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President Reagan Kays' letter outlines Big 12 advocacy in DC, It's On Us and Union renovation updates.

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Social media can make or break you in the job market

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Websites encourage eating disorders through sense of belonging

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Students are finding a thin line between what is prostitution and what is not with the new "sugar baby" trend

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Gov. Sam Brownback's incompetent planning has dug the state into a hole

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Concealed and open carry firearms should be allowed on campus

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Keep restrictions on gun control on campuses

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A week of partying can lead to disaster

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From K-State President Kirk Schulz

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A letter from Student Body President Reagan Kays

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Frenzy after crowd rushes court

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Man identifying himself as the one who bumped Traylor writes in.

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Are extreme diets helpful or harmful?

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WebMD turns the symptoms of a simple cough or cold into the symptoms of death and dying

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Eating disorders are a mental illness

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Why students should start thinking about retirement funds now

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Jordan's involvement presents new strategy for actions against ISIS

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New investigation shows the dangers of weight loss pills

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Being vegan in a meat-eater's world

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Students should be cognizant of what they post on the Internet