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Life's pretty simple if you just relax.

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College students get sick as much, if not more, than they did at home. Yet many might not have a primary care physician.

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#LillyforTarget? More like #LillySoldOutforTarget

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Aggieville and campus parking is lacking for students, but frustrating for police as well.

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As technology continues to advance, students are finding more ways to cheat, both in and out of the classroom

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Many foreign exchange students bring their favorite holidays to Manhattan and add to campus diversity.

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Maile Widman's public service announcement about Wildcat Watch wins Telly Award

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Horoscopes for the week of April 21

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K-State family dates back more than a hundred years, with several generations creating a legacy.

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How K-State students who grew up as Jayhawks switched sides.

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K-State Proud supports students in need to help keep the family at K-State.

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These are the answers for the Puzzle Pack for April 20

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After travels to war-torn Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Alisa Garni continues her research on immigration at K-State

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Over 13,000 people follow D. Scott Fritchen on Twitter. Why? Because he bleeds purple, eats good food and loves Morgan Freeman's voice.

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K-state students rallied, marched and held a candle lighting vigil to spread awareness about violence.

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The Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design Student Symposium began with the Showcase of Excellence.

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Polaroids were a thing of the past, but now their style became aged and vintage.

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ROTC students discuss the split responsibilities between training, academics and family.

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Radio station student employees employ live music in a radio show known as the Classroom Series.

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Fort Riley internship allows K-State student to pursue his passion for the military and photography.