Owner of vandalized car admits responsibility for racist graffiti

Images of the incident posted onto social media.

The owner of a car that was vandalized with racist threats and slurs Wednesday has admitted that he was responsible for the graffiti, the Riley County Police Department announced Monday afternoon.

According to the RCPD, Dauntarius Williams, a 21-year-old Manhattan resident, said the alleged vandalism was “just a Halloween prank that got out of hand.”

The racist slurs had ignited outrage among the Manhattan and K-State communities, and several events were held over the past week dedicated to discussing the topic of race and diversity solidarity on K-State’s campus, although the alleged vandalism had occurred off-campus.

K-State officials said the university had no record of Williams having ever been a student at K-State, despite several reports from friends of Williams saying that he was a student.

The FBI assisted the RCPD with the investigation into what had initially been called a hate crime. RCPD Director Brad Schoen and Riley County attorney Barry Wilkerson have opted not to file charges against Williams for the false report, concluding that doing so would be against the best interests of the Manhattan community, the press release said.

“I would like to deeply apologize to the community,” Williams said in the release. “The whole situation got out of hand when it shouldn’t have even started. It was just a Halloween prank that got out of hand. I wish I could go back to that night but I can’t. I just want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for the pain and news I have brought you all.”

It was not immediately clear why Williams made the initial police report for what he called a prank.

The RCPD encouraged the Manhattan community to “remain vigilant, engaged and concerned for the safety and wellbeing of our fellow citizens.”

“While Williams’ mistake had a decidedly negative impact on the community, please recognize that he, like many of us when we were young, is a young man who made a mistake and is now doing his best to own up to it,” Schoen said in the release.

I’m Rafael Garcia, co-editor-in-chief at the Collegian. I’m a junior in journalism, campus visit coordinator for the JMC Ambassadors, and the vice president of social events and communication for the Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders. I come from Emporia, Kansas, home of the Twinkie, world’s best tasting tap water and journalist William Allen White. I’m passionate about journalism because I love people and their stories, and I want to find and tell those stories here on campus. In my spare time, I’m a Chihuahua wrangler, doughnut enthusiast, Netflix watcher and racquetball player. Contact me at [email protected]
  • Skeptic

    I hope the Collegian is happy for the part it has played in dividing the KSU community with its premature, fact free incendiary reporting. This incident, the Sukkah situation… how many more times are you going to embarrass yourself and hurt the university? Everyone knows this won’t play as large in the national media as the first headlines, so the damage is done… good job. The collegian owes the students an apology.

    • Non Skeptic

      why do you hate the collegian so much?

      • Skeptical

        I don’t hate the collegian. I’m embarrassed by it. You should be too.

    • Derek Christensen

      Not just the Collegian – pretty much all News Media on both sides of the isle (b.t.w. – there should be no News Media on either side of the isle, if they are truly a NEWS / REPORTING organization) –
      #Sensationalism = #SellTheMostCopies = #NotTrulyReporting

      What happened to using the words “allegedly” or “suspected” and/or not printing things until they are verified and/or not flavoring an article in one direction or another? (“K-State Student”, the Sukkah incident, etc.)

      Just as there should be no place for prejudice or discrimination, there should be no place for being prejudicial – especially in news orginazations.

      #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty (#community) as well as individuals

  • Steve Jones

    Hmmm not charged based on his race that sounds like a form of privilege to me.

    • JW

      Where does it say he wasn’t charged due to his race? I’ve read this and the ksnt report and didn’t see that he wasn’t charged due to his race.

      • scheissmeister

        It doesn’t have to be directly said, it’s obvious that was a factor in why he wasn’t charged. Why else would he not be charged for a false report? They know he’s guilty of it, so why not charge him?

        “Against the best interests of the Manhattan community” = we’re so scared to death of being called racist that we’ll let him slide even though we know he’s guilty

        • JW

          Ok, so you can jump all over the Collegian for the conclusions they drew but when you or Steve Jones over reach it’s just good logic. I’ll call BS on that. But it’s what I thought. You see race where it “doesn’t exist” too. That’s what it means when people say that race is everywhere in this country.

