UPDATE: University condemns white nationalist posters, says they are “unwelcome”

A white supremacist poster torn down the middle was found in the circle outside the Leadership Studies building on Sept. 13. Many of the posters have been removed after they caused outrage among the campus community. (Photo by Regan Tokos | Collegian Media Group)

Update at 12:53 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 13 – Kansas State University released the following email statement to the Collegian in regards to the white nationalist posters put up on light posts around campus Wednesday morning:

“The messages posted on Wednesday, Sept. 13, do not reflect the values of Kansas State University and are unwelcome,” the statement read.

“Kansas State University maintains content-neutral campus publicity and official bulletin board rules, which can be found in the university’s policies and procedures manual, chapters 8570 and 3045. K-State does not regulate posters based on viewpoint, in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, but can impose content-neutral time, place and manner restrictions.”

According to campus publicity regulations, “No notices or posters may be placed in places other than on designated bulletin boards in campus buildings without the approval of the Division of Facilities, 109 Dykstra Hall.”

The statement said the university will follow all laws and stick with its policies regarding publicities on campus.

The posters were largely gone Wednesday afternoon. Cindy Hollingsworth, director of K-State News and Communications, said she did not know if university officials had been involved in taking down the posters.

Hollingsworth also said the university had not seen evidence to confirm a rumor circulating social media Wednesday morning that some of the posters had razor blades behind them.

White Nationalist Poster 4
A white supremacist poster torn down the middle was found in the circle outside the Leadership Studies building on Sept. 13. Many of the posters have been removed after they caused outrage among the campus community. (Photo by Regan Tokos | Collegian Media Group)

Student body president Jack Ayres responded to a tweet on Twitter, stating that the Student Governing Association is working on a response and a possible demonstration to be held Thursday.

White Nationalist Photography
A poster promoting white nationalist ideology faces the crosswalk between the Kramer Complex and Ackert Hall Wednesday morning. Several posters promoting white nationalism were put up overnight, causing outrage across K-State's campus Wednesday (Photo by Rafael Garcia | Collegian Media Group)

The K-State community awoke Wednesday morning to several posters placed overnight on light poles and other fixtures across campus.

Reports of the posters — which link to TheRightStuff.biz and AltRight.com, two websites linked to the alternative right, a self-described movement which promotes and calls for white nationalism in the United States — started coming in to the Collegian at about 9 a.m. Wednesday.

One poster, found at a crosswalk between the Kramer Complex and Ackert Hall, makes the claim that “diversity means less white people.”

K-State Police was unaware of the postings when reached at 9:44 this morning.

Seth Peery, sophomore in biochemistry, tweeted a photo of one of the fliers he saw after leaving the Kramer Dining Center for his 8:30 class in Ackert Hall.

“There’s been mixed reactions to it, even immediately,” Peery said. “Some people [are] saying that they should be taken down because of free speech, and we should let the college handle it. But I think in instances like this, inaction is not an acceptable response.”

The posters come weeks after the university officials released a statement on the university’s commitment to the freedom of speech.

A representative from K-State Division of Communications and Marketing said a university official would speak to the Collegian about the incident later today.

Earlier this semester, the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus underwent a similar incident, and university officials responded with a memo sent to students warning them of white nationalist recruitment efforts, according to the Kansas City Star.

The Collegian will update this story as we receive more information.

White Nationalist Poster 1
One of various posters promoting white nationalist ideology found on campus Wednesday morning faces students by Memorial Stadium. Many of the posters have been removed after they caused outrage among the campus community. (Photo courtesy Seth Peery)
White Nationalist Poster 2
One of various posters promoting white nationalist ideology found on campus Wednesday morning. Many of the posters have been removed after they caused outrage among the campus community. (Photo courtesy Seth Peery)
White Nationalist Poster 3
One of various posters promoting white nationalist ideology found on campus Wednesday morning faces students. Many of the posters have been removed after they caused outrage among the campus community. (Photo courtesy Seth Peery)

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referred to the posters as promoting white supremacy. The Collegian has updated the article to refer to the posters as promoting white nationalism.

I’m Rafael Garcia, co-editor-in-chief at the Collegian. I’m a junior in journalism, campus visit coordinator for the JMC Ambassadors, and the vice president of social events and communication for the Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders. I come from Emporia, Kansas, home of the Twinkie, world’s best tasting tap water and journalist William Allen White. I’m passionate about journalism because I love people and their stories, and I want to find and tell those stories here on campus. In my spare time, I’m a Chihuahua wrangler, doughnut enthusiast, Netflix watcher and racquetball player. Contact me at [email protected]
  • FlameBait

    Identity Evropa will probably be next.

  • Smith

    I don’t get it–what’s so offensive about a group of people wanting to exist?

