Street Talk: Kansas City Chiefs’ Draft Pick



Mahomes has a lot of potential but I don’t think he was worth trading up for. The Chiefs also don’t have any wide receivers. They need to give Mahomes some talent if they see him as a future star.

Wes Goforth, senior in accounting


The Chiefs have never had a great quarterback so I hope Mahomes lives up to the hype.

Jaclyn Sheets, graduate student in accounting


It’s good that he can sit behind Alex Smith for a few years and learn from him.

Hunter Wiles, senior in civil engineering


I think it is a great pick. He may not be ready to play right now but he has potential to be a very good quarterback. Much better than Alex Smith is.

Jake Hargis, senior in kinesiology


It was a bad choice. They have the parts to win now, but drafted a quarterback that needs work.

Patrick Abercrombie, senior in social work

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  • NotWesleyGoforth

    That first guy is really cute

    • FemalesEveryWhere

      I disagree. I think he has a weird looking smile.

      • NotWesleysRoomate

        I would have to agree and his fratagonia jacket isn’t great.

        • Rachet

          I bet he doesn’t even own anything supreme

  • MaterDei>Servite

    Is that one guy at the end in a liquor store? He must be alcoholic…I bet he doesn’t even take out the trash