Parking services unpopular


K-State Parking Services definitely isn’t aiming for popularity. Once again, it raised the fees for all on-campus parking violations and increased the cost for parking passes.

On some levels, we recognize the necessity for moderate increases. As the maintenance and preservation costs go up, the fees will also rise.

While some of the fee changes are small, like $10 instead of $8 for an expired meter, others are quite dramatic. With the new rules, you will be charged $50 for parking on campus without a pass.

Does no one understand that we’re poor and starving and sometimes so late to class that we simply do not have time to find a spot 10 blocks off campus?

We recognize that the parking employees are just doing their jobs, and the average bright-vested ticket distributor has nothing to do with the increased costs and added annoyance. They’re probably even nice people. And we are grateful that they allow you to appeal the full price of the ticket if you have a reasonable cause, but we’re just wondering: will it ever end?

And in the meantime, we’ll keep our tar and feathers away from the parking folks.

Or, at least, we’ll try.