Bill Snyder Family Stadium’s “sold out” games


Take one look at the stands in the stadium on a game day, and a fan will notice vacant seats throughout. Are the football games actually selling out, or are fans not showing up, leaving their seats empty? Third party sellers may also be the culprit, not selling all of their available tickets. If there are empty seats, can a game be considered sold out?

  • Doug Miller

    I guess I will ask the author this question. How many times can you sell the same seat to the same game? The answer is once. One time. Whether it is sold to an individual who might change their minds about coming, or a re seller who doesn’t get the job done, that seat is still sold. The game is sold out, because they have no more tickets to sell. Hence sold out.

    • SirJackRabbit

      Yes, however their total does not include standing room only tickets.

  • Scott Sewell

    You couldn’t get an “official” comment from someone in the athletic department or ticket office about this? Please do a better job covering a story like this before clicking the “publish” button.

    • SirJackRabbit

      The K-State Athletics ticket office decided to not comment for the story.