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Do your wallet and liver a favor by trying these alternate ways to celebrate the end of finals week

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BananagramsBinaryHocus FocusStickelersWord Sleuth

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Planned study breaks can help combat the effects of stress, enhance efficiency

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Studying can become dull and repetitive. Try these tools to mix up your routine and study smarter

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Finals week can be a stressful time for all students. Here's five tips to help you survive your finals

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There are places on- and off-campus that are good to study

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Here are three snacks that will keep you energized throughout finals

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The life of a journalism student: developing story telling skills and caffeine addictions simultaneously

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Top tips for finals success

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Ben Hopper talks about life at K-State, UPC and Greek Affairs

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All-male a cappella group brings students from all backgrounds together

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Why K-State students should study abroad in China

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Buildings structures are one of many obstacles for students with mental or physical disabilities

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Good style is an asset worth having

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#TwitterCop and K-State students read about everything college students need to know about the Riley County Police Department

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Is the gluten-free diet just a fad on the rise?

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A little bit of flair was added to Aggieville spring of 2014 when Straight Upp Creative Studio opened

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2015 wedding trends shift to the outdoors while maintaining simplicity

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Married students shed light on the benefits and privileges of being married young, offering advice to students who are going through the same processes they did not too long ago

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Between cost concerns and not knowing what to buy, gifting for weddings can be challenging. Here are some factors to keep in mind when buying for that big day