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Finals requires scheduling and planning on the part of the students, not just the university.

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Alumni share past fears about graduating, and best and worst of being an adult.

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Senior goes down in history as first K-State undergraduate ever to be hired by Google.

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As spring semester nears an end, final exams bear down on us. What should students do to prepare?

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Students can reduce their stress with easy eating habits and exercises.

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Too many college students think that once they graduate they are set for success.

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Good ways to study for all types of finals.

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Student's loud music habits can lead to permanent hearing loss later.

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With the weather heating up, students are ready for some fun outside.

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Students don't think their TEVAL's matter, but they actually document quite a lot.

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The addiction to the little rectangular screen seems to be taking over our life, and college students are beginning to realize just how bad it really is.

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April Mason was awarded Purdue's Distinguished Women Scholars award.

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Horoscopes for the week of May 5.

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Global conflicts make their way to the research studies of a journalism graduate student.

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Here are the Puzzle Pack answers for Monday, May 4

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When people choose not to hold it, they get to hold a $114 ticket

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Two house moms share about the joys of their roles.

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Kyle Hooker’s hard work pays off at the K-State Horse Unit.

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Many different factors go into staying healthy including food, nutrients and exercise.

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K-State house moms enjoy life outside of sororities and fraternities.