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K-State working on new spacesuit for potential use by NASA

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Sexual education isn't just a high school problem

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The family studies and human services major traveled to the west coast to compete collegiately, however, she found her heart is in the Midwest

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The Kennedy sisters combine public relations and fashion degrees to make it big in Kansas City

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Activists push Starbucks to use organic milk, but scientists find no benefits

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While the saying is true that a win is a win, luck sure had something to do with it.

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Quality quarterback play, turnovers and timely mistakes by the Sooners led K-State to victory in Norman, Oklahoma two years ago.Saturday was no different, as...

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This season K-State super fan Robert Lipson will eclipse 100,000 miles of travel from Manhattan to conference cities

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In his final year with the team, Curry Sexton finds success as a Wildcat

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Midterm results could be an indicator of success in a class

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Wildcats head to Terre Haute, Indiana, for the National Championships to compete in their last preseason race

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Chase Downing addresses the benefits and challenges of being a Police Service Aide

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An experienced Wildcat men's basketball team returns its top scorer and rebounder from last season's NCAA Tournament squad

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Students need to start early to enhance their chances after college in ultra-competitive job market

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As those who surround the program gather their thoughts, the focus now shifts toward closing the program's storied tradition on a high note

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How to seem marketable to a recruiter

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Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at K-State, called an All College Open Forum to give faculty and students an update on the new building project

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Media coverage distorts issues of domestic violence

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K-State Athletics announced the formation of a new Big 12 intercollegiate women's soccer team starting in fall of 2016. In a Monday press release,...

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At the conclusion of the 2015-16, K-State will officially cut the number of NCAA Division I schools that have equestrian to 18.