Board of Education discusses improvements


The Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Facilities and Growth Committee discussed school security and modernization at its meeting Wednesday.

Mike Mayo, district consultant, led the meeting and explained the current study and possible reconstructive future for District 383’s elementary, secondary and high schools.

Mayo said there is a lot of inequality across the schools, but the goal of the committee is to increase the level of quality in each school and ultimately eliminate the haves and have-nots.

Some of the major ideas proposed included adding more classrooms to the elementary schools; adding gymnasiums, a special education suite and presentation rooms for the middle schools; a complete renovation of restroom facilities and interior finishes for the high-school campuses; and upgraded security and safety devices for all schools in the district.

“Bringing it up aesthetically would make (the schools) look much better and address safety issues as well,” Mayo said.

New lock systems on all doors, friable asbestos removal, additional smoke detectors, increasing exits and adding fire sprinklers in each building were the safety improvements addressed.

Beth Tatarko, Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education president, said the scope of the study is to look ahead and probably will be a 15 year project which is subject to change.

“One of the big concerns we have in this district,” Tatarko said, “is we have a lot of things that simply need to be repaired and fixed up. In about a month, there will be a more concrete plan, but it’s going to change a lot even then.”