The grocery store chain, which owns Dillon's announced a recall of four of its seasonings.

Kaw Valley Rodeo brings more than just entertainment and horses to town.

A state agency has filed a federal lawsuit over cafeteria service at Fort Riley.

Well wishers create a video for the former Kansas Senator's birthday

Swimming classes for Wednesday have been cancelled.

The country's longest-running Pizza Hut is closing shop on Sunday.

As tuition goes up, so does the fundraising.

The city will close part of 14th Street starting Tuesday.

Another summer school event was held midday Wednesday with a quick game and refreshments.

The universities take opposite sides in what free speech advocates are calling an important test of the First Amendment.

Steve Keck, or Mr. Steve, talks about his experiences with his weekly performance, Sing-a-long with Mr. Steve.

Department of Environmental Health and Safety narrows search for director position to three candidates.

Medicine that expired a year ago found at Ray's Apple Market, black residue found on interior of soda nozzles at Coco Bolo's.

Local staff serve pie, ice cream to community.

Artist Stan Herd works with students to create the new "green roof" exhibit.

Members of the community in Manhattan experience and celebrate Ramadan with Muslims for a day.

A local celebration marked the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same sex marriage across the country.

In an open letter, President Kirk Schulz talks about the worst day of his presidency.

Live and dead flies found at McDonald's, moldy food found at Coco Bolos and salmon filets found thawing for more than 24 hours discovered at Hibachi Hut.

Flint Hills Regional Council holds celebration to commemorate five years.