Local bands to play over break to broaden fan base


By Eric Brown

Kansas State Collegian

Even with K-State students leaving town for winter break, the Manhattan music scene will stay in full swing.

Evan Tuttle, member of the Manhattan Music Coalition, said not only will the shows continue, the music of Manhattan won’t miss a beat.

“You would think that our local music shows would suffer over the break from the lack of students in the area,” Tuttle said. “But we’ve learned in the past that’s not the case.”

Tuttle said winter break actually provides good opportunities for local bands.

“So many townies that have left Manhattan come back over the break, and many of them attend the shows in Aggieville,” Tuttle said. “This provides the bands with a whole different audience to perform to and an opportunity to broaden their fan base. Bands would be foolish not to want to perform over the break just because the students are gone.”

Kory Pedersen, known on the Manhattan music scene as the solo hip-hop performer Dropjaw, said he also sees winter break as an opportunity for local bands to broaden their horizons.

“There’s a number of people originally from Manhattan that don’t go to college here,” Pedersen said. “Some of those students might be back in town and check out the local shows while they’re here. They might possibly see something they like while they’re in town and then take it back to school with them to give it to their friends. This being the case, I think the break could be good for our local performers.”

Tuttle said those interested in attending local shows over winter break should visit the Manhattan Music Coalition Web site, www.myspace.com/mmclive, or check out www.littleapplemusic.com.

Upcoming Shows:

Friday, Dec. 8 – P.J.’s Bar

Anchondo, The Ruckus, Five Star Crush, Distance To Empty

n Pat’s Blue Rib’n Barbeque

Nate Bagby

Saturday, Dec. 9 – The Dusty Bookshelf

Shhh, Of the Flame-Hand Robot, Margo May, Poirot

n Pat’s Blue Rib’n Barbeque

Liars of Local Interest

n Auntie Mae’s Parlor

12th Street

n P.J.’s

Vehicles, Five Star Crush, Lovers In Transit

Monday, Dec. 11 – P.J’s

13th Step, AGATHY

Tuesday, Dec. 12 – Auntie Mae’s

Mike Brown Jazz Review

Thursday, Dec. 14 – Auntie Mae’s

Noah Earle

n Pat’s Blue Rib’n Barbeque

Blaine Younger

n P.J’s

The Guerilla Movement Club Tour Featuring James Christos

Friday, Dec. 15 – P.J’s

Dropjaw, SLANG 5

n Pat’s Blue Rib’n Barbeque

The Mikey Needleman Band

Saturday, Dec. 16 – P.J’s

Copus, Terror Tractor, Cause for Retribution, Waste of Hate

Sunday, Dec. 17 – Auntie Mae’s

Scroat Belly

Monday, Dec. 18 – P.J’s

Telomere Repair, Headlights to Sunset

Tuesday, Dec. 19 – P.J’s

The God Project, ego likeness

Thursday, Dec. 21 – Auntie Mae’s

Konza Swamp w/ DJ ksp

n P.J’s

My Pet Monster, The Havok on Polaris, Lucy’s Revenge

Friday, Dec. 22 – P.J’s

Darlin’ Maudie

n Auntie Mae’s


Saturday, Dec. 23 – P.J’s

Beneath, M-Theory

Tuesday, Dec. 26 – P.J’s

West of Reality, The Stereo Types

Sunday, Dec. 31 – P.J’s

NEW YEARS EVE with 13th Step, Asylum Saint

Thursday, Jan. 4 – P.J’s

THE MIGHTY ORQ, Engine Orchestra

n Auntie Mae’s

The Fast Food Junkies

Friday, Jan. 5 – P.J’s

Corkscrew Boar & The Feed

Saturday, Jan. 6 – Auntie Mae’s

Honeywagen with The Down Trunks

Tuesday, Jan. 9 – Auntie Mae’s

The Uptown Healers

Source: www.myspace.com/mmclive