University to cancel afternoon classes Nov. 14 for event in support of K-State Family

The sun sets behind Anderson Hall on April 14, 2015. (George Walker | Collegian Media Group)

Afternoon classes on Tuesday, Nov. 14 will be cancelled as a result of a university-sponsored event “in support of the K-State family.”

A special alert from K-State Today sent out Tuesday afternoon announced “a rare closure of all classes and offices” from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in order to encourage attendance for the event Nov. 14.

The event will begin with the K-State Unity Walk to the lawn in front of Anderson Hall at 1 p.m. Starting points will be coordinated across campus.

The walk will lead into KSUnite, “a community-wide program for diversity, inclusion and equity.” From 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. university president Richard Myers, student body president Jack Ayres and Darrell Reese, president of the Black Student Union, will address attendees.

Following KSUnite, attendees are invited to participate in a conversation and reflection on education and action.

“I think it’s going to be a powerful ordeal,” Ayres said.

In an email sent to psychology majors Tuesday, Michael Young, professor and department head of psychological sciences, informed students of the event, which aims “to facilitate conversation and to show our support for one another.”

The event will occur nearly two weeks after an incident in which a car was found covered with racist vandalism and threats. The owner of the car, 21-year-old Manhattan resident Dauntarius Williams, later admitted responsibility for the graffiti. Williams had originally made a police report for the incident, but law enforcement officials said they would not pursue charges for Williams for making the false report.

The vandalism and its subsequent investigation involving the FBI led to raised tensions on campus, although the university said it had no record of Williams having ever been a student on campus and the incident happened off-campus.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate to the community, nation, and world that we are ONE K-STATE FAMILY standing together, celebrating our differences, and struggling to achieve the same goals,” Young wrote in his email.

More details regarding class cancellations and the event will be released in Wednesday’s issue of K-State Today.


Rachel Hogan
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  • Anonymous

    This is the equivalent of restarting the fire and pouring gasoline on it.

  • Hugh Mungus

    Kstate is about to make the same mistake Missouri made in 2015 and it’s sad watching It happen

  • JW

    I’m proud of KState for getting out in front of this and truly committing to fostering a culture of acceptance and tolerance. Great leadership!

  • LW

    What about students who have important classes during that time???

  • Skeptic

    Fantastic. There is no way this could go wrong. Just kidding, this will totally go wrong. I hope it doesn’t but it’s more than likely going to go badly. How embarrassing.

  • 6131zy

    As a tuition paying parent of a student attending KSU, how do I obtain my refund for the cancelled class?

  • Kaylee

    So, once again, a person is “Let off the hook” for breaking the law. Is this the tolorence that you talk of? Is this setting an example for our youth?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I think I’m going to return my degree back to K-State. Really ashamed to be an alum today.

    • Alison McAfee

      “a community-wide program for diversity, inclusion and equity.” yeah jeez what a shameful horrible act to acknowledge and include the extremely minuscule minority presence on campus to make everyone feel worth and value among peers. how disgusting.

  • Scott

    Maybe the best way to put this fake racial incident in the past is to just move forward. Mizzou might have prevented a lot of damage had they just moved on after their fake racist incident. Nothing much good can ever come from reacting to a blatant lie. Also, it is a bad decision to not charge the guy for filing a false police report.

  • Scott

    I hope the weather is good for the event. I think there is a forecast for snowflakes.

  • Roger Wilson

    What a stupid move. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars.