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Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

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Frankly, when I was a K-State student, I never looked forward to final exam. I was an average student who had to work...

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Collegian for starting to cover important topics in the news. As a public relations...

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The article by Jenny Jirovec that was published in the Dec. 10 edition about studying abroad in China was very interesting and somewhat eye-opening....

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Crockett reflects on the lessons she's learned as a college student and a mom

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No excuse for readers to remain ignorant in the information age

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President Reagan Kays wishes students well on their finals.

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Dear Students, Congratulations on a terrific fall semester! I hope you enjoyed your classes and I wish you the very best on your upcoming...

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Suderman reflects upon his time at K-State as a journalism student.

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Diversity issues at the forefront of students' minds

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John Currie wishes students well during finals.

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General discussion and the options for foreign and domestic adoptions

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News coverage makes protests accessible to outsiders

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Lack of Garner case coverage makes news unbalanced

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K-State heading to the Alamo Bowl, Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee will make money usage by organizations more transparent, there is news in the North Campus Corridor and the student body president wishes best of luck on finals

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Ferguson and Eric Garner events show failure on behalf on the federal government

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Tests during dead week interfere with finals preparation

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Assistant Professor of journalism and mass communication, Kimetris Baltrip, addresses the need for conversation in the face of diversity and differences

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Thank you for your coverage of the protest in the Student Union. Although some news outlets have unfortunately decided to only focus on the...

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In his book, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," author Paulo Freire poses a theory that aims to eliminate oppression by engaging marginalized groups and drawing...