SGA president, vice president positions up for grabs

As SGA prepares for elections, today is the last day to register as a candidate.

Student brings comedy festival to Manhattan

K-state student and stand-up comedian plans a two-day comedy festival in hopes of creating a bigger comedy scene in Manhattan.

Slightly sarcastic Valentine’s Day-weekend horoscopes

Plan out your weekend of love with help from your friendly Collegian medium.

Coloring books provide stress relief for students

Adult coloring books provide stress relief and relaxation.

Shakespeare’s 1st Folio provides community ‘great opportunity to learn’

Shakespeare's First Folio arrives in Manhattan on loan from the Folger Shakespeare Library almost 400 years after publication.

Men benefit from taking women’s studies courses

Men are the minority in the women's studies program at K-State, but they can learn valuable lessons from being involved.

Students speak on imperfections in recent engineering complex expansion

The Phase IV expansion of the engineering building that opened this semester has imperfections, according to some students.

Food truck review: Vista Food Truck

The food is McDonald's quality for twice the price.

88 years later, letter is found

A letter from the '20s was found during construction at K-State.

Slightly sarcastic Chinese New Year horoscopes

See what the fates have in store for you for the start of the Chinese New Year.

Pushbullet app connects phones, tablets, computers

Andriod and Apple store app helps link all devices.

Play review: The London Stage’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

How five actors and a suitcase of props brought life to one of Shakespeare's odder plays.

Two Fat Guys Review: Taqueria Los Burritos

The guys try the local mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant Taqueria Los Burritos.

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes with your friendly Collegian medium for the weekend of Feb. 5-7.

Restaurants rely on local service for nontraditional delivery

Drivers for Wildcat2Go deliver food from local restaurants.

Caffeine provides beneficial ‘short-term boost’

Caffeine can be helpful or harmful depending on intake.

Local band Vineyard’s journey of ‘constant change’ teaches life skills

Students in a local band find a way to balance their band and school activities.

Bluestem Bistro: Great drinks, no space

Bluestem Bistro serves a great variety of drinks in a tiny space.

Students stay warm, save money in cold months

Students talk about how they stay warm without steep energy bills.

Slightly sarcastic weekday horoscopes

See into your future for the week of Feb. 1-5.