Suspected anti-Semitic vandalism in fact storm damage


Damage on the Kansas State campus last week suspected to be anti-Semitic vandalism has been linked to severe weather, the K-State Police Department said in a statement Friday.

“We now consider this case closed and have determined no crime has taken place,” said K-State Police public information officer Lt. Bradli Millington.

A Jewish dwelling known as a sukkah was found wrapped around the car of the liaison between Housing and Dining Services and KSU Hillel, a Jewish student organization, on Oct. 6. The sukkah was a temporary gathering place for Jewish students and community members to eat or sleep during the holy week of Sukkot.

Multiple vehicles were damaged after the tent-like structure was uprooted shortly after 10:00 p.m.

“After interviews, research and further investigation, police determined that the damage was caused by Friday night’s thunderstorms, heavy rain and high winds,” the statement said. “No malicious intent was discovered.”

About 250 students, faculty and local residents attended a Sukkot solidarity dinner around a rebuilt sukkah Wednesday.

The reassessment is a break in a string of discriminatory incidents at K-State also targeting gay, Muslim and black students in 2017 alone.

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  • Skeptic

    I’ll hold my breath waiting for the commenter from the other article to apologize

    • Anon3456

      Not going to apologize. Just because they did not find any malicious intent doesn’t mean there wasn’t any? A couple people said they saw it flying around. There was no evidence other than a couple peoples words to show this. If a structure of that size with metal poles was flying around it would have caused damage to at the *least* the cars directly next to Glenn Buickerood’s car. They wanted to close the case and forget about it. They also wanted to make Kansas State look as good as possible since there are multiple minority groups currently being targeted in different hateful acts. Gays, blacks, and Muslims have all been targeted just in this year. Doesn’t looks so good for KState. There are security camera’s that face the area where the Sukkah was and they were coincidentally turned off? Are you kidding me? Of course they won’t share that with everyone. KSU family is “so inclusive and diverse” HA! Yeah right. This was the only Sukkah in Manhattan to be destroyed during the storm. No one wants to explain how the wind untied the knots of the ropes attatched to the stakes in the ground. If the wind uprooted this hut it would have uprooted the stakes as well.

      • skeptical

        I knew this would be the response from people who want to believe their own, postmodern idea of the truth rather than the factual information presented by the police. I don’t suppose, given your feelings about the article and the police investigation, that you’ve dropped by the public safety office and asked to see the investigative report. Probably not. You decided your truth long before an investigation was finished. That’s sad and it worries me that this sort of “truth is what I feel” philosophy is dominant among college students now. It won’t serve you well.

        • dad

          There was damage to other vehicles in the lot as well as to a nearby tree. Anon is an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        Look at the police report