Editorial: Editor’s most memorable moments


Leann Sulzen – Editor in chief

Thinking it was a bad dream when I was woken up in the morning to hear the Collegians were stolen.

Matthew Girard – News editor

Seeing President George W. Bush squirm while answering some peculiar questions at his Landon Lecture in January.

Alex Peak – Campus editor

The few days this semester that I finished work by 5:30 p.m.

Michael Ashford – Co-managing editor

Watching Snyder Family Stadium fill up with 31,875 fans for coach Ron Prince’s first Spring Game on April 22.

Adrianne DeWeese – City/gov editor

Having a strong staff because city/gov isn’t always the most appealing desk to work for.

Cj Lehr – Co-managing editor

Joining the Panda Train for dinner at Panda Express every Wednesday night without fail.

Emily Lawrence – Presentation editor

Getting off work at 4 a.m. and then going to Bob’s for breakfast.

Zach Eckels – Opinion editor

Listening to all of those confused people in the Fourum on April 20.

Angie Hanson – Sports editor

When my hamster, Walter, emerged from the vent.

Eileen Laux – Edge editor

Procrastinating by reciting Ace Ventura and Super Trooper quotes in the newsroom, also being referred to as the “loud girl.”

Owen Kennedy – Co-copy chief

Being sick with mono on the first day of the semester – and getting to miss work.

Curtis Johnson – Online editor

Proving to everyone that I wasn’t too drunk to fulfill my online editor responsibilities.