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Getting too drunk too quickly leads to too many consequences

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Have you heard about that coffee thing? Seems to be a big deal for some reason

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Stay busy, be positive and try not to scream for revenge

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Your trick to success on your journey to a healthy lifestyle

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A look at the importance of being healthy over looking a certain way

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Online memes can affect mood in a positive way

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Perfect bodies shown on social media are usually unobtainable

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[Katie Heinrich, along with others from Kansas City and Leawood will conduct research at Fort Leavenworth to improve army fitness program]

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Over time, the definition of "health" has changed, been debated

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With government site ineffective, group of 20-year-olds implement their own.

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Depression and anxiety rates among college students are continuing to increase.

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Rec Center, Wildcat Wellness Coalition factors in student fitness

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Healthy Fusion, a 24-hour fitness club and smoothie shop located at 1140 Westloop Plaza, is dedicated to educating people on the importance of daily...

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Local schools, in collaboration with Fort Riley, highlight programs they offer to help students.

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Buzzfeed posted an article on June 19 about ingredients in common U.S. foods that are banned in other countries — things that cause cancer,...

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May is here, which means flower buds and blooming trees. While the spring weather is something to look forward to, many are already dealing...

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College students have special medical resources in case of an unexpected misfortune or accident. The availability of Lafene Health Center, as well as the...

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When walking around campus, students may be aware of the beauty of blooming floral beds and neatly trimmed shrubbery, but what they might not...

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For Manhattan residents with physical and mental challenges such as Down syndrome, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or speech and language deficits, therapy and...

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If a diet of toast for breakfast, a sandwich and soup for lunch, followed by pizza and breadsticks for dinner is typical, your diet...