No logic to NCAA’s snub of K-State



In my opinion, the Wildcats need to make a statement on the ludicrous nature of the snub delivered them by the NCAA Tournament selection committee.

There is no logical explanation for how Texas Tech is included and K-State is not. I could have lived with only three bids for the Big 12 Conference. It would have been bad, but at least defendable, as the committee would simply be making a statement as to their perception of the quality of the Big 12.

I also could have lived if K-State were included and Texas Tech was not, as K-State was 10-6 to its 9-7, and absolutely throttled them in the last game they played. What makes no sense is Texas Tech in, K-State out.

As such, I call on Huggins and the boys to boycott their exclusion from the tournament by turning down the NIT bid. Their hearts wouldn’t be in it anyway. I know mine won’t be.

Kevin S. Bailey

class of 1998

former Collegian opinion columnist