Two students bare all and show their school spirit in Playboy


Hundreds of fans stood in the sun Wednesday outside of Dara’s Fastlane #1 with Playboy Magazines in hand to get a glimpse of and a signature from the two women chosen to represent K-State in the “Girls of the Big 12” issue of Playboy.

The 10-page nude pictorial has been a popular part of Playboy’s history for the past 30 years, Theresa Hennessey, media contact for Playboy, said. The college issue is released every October, and Playboy last featured the “Girls of the Big 12” in its October 2002 issue, she said.

“The purpose of the college issue, as with all issues of Playboy, is to feature models who could be the girl-next-door and see a different side of her,” Hennessey said.

“We try to feature girls who are very beautiful yet very approachable; these are the kinds of girls who could sit next to you in your math or English class.”

This past spring, Playboy photographers sent ads and casting calls to the universities of the Big 12 in order to find women who embody the college look, Stefan Prelog, public relations executive for Playboy, said.

“About 100 girls applied to meet with the photogs,” Prelog said. “They would meet the girls and take snapshots of them. They would then see which girls they liked and wanted to use for the pictorial.”

Prelog said the photographers tried to choose women that are photogenic, and they also tried to find a variety of women, that is not just all blondes or brunettes.

The two women who represent K-State are Delaine Barnes, 2006 graduate of K-State in animal science and current nursing school student, and Courtney Storm, senior in animal science and industry.

Storm said she auditioned for the shoot because she has always wanted to pose for Playboy. Barnes also listed the same reason for auditioning, but she added that she posed because it was an issue of female empowerment.

“Plus, how many people get to say they’re in Playboy or audition for Playboy and actually have a shot at it?” Barnes said.

Barnes and Storm said they were not allowed to choose the locations where the photo shoot took place, but each said they were happy with how the pictures turned out. Barnes was photographed inside a hotel room, which she said was “decked out like a dorm room.” Storm’s pictures were taken on a farm in Westmoreland, Kan.

“It’s just north of Wamego, and it was absolutely beautiful,” Storm said.

Storm said the photo shoot was professional. The photographers and staff made sure no one was around during the shoot, and because the farm is close to the highway, proper measures were taken to ensure her privacy, Storm said.

Barnes agreed that the photo shoot was enjoyable.

“It was fabulous. They were very accommodating,” Barnes said. “I immediately felt comfortable. The photographers treated me as if I was a big model. I was very at ease.”

As far as how the models’ families and friends feel about their posing for Playboy, Storm said her family was OK with her posing, and her friends were excited she had the opportunity to do it. Barnes agreed and said her friends were thrilled about her posing for Playboy, but she said she has not yet told her family.

“I’m sure they’ll be cool with it, but there just hasn’t been an appropriate time to tell them,” Barnes said.

When Barnes saw herself for the first time in the magazine, she said it was strange and almost surreal seeing herself in Playboy. Storm echoed the sentiment.

“It’s cool, but it’s really different,” Storm said. “It’s different than looking at yourself in the mirror. I can look at the photo and start to pick apart little things about myself and my appearance.”

Storm said posing for Playboy was an enjoyable experience.

“I want to do it again,” Storm said.

Barnes agreed that her encounter with Playboy was amazing.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it was really great,” Barnes said. “I hope I am able to do more modeling for Playboy; I would love to do it again.”