Manhattan ‘Pokémon GO’ map


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If you see an area that is missing or incorrect, email us.

George Walker
Hello! I'm George Walker, a senior at K-State studying computer science and minoring in journalism, leadership studies and queer studies. I have passions for design, development, and photography. I'm the former editor-in-chief of the Collegian and the web developer for Collegian Media Group.
  • Christine T Glover

    Hi! I’m just wondering how did you compile the info on where the gyms and pokestops are located?

  • chris

    My wife and I are coming to Manhattan. Where are the nests?

    • lol instead of going to manhattan you could use as it’s the fastest map and It shows pokemon in your locality so you don’t need to move anywhere.

      They also provide you fake PTC accounts after you add one account. I used it and the searching was way faster they added 3 accounts and 1 was mine.The scanning time for 500 meter area was just 5 secs.

      Now I am at level 12 because of their help.