Grazgrove’s Sound no good for Kathouse


Saturday night the KatHouse Lounge was filled with the sounds of Grazgrove, a local band whose star is on the rise.

When the five-person group gets together to play, a supercharged rock sound escapes the speakers. The music the band plays is a mixture of rock and blues with a small amount of bluegrass thrown in for good measure.

The band places little emphasis on theatrics, putting on a meager light show, and what they lack in flash, the music played makes up for it by far. A small fog machine was also present on stage and was controlled by a pedal under the keyboard.

The show began at 10 and few were present when the lights went down. However, as the show wore on, the crowd began to fill out and the boys got more and more comfortable.

Comprised of a drummer, two guitar players, a bassist and the keyboards, Grazgrove is not a band driven by it’s drummer. Chad Brothers, the lead singer, drives the sound with his guitar and Grant Haun, the man on the keys, supplements that sound with all kinds of great noises from his keys.

The skill of the rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer are great, but can best be described as supplemental.

As the level of comfort rose, so did the quality of music that was playing. Jamming from song to song a few times, the band demonstrated it’s tightness in an amazing way.

The music also was easy to dance to. Most at the show could be seen at least tapping a toe, and one concert goer could be seen dancing wildly in the front of the stage.

The roof of the bar did more to hurt the sound than anything. There are some bands you need to see outside and Grazgrove is one of them. The music made is a very big sound and is not meant to be dampened at all. KatHouse is a great bar, but not the greatest venue for Grazgrove to be playing at.

The members of the crowd did not care about the dampened sound and were almost as varied as the sound being played on stage. Members of the crowd were dressed in everything from business suits to rolled up jeans and a t-shirt.

Overall, the show was very good. The band was crisp, had a clean sound and played together well. The next time these guys are near, go see them.