K-State dropout starts ‘F*** College’ t-shirt campaign after calling college a scam

Billy Willson, freshman in architectural engineering, created this shirt on Teespring after he wrote a Facebook post where he called college a scam. (Photo from Teespring.com)

After “a social media spark ignited” in response to a Facebook post where Billy Willson, freshman in architectural engineering, called college a scam and announced he was dropping out, the 4.0 GPA student of one semester at Kansas State started a “F*** College” t-shirt fundraiser, available for only seven days, according to a second Facebook post.

The shirt is selling for $29.95 on Teespring.com, and 10 percent of the profits will go to the Boys and Girls Club of America “to support and grow our underprivileged youth in becoming leaders of tomorrow.”

Willson in the t-shirt campaign said he is requesting “help to raise awareness for the scam that college has been and is becoming.”

When Ashleey Ley commented on the post to ask where the other 90 percent goes, Willson replied, “Investment into our business ventures and to show support for fellow entrepreneurs. Yes 10 percent may be small, but every amount makes a difference. If it wasn’t for my post you most likely would not have thought about donating!”

In a previous interview with the Collegian, Willson said he has hopes to be an entrepreneur and currently owns a new business called RaveWave, which specializes in accessories and clothing related to electronic dance music, raves, festivals and concerts.

“Support students who want to stray away from the overrated path know as the college system,” Willson wrote in the post. “You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will see it some day. Heck, you may have already seen it if you’ve been through college. You are being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use. Wasting four years of your life to be stuck at a paycheck that grows slower than the rate of inflation.”

The post, which was posted around 4 p.m. today, had received 154 likes, 24 comments and 17 shares by 7:30 p.m.

Willson has received both support and criticism on Facebook for his new start at an entrepreneurial business and for the t-shirt campaign.


Jada Marshall: “Keep going. They made funny of Bill Gates for dropping out and so many more dropouts, and look at where he is now. You have a vision. Follow it no matter what! I believe in you!!”

Jalen Chamblish: “Your are the voice of the voiceless. College is not for everyone and you are proving it. I hope you get interview by CNN so you can spread this movement.”

Isayah Porter: “I may be biased because school isnt my favorite thing, but I just finished my first semester of college too (graduated from Olathe North ’16) and I feel like I haven’t learned a single thing that will help me in the career I want to pursue outside of the class that is made for EXACTLY what I want to do. I don’t know you but I’m supporting you man.”


Jordan Martin: “You are a scam artist, and I can’t wait to see you fail. You are a joke.”

Kathryn Benson: “Looks to me as though this is an attention-getting ploy to sell t-shirts. I guess Mom needs your rent check.”

Micah Bender: “How many classes aimed towards your major have you taken in one semester of college? One or none probably. It’s the easiest semester of college and the least relative to your major. This kid’s a joke.”

Other social media reactions

Scottie Johns on Twitter compared Willson’s original post to the McDonald’s McRib.

Some K-State students got quite defensive over the place they love full well.

Britt Widrig compared this viral post to the K-State Kit Kat thief and the racist Snapchat from September.

Other students noted a 4.0 GPA after just one semester may not be something worth bragging about, but said eating a full meal from a certain Aggieville Chinese food establishment is.

Kaitlyn Alanis
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  • Fred Claus

    Those useless classes support useless positions at K State like Art DeGroat, Military and Veterans Affairs. A Charlatan who uses position for self gratification. Completely worthless.

  • Warren

    A college education is sometimes valuable. Generally not, though. If you want it to pay off, get into a “hard curriculum”. Avoid any degrees with “studies” in the name.

    A major cause of tuitions rising much faster than the rate of inflation, is the availability of student loans. Without those, students could not afford the higher rates. By the way President Clinton signed into law the latest revision to the bankruptcy law which makes student loans ineligible for discharge in bankruptcy.

    Over 60% of college graduates cannot find a job in their field of study! Without a good job how do you pay back $60,000 in student loan debt?


  • Poppy

    I can somewhat see his point, but it’s very hard for him to see the full value of college from ONE semester.

    I agree that tuition rates have skyrocketed and wages haven’t kept up with that. I worked all through college and didn’t come close to paying all my bills. And I worked a lot!

    I was invested in two different majors and both had relevant courses and experienced professors, but I suppose in some departments that’s not the case.

    However, one of my biggest takeaways from K-State was the “extras” that the college provides. I was able to participate in many networking events, gain access to student employment that granted me experience, develop a relationship with my mentor, and gather a bunch of relevant professional references. I also had access to the career center and an awesome academic advisor. Finally, thanks to counseling services, I was FINALLY able to get the help I needed for my anxiety and depression that was continuing to get worse. I’m a totally different person today than I was a year ago and I am SO GRATEFUL for it.

    It’s hard for me to support someone who went through one semester, probably didn’t begin to explore all that K-State had to offer, and then wrote it off as a waste of time.