Wednesday, February 22, 2017


A letter from K-State head football coach Bill Snyder

After Snyder announced last week that he is fighting throat cancer, he addressed a young woman who prayed for him.

OPINION: Have we lost political discourse?

In a time when everyone seems to pick a side as quickly as they hear a story or idea, one has to wonder if there's room for agreement anymore.

Street Talk: Picking Shirts

We asked students why they picked their shirts for the day

Letter to the editor: Using fear of terrorism for political gains

A student writes to the Collegian about the use of fear in politics.

OPINION: Why shouldn’t celebrities speak about politics?

When celebrities and professional athletes use their platforms to address political and social issues, are they helping progress their cause, or are they stirring up more trouble?

Opinion: A discussion about PC culture

"Our country desperately needs to work towards repairing the current polarization if we ever hope to progress as one nation, undivided. Before we can begin that process though, we need to talk about political correctness."

OPINION: Myers’ letter on sportsmanship like a parent scolding children

Scolding doesn’t work on college students. Don’t blame him for trying, though.

OPINION: Will Trump’s ‘America First’ economic policy bring manufacturing back?

Countries engage in industries where they have more competitive advantage with other countries, just as individuals perform jobs they are most efficient at and pay others to do the things that they are less efficient at doing.