Cards created during party include personal message of encouragement


Red and pink paper hearts covered the tables in the K-State Student Union Ballroom during the first Up ‘Til Dawn Valentine’s Day card writing party benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Feb. 6.

“These cards are unique, because they are straight for the kids,” said Brad Scheu, UTD executive board member and senior in economics. “It’s just not a monetary donation – the cards are something the kids can hold in their hand.”

Participants in the UTD program created Valentine’s Day cards using paper doilies, colored markers and scrapbooking scissors. The cards will be sent to St. Jude in Memphis, Tenn. Scheu said participants wrote their own messages inside the cards.

“The personal message shows the kids in St. Jude’s that there is a person in college who is thinking about them,” Scheu said. “It says a lot of people are supporting the kids, and they’re not doing this alone.”

Scheu said in the past UTD had a Christmas card-writing party, and the spring felt empty with just the final event.

“So we wanted to spread it out more for the participants involved,” Scheu said. “I think it went really well considering the past history of the Christmas card party. We didn’t typically have this many people with it being something that’s not directly related for your team count.”

Participants who came last night will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates during the UTD final event, Mar. 30.

Rachel Belden, senior in finance, said she wanted to participate in UTD to bring a smile to a St. Jude child’s face.

“I’m writing in my cards basically, ‘Hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day’,” Belden said. “These cards are more personal, because I send fewer valentine cards.”

Katie Gorham, freshman in business, said making Valentines Day cards will hopefully cheer up the kids.

“It’s not just the people in the hospital who have the same thoughts hoping for them to get better,” Gorham said. “So many of us care for them and are hoping they get better.”