and in some cases “manufactured” statistics is leading to many perversions of the course of justice.

  • Mark Neil

    All feminist action can be described as follows:

    Nothing less than equal for women, nothing more than equal for men.

    That phrase even fits the dictionary definition of “seeking political, social and economic equality for women”… yet, still allows for supremacy of women over men.

  • dlf93dj
  • Sandra

    It was refreshing reading an objective article about third wave feminism. I’m glad that for some people in the world, facts are still more important than the narrative. In Austria, people with critical opinions regarding this movement are being quietend by the majority and sometimes even called sexist or worse. I’ll present this article in my english class tomorrow and I’m curious about the other students opinions.