1st students move into new Jardine apartments


The Jardine Redevelopment Project is under way as students have moved into the first 10 buildings completed.

Mark Nelson, senior in philosophy, and Ronnie Hernandez, freshman in sociology, talked about the perks of living in the new Jardine Apartments.

“It’s a great location,” Nelson said. “It’s close to campus; it’s right by the football stadium. What more could you want?”

Hernandez said he likes the keyless entry technology at Jardine.

“We don’t have keys for the doors here,” Hernandez said.

“Instead, we have a card that slides through a slot in the door, and then we have to punch in our four-digit code to open the door. You get to pick your own code.”

Both Nelson and Hernandez once lived in the residence halls and said they liked apartment living better.

“Unlike at the dorms where you have to put in quarters just to do your own laundry, we have our own washer and dryer hook-ups here,” Hernandez said.

He said there is central heating and air conditioning in each apartment, and bedrooms have their own private bathrooms.

“What I like about it here is that the rent is cheap,” Nelson said. “Here, you don’t really pay that much, considering what all you get.”

Hernandez said he was one of the first residents to move into Building 9 in the complex. He said he filled out an application to live there after a semester of living in Moore Hall.

“I was kind of shocked at first when they picked me as one of the first residents here,” Hernandez said.

“I was honored, you know? This is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a part of history.”

There are three Jardine neighborhoods: the Plaza, Denison and West End.

Cathy Van Steenis, area coordinator for the Plaza neighborhood, said 10 new unfurnished apartment buildings have been built at Jardine and four furnished are on the way.

“The new buildings have completion dates anywhere from Sept. 1 of this year to February of next year,” Van Steenis said.

Van Steenis said the two phases of apartment construction at Jardine are dubbed phase one and phase two. During phase one, critical questions are asked relating to the students’ and the market’s needs. Phase two occurs when the apartments are near completion.

“Three of the new planned buildings are still in phase one,” she said. “A fourth building is near completion.”

Van Steenis said the entire redevelopment project is being financed by bonds and private contributions.

“No student dollars are being utilized for this,” she said.

Guan Lan, graduate student in grain science, moved from the traditional to the remodeled Jardine apartments.

“I heard the new ones in Building 9 are really, really nice,” Lan said. “I really wish I could live there.”

“There’s not much difference between the old and renovated ones. It’s the same amount of space. The only major difference is that there is carpet in the renovated ones,” she said.

Lan said two advantages of living in the renovated apartments is the electric power instead of gas and an air conditioner in the unit.

“The old ones didn’t have A/C in them already. You had to go out and buy and install your own A/C,” Lan said.

“But the renovated units came with A/C units already in them, which is nice.”

Lan added that she thinks both the old and renovated apartments should be redeveloped entirely.