Noose found in K-State Manhattan campus tree

Anderson Hall and the grand lawn opens up to the rest of campus as the sun sets on Aug. 9, 2016. Formally known as the Main Campus Building or Practical Agriculture Building when the campus was known as Kansas State Agriculture College, Anderson Hall was named in honor of the university president John A. Anderson, who served from 1873 to 1879. (Evert Nelson | The Collegian)

The Kansas State Office of Institutional Equity received notification of a noose hanging from an on-campus tree today, according to a K-State Today special alert, which was sent to all students at 11:02 a.m.

The noose was removed from the tree and the K-State Police Department is investigating. The department asks anyone with information to call 785-532-6412 or email [email protected].

“The reason for the noose is unknown, but Kansas State University reminds K-Staters about the Principles of Community,” the release states. “We stand united against all forms of discrimination.”

Today is the last day of “dead week” at K-State, or the week before final exams.

“This is a stressful time of year and anyone who has concerns should contact Counseling Services at 785-532-6977, [email protected]; the Office of Student Life, 785-532-6432, [email protected]; the Office of Institutional Equity at 785-532-6220, [email protected]; or the Office of Diversity, 785-532-6276, [email protected],” the release states.

Kaitlyn Alanis
Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Alanis, former news editor for the Collegian and a May 2017 graduate in agricultural communications and journalism. I have never tried a hamburger and I hate the taste of coffee, but I love writing stories and sharing what I learn with our readers. By writing for the Collegian, I can now not only sing along when the K-State Band plays "The Band is Hot," but I also know that most agriculture students did not grow up on a farm, how to use an AED to save someone's life and why there is a bust of MLK Jr. outside of Ahearn Field House. Thanks for reading!
  • Lee Coleman

    A noose isn’t a discriminatory tool. Lots of people down through the ages have been hung or lynched. Offenders of the State have been executed by the noose. Offenders of society have been lynched. This would include the assassins of President Lincoln as well as a number of cattle and horse rustlers. While a noose has been used to murder black men in the 1860s and 70s doesn’t erase the centuries of use by government and others to kill non-blacks.

    • Rachel Bezek

      That’s true, but with the current political climate, past racially charged incidents at KSU, and how nooses hanging from trees being almost completely associated with racial lynchings (despite history and other groups that have also been hanged) this is pretty cut and dry. Other Kansas universities have had racially charged incidents in recent months too, and there are racists at K-State.

      With all that in mind, there’s really no reason or previous incident that might imply this is a threat to Offenders of the State or an homage to Lincoln/cattle. It’s much more likely that this is race based.