Students meet department heads, learn about majors at barbecue


Students had a chance to apply skills they have learned in Convention Services and Event Planning at the second-annual Human Ecology Grill and Chill on Thursday afternoon.

Brian Park, senior in golf course management, volunteered for the event.

“It was a good event to use my skills I’m learning in class,” Park said. “It was great advertisement for the school, and it was a good chance for older students to meet the younger students.”

Purple balloons, table coverings and raffle prizes covered the Justin Hall library and patio. Anyone who filled out a survey received a gift, a McAlister’s Deli cookie coupon and a chance to win a 30-Giga Bite Apple iPod donated by the K?State Student Union Computer Store.

A long line of students and facility members were ready to eat one of the 700 hot dogs donated for current and potential students in the College of Human Ecology.

“The best part of the event is that the students get to know the department heads,” said Cara Richardson, human ecology special-events director. “Human ecology has five very different departments, and it is a good idea for any student or potential student to meet and interact with all of the departments.”

The barbecue also was an outlet for students to get involved in human ecology, said Madai Rivera, human ecology academic services and diversity coordinator.

“This is a welcome-back event to get to know more about the College of Human Ecology and to socialize,” Rivera said. “At this point, we want to show students that are maybe interested in human ecology to find more information about what major or interest group they would like to join.”

Bockers II Catering and Pepsi also sponsor for the event. After eating hot dogs and chips on the patio, students could go into the lobby for ice cream, raffle prizes and information on different academic majors and interest groups for human ecology.

“We wanted to host an event that brought people that were interested in human ecology together,” Rivera said. “We thought that students love free food, and lunch would be a great time to host this event. This barbecue is mostly for the students and to welcome them into the College of Human Ecology.”

Mary Cox, freshman in family studies and human services, said she attended the event to learn more about her major.

“It is a great idea to have a barbecue because this college is so spread out,” Cox said. “There are lots of majors that are available in this college. It’s nice to see the different things you can do.”

At next year’s barbecue, Rivera said the college would like to encourage more students to look at information inside the lobby of Justin Hall.

“We had ice cream, the raffle and all of the information inside,” Rivera said. “We want more people going inside to see really what human ecology is all about.”