Letter to the editor: Questioning the leadership of K-State Athletics


There are so many takeaways for K-State fans from last night’s game. Obviously the biggest is “What Could Have Been” if K-State AD John Currie would have shown strength of will and realized he had a golden opportunity to bring Brad Underwood in to guide the basketball program for the next decade. Every year there is the “hot” coach, and in 2016 it was Underwood, who wanted to come to Kansas State. But Weber was Currie’s “guy,” and he didn’t pull the trigger. The shabby spectacle last night in Manhattan can be placed squarely at the feet of AD Currie.

It makes me seriously question the ability of K-State’s leadership to guide not only the pending coaching transition in basketball, but the future one in football as well. I have little confidence in AD Currie or President Myers to conduct successful searches for coaches. They seem very adept at criticizing the bill-paying fans for their chanting, yet take no responsibility themselves for the increasing irrelevance of K-State basketball.

— Peter Clemens, 1988 graduate of K-State

  • Lee Ramsey

    I for one think John Currie has done a great job as AD. I think he does a great job communicating with the Alumni and he certainly has been considered one of the top young up and coming AD is the country. Kansas State athletics are strong and well run. In a very competitive environment I think you are missing the big picture.

    • Peter Clemens

      You’re entitled to that opinion, as I am to mine. The Weber hire was a desperate move after Frank Martin left due to differences with AD Currie. But Weber has run his course, one great season (Big 12 Championship followed by a NCAA Tourney exit to a 13 seed), then a team that got bounced out of the tourney by eventual champion Kentucky. Since then, three seasons of downward trending from lack of player discipline, drugs, drama, and in the end, poor performance on the court. Coach Weber is paid $1.85M to run the BB team, he simply hasn’t performed. It’s the AD’s job to make tough decisions, he failed to do that last year when he had a great opportunity with Brad Underwood. Now after today’s disaster against OU, there’s no way Weber can come back. He’s lost control of the team, the players are showboating or have no confidence, and it all shows on the court. Contrast that with the confidence and uptempo OSU and OU showed, and it’s painful to watch the collapse of K-State basketball. In the end, it’s AD Currie’s responsibility to fix this mess than he is largely responsible for making, After all Weber was his guy and he stuck with him. Now, AD Currie must take responsibility for his decision making. If this is AD Currie’s body of work, I cringe to see what he comes up with regarding Coach Snyder’s eventual replacement.

    • Peter Clemens

      Well AD Currie is leaving town and taking no responsibility for the Weber mess. A lesson in leadership and ethics.

  • Tom Souter

    Who that should be under consideration for the new BB Coach?