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[The Mock Trial team is an opportunity for aspiring law students to gain experience in the field]

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[Websites to sell clothes online and get some extra money while ridding yourself of some old wardrobe items]

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[Slightly sarcastic horoscopes with your friendly campus medium, madam Iris.]

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Freshman Nate Watson explains his passion for hunting, his future in the industry

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According to a study released by the FBI last September, active shooter incidents in the United States are on the rise.

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K-State student tells of a time of segregation and political reform in her home country.

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Float therapy is gaining popularity again as a holistic alternative for working through a variety of health and wellness problems

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Students have options for places to go, even if it's too expensive to buy a plane ticket

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Your preview of what is fashionable for the Spring Break of 2015 and will still be trendy during summer

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Birkenstocks are a modern fashion that are not a modern invention

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Madam LoCoco sarcastically translates the positions of the stars for the week of Feb. 25.

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4 Olives owner and chef, Scott Benjamin, focuses on local ingredients and his passion for wine

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Contouring your makeup can add dimension

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Changing the way everyone sees themselves just by seeing the truth.

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Healthy isn't eating a salad for every meal, or not eating at all

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Those looking to have an increased, broader physical fitness can look to CrossFit

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Transfer students, faculty explain ways to be successful at a new school

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Horoscopes for the week of Feb. 18

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This Australian show of acrobats, comedians, actors and more, seeks to delight Manhattan

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Here are the answers for the Feb. 16 Puzzle Pack