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Students could use the help and shouldn't feel bad accepting it when offered

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What am I learning from being a senior at K-State?

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Why tiny houses are viable options for recent graduates

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Graduating stresses me out, and I’m not even a senior ... technically

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Why movie franchises need to learn when to stop. And why they won't.

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What Facebook is doing to help find missing children

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A defiant stand for freedom

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How the media and fashion industry are ruining women's self-images

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Why Brownback's speech was less than inspiring

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The network's recent show "My Husband's Not Gay" should be cancelled

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Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

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Frankly, when I was a K-State student, I never looked forward to final exam. I was an average student who had to work...

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Collegian for starting to cover important topics in the news. As a public relations...

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The article by Jenny Jirovec that was published in the Dec. 10 edition about studying abroad in China was very interesting and somewhat eye-opening....

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Crockett reflects on the lessons she's learned as a college student and a mom

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No excuse for readers to remain ignorant in the information age

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President Reagan Kays wishes students well on their finals.

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Dear Students, Congratulations on a terrific fall semester! I hope you enjoyed your classes and I wish you the very best on your upcoming...

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Suderman reflects upon his time at K-State as a journalism student.

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Diversity issues at the forefront of students' minds