Fines for parking increase


As of July 1, parking without a valid parking permit can cost a driver $50.

The change was made to prevent people without valid permits from parking in lots and to keep illegal parking to a minimum said Gary Leitnaker, assistant vice president of human resources and parking.

Since there is a shortage of parking on the K-State campus, the parking council voted to raise the cost of parking tickets.

Although Student Governing Association voted for the increase, the change has left some students shocked. Kelly Stewart, senior in marketing, said was running late to turn in homework when she got her ticket.

“I got back to the car, saw the ticket and thought it was $18. I looked at it the next morning and saw $50 and thought it was a mistake,” Stewart said. “I just think it’s crazy that it cost me $50 to hand in my homework.”

If students receive a ticket and do actually have a valid permit, they can contact parking services. With proof of the valid permit the ticket cost will be reduced to a $2 ticket.

As part of SGA services, there is also a parking citations appeal board to hear students wanting to appeal a parking ticket, SGA Attorney General Joe Vossen said.

Parking without a valid parking permit isn’t the only category for tickets that went up in price. If your meter expires it is now a $10 fine, and if you’re parked in a wrong area the price is $20. For a full list of citation prices go to and click on the “2006-07 Regulations.”