Retirement ceremony honors 12 soldiers


A retirement ceremony honored 12 former members of Fort Riley on Wednesday, June 27, in Ware Parade Field. Ten out of 12 retirees were soldiers. The remaining two people from Fort Riley honored were civilians. All of the people honored on this day had served at Fort Riley for at least 20 years.

Other Army groups participated in the ceremonies such as The Fourth Battalion, 1st Field Artillery and the Commanding Generals Mounting Color Guard (two guards and six soldiers on horseback carrying United States, Kansas and division colors). The Fourth Battalion, 1st Field and Artillery provided a ceremonial cannon at the ceremony. They fired this cannon to signal that the ceremony was going to get started. The speaker at the event was Garrison Commander Colonel Ty Smith. In his speech Smith talked about all the new technology (DVD’s, CD’s, e-mail, and the Internet) that had been invented since the retirees had come to Fort Riley’s in the 80’s. The music played at the ceremony included “Old Soldiers Never Die/ Auld Lang Syne”, “The Big Red One”, and the “Army Song”. The people retiring from Fort Riley received an Army award for their service as well as a folded American flag. The family members of those retiring from Fort Riley received a certificate of appreciation and a red rose for their support of their family member’s service. Ceremonies for retired Fort Riley soldiers and civilians take place every month.