    • loling

      It’s actually the posters and the white supremacy that are offensive. But you know that. Keep trolling tho

      • Jerron Atkins

        Define white supremacy, and then explain how a group saying “X and Y have this, so Z also want it” meets that definition. Maybe you disagree with the sentiment, but you’re being willfully dishonest if you say it’s “supremacy.”

        • Stephen

          The problem is that special privileges and preferred treatment have been afforded particularly to majority people-groups since the beginning of the United States of America. The human rights and equal rights movements don’t seek to take away rights but seek to afford the same opportunities to all people. Using your X and Y analogy: majority people-groups have this, so minority people-groups want the same opportunities, protections, and respect that are afforded to majority people-groups.

          • RWDS1776

            The majority peoples of ALL countries have always had a preferred status. It’s natural, and should be assumed to be very reasonable by everyone. Those who argue against it are absolute idiots. And you’re wrong, these POC interest groups don’t want equality, they are the ones that want special rights and privileges. That’s what the snivel rights movement was always about…that, and government expansion.

    • AA

      white people already exist. no one’s stopping white people from existing. the part of the message that is not okay is saying that people of color need to be removed.

      • Three Stars

        People need a territory to live. Why should our territories be flooded with foreigners?

        • Jayson Stewart

          Which territory do you live in? Is it North America? If so, you’re a foreigner or descendent of a foreigner too, unless you’re indigenous. There is no “flood”, there is a trickle of immigration…immigration that has filled North America since 1492.

          • Three Stars

            Well, if the current US land would be the virgin wilderness where European settlers first arrived to, then you might have a sort of a point, although by the same logic that would also mean that it rightfully belongs to wolves and bears. Or sabertooth tigers, if they were still around today.

      • Novislav Djajic

        Where does it say that POC need to be removed?

  • Dino Con

    Wow, good to know these people hate the idea of white families. Why should white people send there kids there and donate alumni money, again?

    • loling


    • AA

      It’s not about hating white families, it’s about white families hating families of color.

      • Jerron Atkins

        But can you actually support this with sensible thoughts? “X and Y have this, and Z wants it as well,” therefore… “Z hates X and Y?” How does that follow, logically?

    • Tired of Racists

      Really? “These” people don’t hate the idea of white families. They also don’t hate black families, middle eastern families, Asian families, Jewish families, or any mixture of races/ethnicities within families. The difference between the people disliking the signs and the people defending/posting them is racism. Dumbass.

      • RWDS1776

        Ethnocentrism isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s as natural as wet on water. But when pinkos refer to it as racism, it is designed to undermine that perfectly natural, innate mechanism, to undermine White people and their group interests.

  • Wade Ferret

    Pictures of white people scare me.

  • not a racist

    Printing the websites in the article allows these white supremacists to distribute their message even further. You’re basically reprinting their ad. Please remove the URLs.

    • Alfred_Lapin

      Yes I agree, White people should definitely not visit therightstuff.biz altright.com or dailystormer.is as this would spread their message further.

  • Cal

    Paradoxically, tolerance requires a degree of intolerance for intolerance, itself. This is to a large part because human rights don’t exist by default; rather, they are artificial social constructs we have developed and have (in a very broad sense) accepted for our mutual betterment.

    In order to protect one person’s right to speak, we must control a second person’s right to react violently to that speech. By extension, that also entails certain restrictions upon a third party’s right to speak in direct favor of the second person’s violence, and a fourth party’s right to advocate policies that indirectly imply the silencing of that initial speech right. The restrictions grow less stringent with distance from the suppression itself, fading from forceful intervention to stop the immediate violence, apprehension of the violent agitator, condemnation of the language of the oppressor…but in each of these cases, we do restrict one sort of speech to preserve another.

    If rights doctrine had some clear, easily-outlined “best practices,” I can only suppose that some circle of bearded sages would have solved the problem of social life millennia ago; unfortunately, we’re stuck groping an awful lot of the time. Principles of least harm, egalitarian treatment, costs versus benefits, and general “reasonability” serve as imperfect guides; unfortunately, no such rule can free us from the sometime necessity of choosing “winners” and “losers” when claimed rights come into conflict. The white supremacist claims a right to unbounded free speech promoting racial superiority; unfortunately, the implications of that outlook directly lead to the arbitrary — and historically brutal — oppression of other people, and so we do act to suppress this type of speech. This stricture does require a value judgment, and as such, it contains some possibility of error. However, we make the best choice we can, given the knowledge we have in the moment.

    White people have every right to exist. That effective right is almost universally recognized. But, they — we — do not have the right to exist in guaranteed racial or cultural solitude, nor to receive birth benefits as “masters,” as “chosen people,” or as “firsts among equals.” We’re all just humans, here; claims to the contrary have, with few if any exceptions, led to miserable and destructive outcomes.

