Gas cardholders receive rebates at pump


With the rising gas prices, pricing and rebates can be competitive at gas stations around Manhattan.

Several of these stations offer credit cards partnered with companies like Visa and MasterCard, said Rachel McKinney, clerk at the Westside BP gas station, 3001 Anderson Ave. She said BP’s current credit card promotion includes receiving free gas.

“A lot of people come in and ask how to get $75 worth of free gas,” McKinney said. “We hand them the different applications and ask them to look them over and decide what’s best for them.”

McKinney said there are cards that are only accepted at participating gas stations, like the BP gasoline card. Others may be used any place credit cards are accepted.

Potential cardholders can receive varying amounts of rebates and can apply for the gasoline card, the MultiCard or the new BP Visa.

“They send you gift cards in the mail for like $25 to $50, and you can use it at any BP station.

At the Wildcat BP, 1701 Anderson Ave., cashier Michael Kohout, fifth year in accounting and finance, said a lot of people have come into his store to ask about the BP credit cards since gas prices have gone up.

The card is good for 10 percent off of all purchases for the first two months at all BPs. After that, it’s five percent off, Kohout said.

“If you spend 200 bucks a month on gas anyway, 10 percent off is still $20 you get back,” Kohout said. Linda Lewellen, cook at the Derby Dining Center, said she would recommend having a gas-station credit card.

“We’ve had the BP MultiCard since 1989,” Lewellen said. “We use it especially when we get car repairs.”

Kathy Hull, assistant manager at Dara’s Fast Lane No. 6, 2707 Anderson Ave., said she would recommend the gas-station credit cards to those looking to build credit.

“I see a lot of college kids come in with their parents’ card, but most people I see with the card are older, like in their 40s,” Hull said.

Tyler Scherr, cashier at Kwik Shop, 1337 Anderson Ave., and junior in pastoral ministry at Manhattan Christian College, said although his store doesn’t offer a credit card, it does have a special discount available through Kroger.

“Kroger owns both this Kwik Shop and Dillons,” Scherr said. “It’s four cents off right now with your Dillons plus card. If you use the key chain card, you have to pay inside.”