          The thing is, while this was certainly a weird case, it doesn’t mean that people of color haven’t experienced a bunch of regrettable stuff in Manhattan. Most of the stuff goes unreported or doesn’t rise up to bring newsworthy but is real nonetheless. Being yelled at when walking down the street, receiving threatening calls, and being seen as some sort of exotic stranger whose hair needs to be touched are all regular occurrences for people of color in and around K-State.

          As much as we might regret the rush to things with this story, I regret even more hearing from people of color that they regularly experience all sorts of negative, racist, interactions.

  • Colemangz Young

    Google university michigan burkha hoax. then google eastern michigan graffiti hoax. all muslims or blacks doing it. cuck media jump on it then they bust the real perps and treat them like some autistic 4 year old that threw a rock at a window. the real sick part is how leftists think its kind of ok to do it because well, it happened somewhere some place so why not amp up the hype and pity.
    this turd should get doxed like the left would do if they caught a white guy that actually did it. he would be fired and run out of school

    • Francesco Zerilli

      Google virtually every such event classified as “Racist” or “homophobic” and every single one of them is a hoax…….and perpetrated by libtards………Sorry but the only racism and homophobia in this country is within the ranks of the left wing lunatics themselves…………

  • scheissmeister

    Wow, just completely let off the hook because people are afraid of being called racist for dating to punish a black man for a crime that he confessed to. Unbelievable.

    I called this as a hoax from the start. Not surprised in the slightest.

  • benjamin

    So much for white privilege. Where does one acquire white privilege?

  • benjamin

    So they said he won’t be charged with a false report crime because it would be detrimental to Manhattan community. That’s ridiculous! But if the white man really did that to his car then he would be charged. So much for police favoring whites. I would get charged with a false report. Why not this guy?

  • Vlad_the_Impaler✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Dindu nuffins.

  • Teresa Domino

    I don’t get why he would deface his own car. There is suspicion that he might have taken the blame just to get the media to die down, but instead it made it worse. I’d like to hear more about what his friends and family have to say.

    • Skeptical

      Really? I’d love to hear who is floating that theory.

    • Seth

      It was washable window markers. In my the picture you can see it dripping away from the morning moisture. If a real white supremacist was to do that he wouldn’t spend the extra money on the washable stuff and just bought spray paint he used the washable stuff so it wouldn’t ruin his car.

  • Inoffensive Generic User Name

    Black Lies Matter

  • Shut Up Megs

    Some people practice degeneracy, envy, lies, bigotry, violence and have low IQs.

  • Brenton Siddons

    I wonder if a white guy would have gotten off scott free….just sayin’

  • incomitatus42

    May I nominate The Collegian for the 2017 Walter Duranty Award?

  • W. A. Summers

    There are all sorts of reactions regarding
    the evolved biological distinctions (overlapping)
    among human groupings. Many of them are
    unpleasant, but significance and response
    ought to come partly from the perceptive,
    informed, reflective brain and not just from
    our hearts and viscera. The haunting
    yet off limits part of this story is just how
    many people coming upon this seemingly
    racist manifesting car nodded, smiled,
    or even chuckled about what was on it?
    How many, on the other hand, were reflexive
    ready to fight over it? Arthur Jensen emphasized
    duly that there is no way reasonably that facts
    can be considered racist. Racism has to be
    perceived as inappropriate emotion to the rather
    raw facts of life regarding evolved disparities—
    and, btw, male/ female differences present
    this challenge also. But if the facts are
    shunned because they are unpleasant and
    can easily be thrown around as “weapons”
    —well, the circumstance becomes hopelessly
    confused for the needed rational open discussion
    and the social sense of what is and isn’t “within
    tolerable literate limits”. America has made
    virtually no progress in this regard over the
    last half century or more. and THAT is the
    fertile field for graffiti hoaxes. It should have
    been pursued and brought to very open trial,
    since it is all of us somewhat “guilty” in the
    climate of our times. Morris Dees was
    invited to speak on the KSU campus in the
    mid 90’s….but how much more useful if
    it had been a polite , if vigorous, discussion
    between him and Jensen. Catch up time?