Like goes with like, especially in dating


Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship that might end in marriage or just casually dating, it’s important to keep an open mind, but also keep yourself and your values in mind.

It’s no joke that birds of a feather flock together. So when you see those beautiful people who look like models, know their significant others are likely of the same beauty caliber.

If you would rate about a six on the hotness scale, you should aim at trying to date another six. However, because the hotness scale is so subjective and can be inaccurate, allow a human error range of plus or minus one, which means a four can pursue threes, fours or fives.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t try for people more beautiful than yourself, but it’s fair warning to say you might get a broken heart in the end.

As far as dating at K-State, there are at least 23,000 people here. Although they might not all be single, there are still plenty to choose from.

Keep in mind that like goes with like. If you’re an art student and have a great appreciation for the fine arts, you’ll probably enjoy someone who shares your interests.

If you meet someone who has the same music interests, you’ll have more to talk about, and you can go to concerts together.

If partying is your recreation of choice, you might be better off trying to meet someone in a bar or at a party. Just remember the activities you enjoy when looking for a mate.

An example of how things could go wrong: you are someone who loves watching animé video marathons on Saturday nights, and you go on a date with someone who hates animé and will watch German movies only on Friday nights, because Saturday nights are reserved for horseshoes with the extended family. Obviously, this relationship won’t last long.

For those people who are needy and require a lot of attention and quality time, steer clear of architecture students, pre-med students or anyone who works for Student Publications Inc.; academics and extra-curricular activities demand much of their time.

If you’re an expensive date and want your mate to be rolling in money, search for people in majors that have a good turnaround rate, meaning they’re likely to get a good job after graduation (see engineers, lawyers, accountants and doctors) or watch for trust-funders.

Another thing to determine while perusing the dating scene is if you are even dateable, and if so, how dateable?

Dating and love can be wonderful, but they also can hurt your heart, your spirit and your body. Take advantage of college life, as it is unlikely you’ll ever be around a pool of this many single, sex-charged young adults in your life again.

n 1. Do you enjoy cuddling and long for someone to spend time with?

No – Your only hope is a pet rock or plant.

Yes – Go on to question two.

n 2. Are you looking for someone who’s more than arm candy at a date party and more than just a “good time” later that night?

No – Stay single; it’s better for everyone.

Yes – Go on to question three (you’re getting closer).

n 3. Do you want to give or be given flowers from time to time, and are you excited to write love notes?

No – You’re not a romantic, but with a little work, you’re probably dateable.

Yes – Go on to question four (so far you’re looking very good).

n 4. Are you living in your parents’ basement? Or are you still driving their car?

No – Excellent. Go on to question five.

Yes – You’re going to be less marketable if you’re still dependent on your parents. Consider at least making plans to eventually move out or buy a car.

n 5. Are you willing to share your toothbrush and give up your favorite weekend pastime for chick flicks or NASCAR?

No – You are dateable but not marriage material yet.

Yes – You are totally dateable; however, be careful. You probably have men or women crawling all over you right now.

If you made it all the way through question five, congratulations. You’re ready for the world of dating.

A few pieces of advice for first-time daters or people who constantly screw up the first date:

1. Don’t spend the night together on the first date. You’ll both have more respect for each other the next morning.

2. Try to find an activity you both appreciate doing. Save outlet shopping or Xbox for later in the relationship, when you’re committed enough to make each other miserable.

3. If possible, try to do an activity that involves mutual friends. Having close friends around can help ease nervousness. You two can sneak off alone later in the date.

4. Try to be mindful of each other’s views and opinions. It’s probably not a good plan to debate politics or reproductive rights on a first date, unless it’s clearly evident that you both support a candidate or idea.

5. Finally, relax and have fun. Don’t throw too much insight into the event. Don’t judge the person like he or she will be your future husband or wife. First impressions are always shaky, and it takes a lot more than a first date to make a spouse.

Overall, if you’re in college, and you’re looking for a relationship, have fun but be safe. Dating and love can be wonderful, but they can also hurt your heart, your spirit and your body. Take advantage of college life, as it is unlikely that you’ll ever be around a pool of this many single, sex-charged young adults in your life.

Alex Peak is a senior in mass communication. Please send comments to