Blazers, sweaters are the best fashion staples for any guys’ winter weather wardrobe


The seasons are changing, and the time to be showered with Halloween candy and Christmas gifts quickly is approaching. This seasonal change brings with it change in clothing apparel.

The weather is beginning to cool a bit, so it is necessary to prepare for those possible overnight Kansas blizzards. Comfortable winter clothing and style can be a combination; although I am no expert, I do have some small fashion tips that can prevent you from looking like an overstuffed scarecrow this season.

A key element to any winter clothes is blazer. They are incredibly versatile. T-shirts, sweaters, practically anything fits perfectly underneath a blazer.

Many people are wearing blazers, because it’s a less formal than a suit, but it still allows you look sleek and stylish. Stay away from brighter colored blazers. Dark and more subtle colors are the way to appear fashionable and warm this fall.

Sweaters of all kinds are a good thing to own. Vogue magazine features a lot of cardigans, vests, cable knits sweaters and turtlenecks. Sleeveless sweater vests and somewhat oversized sweaters inspired by the British. Some rather pricey but highly esteemed fabrics to have are cashmere and fine wool.

Some common accessories are watches and sunglasses. Fossil has plenty of attractive looking watches within a decent price range. You might also find good deals on watches at stores around town that could look just as nice without the name brand.

Sunglasses are always a fun thing to have. Whether you’re looking to rock your stunner shades or just have that cool sleek confident look with Oakley’s, it is always important to have a pair on hand. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine.

Kris Fitzgerald is a freshman in pre-psychology. You can e-mail him at