Updated trench, pea coats to be popular again this fall


Though it might seem hard to believe in the August heat, coat and jacket season is just around the corner. This fall, you can make bundling up a fashion statement rather than a necessity.

The best part of wrapping yourself around this trend early – even though the very thought of buttoning a coat right now makes you perspire – is that it’s easy on your pocket. Many department and chain stores already are stocking their racks with scarves, gloves and jackets for a bundle less than the selling price. These items will go far in the dead of the fall and winter seasons.

One of the biggest coats – literally – on fall fashion runways is the trench. Available in varying lengths, this coat works for every body type.

For a lean and modern look, trench coats are the coming season’s best bet. They are a trendy yet practical option for quick walks to work or business meetings.

Buttons fastened, these coats have a tendency to disguise figures and look frumpy. But with the tie of a belt, the problem is solved. Cinching a hook, tie or latch belt around the midsection flatters every woman’s figure by defining her waist and accentuating her curves. Most trenches already come with belts, but to spice up your look try clasping last season’s thick, brightly colored waist-belts over a solid or patterned trench.

Slim to medium figures look great in an ankle to calf-length trench, while medium to full figures look best in thigh to hip-length trenches.

Another cozy trend this season is the lumberjack-meets-Burberry pattern. Plaids have been popping up all over runways and are a sophisticated and chic print, especially on pea coats.

Pea coats are most obviously recognized as double-breasted, button-up jackets first made popular by sailors in the 1940s. For decades, these coats have existed in solid, cool tones such as navy, hunter and mauve. Very rarely could one ever spot a patterned pea coat, with the exception of the timeless black and white hound’s tooth. But the latest and greatest for the pea coat is a colorful plaid.

These coats are also available in a variety of styles including the classic six-button, the swingy baby-doll and the button-up turtleneck that leaves the coat open from the waist down.

A thick-knit scarf, chunky or stiletto knee-high boots and/or a skinny to wide belt are also a must for heating up your jacket-savvy wardrobe this coming season. And remember, if you can only pick one practical-yet-popular look to keep you toasty and trendy while trudging to biology in the snow, make it the trench or patterned pea coat.

Elise Podhajsky is a junior in print journalism. Please send comments to edge@spub.ksu.edu.