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Children are using too much technology at too young of an age.

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A word from Andy Hurtig, K-State's student body president

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Hunting serves several purposes, and people should not be condemned for participating.

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Students should think hard before saying 'I do.'

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K-State is on the path to embracing diversity.

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We need to race together.

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Would college campuses be better off without greek life?

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Students should be informed about the rules of the cycling road.

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Students need to know what to do in case of an active shooter on campus.

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The benefits to be-ridding consumers of plastic bags and water bottles

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Celebrating 4/20: the gateway to good health

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Doing more than just getting an education

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K-State's cattle give us more than their scent.

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A reader objects to a Collegian advertisement.

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Why having a cat for a pet reaps many health benefits

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Why college students should consider owning a pet

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France bans skinny models on the runway. Was this a step in the right direction?

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Audiophiles are making a resurgence.

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Alexandria Moran advocates for the creation of a diversity class for incoming freshmen.