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Professor Pinkall expands his list of accomplishments, which already includes working with the Olympics and inspiring students in their careers.

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Double majors are one more thing to add to a resume, but is that what they should be?

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Not removing makeup can damage skin and eyes if done repetitively.

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Denim's becoming more diverse than ever and is making a comeback in more than one way.

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These are the answers for this week's Puzzle Pack

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Now there is not just knock-off jewelry, there are non-permanent tattoos that look like jewelry

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Local restaurant owner creates a member-exclusive bar in downtown Manhattan

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Freelance work can be rewarding, but only if it's taken seriously.

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These are the horoscopes for the week of March 25.

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Some students play soccer, some dance, some run, but one K-State student is into racing cars

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Even if you don’t have plans for spring break, there are many ways to relax and have fun at home.

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Fashion books to style up your spring break, these are the must reads

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K-State students use their spring break to go on service projects locally and nationally

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Chances are most of you have snacked or will snack on something today. In fact, there’s a good likelihood you’re snacking right now.

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The baby boomers are the original “Me Generation,” are the millennials stealing the title?

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Horoscopes for the week of March 11

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K-State professor shares her interest in the international subject she has come to teach

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Dani Winters ranked first in Big 12 conference and sixth overall in the NCAA Division I for track and field

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The Riley County Police Department prepares to ensure safety on Fake Patty's Day, but students need to know how to be safe

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Aggieville bars spend time preparing for a day that involves a lot of their products