Hits and misses



Christine Hiebert’s modern art

It would be fair to call us uncultured in response to our lack of enthusiasm for the modern art on display in the K-State Student Union, but we know what we like, and this isn’t it. Sometimes tape on a wall, even if it took two days, is still just tape on a wall. That said, we appreciate the opportunity to see original art on campus, and we remain hopeful we’ll enjoy it more next time.


NCAA tournament selection

The tournament committee snubbed the Wildcats, banishing them to the National Invitation Tournament. The selections of teams like Arkansas (21-13, 7-9 Southeastern Conference) and Old Dominion (24-8, 15-3 Colonial Athletic Association) make the committee’s brushoff even more puzzling. However, watching Selection Sunday with even a glimmer of hope was a new experience for many K-State fans.


Fake Patrick’s Day

It’s always a special occasion when a large portion of the student body is intoxicated at 10 a.m. It’s even better when everyone wears funny hats, drinks green beer and parades around Aggieville like the college version of a Lucky Charms commercial. With spring break approaching, the real St. Patrick’s Day celebration probably will be less crowded, but the only thing better than celebrating the Irish is doing it twice.


Mess in Aggieville

Beer specials are fun. So is acting Irish. But mountains of used beer cups in the streets are not fun and do not reflect well on our beloved bar district. Next time, even amid the St. Paddy’s Day revelry, bargoers should lend a hand and put their trash in an appropriate container.


Daylight-saving time

The only thing worse than dragging yourself to work on Sunday is doing it an hour earlier than usual. We welcome the extra hour of sleep in the fall, but springing forward always poses a challenge, especially when it comes a few weeks earlier than usual. The lucky citizens of Arizona and Hawaii don’t have to deal with the clock-changing.


Countdown until spring break

As the added stress of midterms, papers and projects compounds, spring break isn’t coming a moment too soon. For some of us, a week without school means cruises or extravagant road trips. But even the financially challenged students who have to stay within the “Girls Gone Wild”-free constraints of Manhattan’s city limits can appreciate a week off before the daily grind of schoolwork starts all over again.