Students choosing summer classes


A growing number of K-State students are choosing to continue their education over the summer months by taking classes or traveling abroad.

The number of students traveling abroad this summer has grown by more than 50 students since the summer of 2005, said Jenifer Chambers, director of the Study Abroad Program.

Chambers said 215 students were enrolled to take group trips this summer, and 59 students were participating in exchange programs or individual trips.

The wide variety of courses and trips offered, and positive word of mouth, might be responsible for the increase in enrollment, Chambers said.

“There are some new courses every year, and some that are recurring. As more people go abroad and talk about it to their friends, interest in the program grows.”

Although students usually are encouraged to spend at least a full semester in their country of choice to become more familiar with the native language and culture, Chambers said summer travel programs allow more students to take advantage of the Study Abroad experience.

“Some people just can’t get away during the semester,” she said. “The summer is a good time for people who want some international experience who can’t go during the school year for academic or personal reasons.”

The number of students taking summer and intercession courses is also likely to remain high this summer.

Gunile DeVault, associate registrar, said although it was hard to estimate how many students are enrolled in courses until the summer ends, she expected numbers similar to those of 2005.

“Summer enrollment is a little bit different than fall and spring because a lot of those enrolling aren’t K-State students,” DeVault said. “These people don’t have the opportunity to pre-enroll like students can. But the numbers are generally consistent from one summer to the next.”

DeVault said that 6,425 students took summer courses, including

online courses, during summer 2005.

Jancis Klenda, senior in life science and pre-nursing, will be spending five weeks in Spain this summer as part of a group program.

Klenda said she made the decision to travel to Spain last fall because she had always possessed a strong desire to study abroad.

“I just want the experience of living in another country,” she said. “I would like to learn some Spanish, and also just see what it’s like living out of my comfort zone, and learn to relate to lots of different people.”