OPINION: It is not a crime to cheer for KU

There is nothing wrong with cheering for the Jayhawks or Shockers when they are not playing the Wildcats.

Opinion: Can our environment survive this administration?

If the Trump administration’s plans for the environment and energy production are as great as the Republican healthcare plan, I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

OPINION: Take-home exams are not what you think

I thought a take-home exam would be easy because I have access to any resource I could possibly need — not.

Street Talk: Fake Patty’s Day

We asked people in Aggieville what their favorite part of Fake Patty's Day was.

OPINION: Blue books are a waste of students’ money

College students are wasting money on what is nothing more than fancy blue covers.

‘The Magic Flute’ review: Balancing an impressive performance with antiquated themes

K-State Theatre performs Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" through Sunday at McCain Auditorium.

President Myers: ‘Have fun, be safe’ on Fake Patty’s Day

K-State President Richard Myers encourages students to "have fun, be safe and make your K-State family proud" during weekend festivities.

Opinion: Investigate Russia, not a conspiracy theory

When asked by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press if a wiretapping of Trump Tower was authorized, which would have to go through James Clapper, Clapper said “I can deny it”.