    • Jerron Atkins

      “But, they — we — do not have the right to exist in guaranteed racial or cultural solitude”

      But other ethnic groups currently do. Will you post “The Chinese do not have the right to exist in guaranteed racial or cultural solitude?” Will you post the same for Jews? Arabs? You need to be able to in order to be consistent, or else you’re demonstrating what the poster alleges–that white people are a special case. Please do so to demonstrate your fairness.

      Jews had an explicit ethno-state created for them. The average person may conclude that this is reasonable and good given what they’ve experienced, but this means that ethno-states, in principle, can sometimes be good and reasonable. If you think it isn’t good and reasonable for white people to have one or more ethno-states, I’d like to see you make that argument instead.

      • Alt-Wrong

        You do realize there are a large number of Palestinian Israelis, right? Who are citizens of Israel but are not Jews, right? That they compose approximately 20% of the Israeli population, right? (And I’m not referring to Palestinians in occupied territories. I’m referring to citizens of Israel.) Here, I’ll even give you a Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_citizens_of_Israel Bonus: It has pictures!

        So … Your argument, like most white supremacist arguments, fails on logic due to incorrect facts.

        • Jerron Atkins

          “You do realize there are a large number of Palestinian Israelis, right?”

          Well, Israel was created in Palestine, so that’s to be expected. It certainly isn’t the goal of the Israeli government to increase the non-Jewish population, and per the wikipedia article you linked, they’ve explicitly reserved the right to expel Arabs if they feel they need to. But, you’re incapable of more than a cursory exploration of your own reading materials, aren’t you?

          And still, that’s completely irrelevant to the my point, which you avoided. Israel was created for ethnic Jews. Do you need a Wikipedia article to confirm this universally understood historical fact? Or do you just want to call me a supremacist again?

    • Jerron Atkins

      “The white supremacist claims a right to unbounded free speech promoting racial superiority”

      “Groups X and Y have something. As a Z, I want it as well.”
      No interpretation of this claim could have Z opposite X and Y with a “>” in the middle. You may disagree with the propositions, but you don’t get to imbue them with an illogical motive just so that you can begin extrapolating in another domain.

      Tell Z’s they already have it. Or tell them Y and X don’t. You can make a point without being dishonest. Give it a try.

  • Nazi Burger and Fries

    LOL @ sensational language like “outrage” and “controversy” while linking to the websites behind these propaganda campaigns to provide a little free publicity to the radicalized forced-victim class.

    I guess The Collegian needs to encourage literal Nazis as much as possible to keep their post view-counts up.

    Stay classy, “journalists.” Maybe with your help there can actually be a difference between white supremacy and white nationalism one day. I think Craig Cobb might want to take out some ad space with you. Donate it to him as a write-off?

  • Novislav Djajic

    Hmmm, Therightstuff.biz? I’ll have to check it out, .biz though? Nobody had the .biz haha.

  • kel

    Thank you for updating your article from earlier today. We need good journalism with integrity.

  • Dan Lever II

    So white people aren’t allowed to exist?
    Getting tired of all this anti-white bullshit the media and morons are pushing.

    • David

      I’m getting more tired of racists like yourself mocking those of us who are outraged. I’m getting tired of racists like yourself hiding behind a faux guise of bullshit ‘common sense’ when in actual fact you lack simple common social skills required to interact with others. (We were taught that in kindergarten.) I’m getting tired of your thinly veiled seething hatred of people who don’t look, act like you. (I imagine a civilization of morons if we actually took your comment at any level of competency.) I’m getting tired of your excuses and complete lack of acknowledgement on how highly toxic white supremacy, in any form, adversely affects us all. “So white people aren’t allowed to exist?” Was your question? The answer is ‘no’ if all you want is only white people.

      • Ryan Right

        It’s funny that you say he is mocking you when in reality he is the one who is outraged and you are mocking us. All you can do is project hate against whites who want to have a future just like anyone else. Would you really tell any other group of people who are becoming minorities in their home countries that they should do nothing to stop it? The fact is when living among multiple races one will conquer all and it would be better if we didn’t have this problem to begin with if you believe genocide is wrong. The White race that is being forced to live with all races in all of their country’s slowly becoming a minority and condemned if opposed to this. Are you going to go and tell china that they need to fill up with whites as citizens that if opposed would be racist? what about africa? or japan? or the middle east? israel? These double standards is just one of the problems that fuels the fire of white nationalism. The solution is everyone has their own nation for their people and no one would face countries being divided by race and still hold diversity through nations and avoid the very tragic genocides everyone is opposed to. Unfortunately uneducated people not willing to even read up on the white nationalist side of this conflict will cause violence and already has.

        • Danny

          It’s almost like you think being a minority is more difficult and unappealing. I wonder why someone might think that in the US.

          Racism is bad. I feel like someone needs to tell you that.

