Maddys ready for year


The fall semester hasn’t begun, but the Maddys are already at work.

Student Body President Lucas Maddy and Vice President Katie Maddy ran their campaign based on three C’s: campus, community and career. They won the general election March 9 with 3,019 votes and were sworn into office April 6.

They has made plans with KSDB-FM 91.9 for a radio show as part of the campus platform-prong, said Lucas, senior in agricultural economics and agricultural technology management. The show will feature university faculty members and student leaders.

Casey Berner, talk show director for Wildcat 91.9, said the show might have its own special air-time on Sundays.

For the Maddys’ community platform, Lucas attended a city and university relations conference earlier this summer in Colorado. Leaders from the United States and Canada were at the conference, and he was the only student representative there. Lucas said he has already shared his ideas from the conference with Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce members.

Katie, along with K-State representatives from the Women’s Center, residence halls and greek system, also attended a conference this summer. At “Violence Goes to College 2006” in Boulder, Colo., Katie said she gathered ideas for safety and diversity programs to start at K-State.

“We (K-State students) need to make sure we are putting on a positive image at all times,” Katie said. “It’s one more step that we can take to make sure we are going about representing K-State in the best way possible.”

For their final C, career, Lucas said he met with Amy Button Renz, president of the K-State Alumni Association, and Kerri Day Keller, director of Career and Employment Services, to discuss ways to further connect K-State students in the workplace. He said they have looked into possibilities with the Wildcat Connection program on the Alumni Association Web site.

Nothing is finalized yet with the Web site, and Lucas plans to discuss his ideas with Renz at the Alumni Board of Directors’ fall meeting.

While the Maddys have started work on their platform promises, Lucas said there are other items that he and his cabinet members are working to accomplish, like restructuring the general-education requirements at K-State.

K-State’s current general-education requirements were approved by Faculty Senate on May 10, 1994, according to the University General Education Web site.