Sold out show, worth waiting


Movie Review by Christina Forsberg”Pirates of the Caribbean 2″ Grade: A- The desire to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 beat not only box office records for first day sales, but swamped Seth Childs Cinema in Manhattan for the weekend. Saturday, not Friday, I tried to go see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.” With plenty of time before the 8:10 p.m. showing, my group arrived to find the show sold out at Seth Childs for the next three shows. We bought tickets for the next day instead, and when we came back, a sign outside also indicated that the next three shows were sold out that day, too. Gore Verbinski hit treasure again. The movie was worth a pretty matinee penny to see. Don’t worry, Johnny Depp once again nailed the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. Be careful to pay attention, because the story moves fast and there’s a lot of action-packed, creatively choreographed fight scenes. This time around, there seemed to be more animated computer graphics, especially since Davy Jones and crew were each half-man, half-sea creature, but the effects were quality and the one aspect of the movie that won me over, even if plot didn’t. Whatever the plot lacked it made up for with some clever twists. The movie did leave something to be desired: with a cliffhanger and a surprise twist at the end, there’s no doubt that the third movie will please.