          • Ryan Right

            Because it is. You think I never heard that before? I don’t see why you think being opposed to genocide is racist. If you think that whites are somehow superior and impossible for anything negative to happen to us maybe you should look into how whites are currently treated in south africa.

      • RWDS1776

        The Founding Fathers established the US as a white nation. What a bunch of morons, huh? I support what the Founders established, and their reasons for doing so are no less relevant today than the late 18th century. The US is no longer a nation, it’s been transformed into a world colony toilet on the brink of all out war with itself. Diversity + proximity = conflict, period. It always has, and always will.

        • Tanya

          This is Native land and don’t you ever act like White people are the “official” inhabitants.

          • RWDS1776

            Listen up, snowflake. Right of conquest used to be the way the world worked up until the late 19th century. We fought a two century war against injuns, we won, and we, our White forefathers and their posterity, built this nation from scratch. Whites are the OFFICIAL inhabitants of the US. We didn’t steal anything, we conquered a wilderness. Besides, the “natives” aren’t even native to the western hemisphere, and they were definitely not the first here.

          • Tanya

            Garbage words. Nothing you’ve just listed is anything to be proud of, and it’s all lies. Cling to your garbage pride, it will never match up to real honor.

          • RWDS1776

            All lies? Hun, that’s BASIC history. Critical Theory, and viewing the past through the contemporary morality doesn’t change that. You wouldn’t know the first thing about pride or honor. WOW!

        • Jayson Stewart

          Diversity + proximity = Understanding, fairness, community, and humanity
          Racism + xenophobia + ignorance + assholery = your version of ‘merica

    • CitizenKate

      Hmmm… more diversity means less white people…? How so? Anyone trying to exterminate white people? Any laws that say whites can’t have children? Kindly elaborate on what appears to me to be a demonstrative leap of logic, with a few missing links.

      • scheissmeister

        If diversity doesn’t mean less white people, then why is it that only countries that are majority white are being told they need to be more ‘diverse’?

      • RWDS1776

        People like you with GRIDS riddled minds are always talking out of both sides of your mouth. On one side, you laugh and ridicule, saying that Whites are not being replaced or genocided in their own countries. Then with out skipping a beat, you sing praises of joy that White people are soon to be minorities in their own countries. Look up the UN definition of genocide, and read all of it. There doesn’t have to be a systematic violent cleansing for it to be genocide. And although there is a low level aspect of the violent in our displacement, the traitors in government have BROUGHT ABOUT CONDITIONS that amounts to an accelerationist program.

        • CitizenKate

          Oh, the irony… a racist is horrified of becoming a victim of racism.

    • Jayson Stewart

      Where does immigration or diversity disallow the existence of white people? There’s nothing anti-white about a world where everyone can get along and not be so xenophobic and racist.

  • Rob Ramcharan

    So suggestions that white people have the right to exist are officially “unwelcome” at Kansas State University. Good to know.

  • Greg

    Incredible the number of openly racist comments for this article, bravo!

    • Stephen

      And people still say that racism does not exist.

  • Dorothy Roberts Arvizu

    “White-ness” is a 500-year-old delusion. Lack of melanin is a genetic deficiency in a few northern eurasion populations, and is in fact recessive. It is NOT a ‘culture’. It is NOT an ‘ethnicity’. It is NOT geographically bound. There is nothing ‘superior’ about it. It’s a made-up rationalization for exploitation and genocide. It was bad ‘science’ and even worse cherry-picked history. It needs to just die. We are better than this. Just because the Founding Dads were covering their arses with the faulty ‘science’ and religious wars of their day does not mean we have to live with it today. We made it up – we can change it.

    • RWDS1776

      You’re a gd moron. Western Civilization was founded and built by “White people.” Lack of melanin is not a genetic deficiency unless you’re talking about albinism. White people have recessive traits due to 100s of 1000s of years of divergent evolution, and recessive doesn’t mean inferior, which is often implied. There is social science, and there is SCIENCE. Both apply, but you cultural Marxists and other SJWs only want to apply the prevailing social science, which flies in the face of SCIENCE 90% of the time. In other words, you people and your leaders ignore what doesn’t support your insane worldview. White is not a social construct, and race if far more than skin color. Culture is a product of race, not the other way around, and is entirely due to genetics and evolution. We have many White ethnicities, but we all share a common culture. You’re correct about “it” not being geographically bound. We build desirable societies wherever we’ve ever landed. Western Civilization is objectively superior, but you people completely ignore nature, so it’s not very surprising when you can’t even admit to what’s right before your eyes.

      • Dorothy Roberts Arvizu

        Look around – destruction of global eco-systems, endless war, financial fraud and exploitation, genocides — seems to me that ‘western civilization’ has been the most destructive force on the face of the planet… And btw – “white” was invented literally by landed gentry/plantation owners to split workers after Bacon’s Rebellion.. prior to the mid-1600’s, “white” did not exist.