Knife threat in Aggieville


A man led police on a chase through Manhattan after allegedly threatening four men with a knife early yesterday morning, according to a Riley County Police Department report.

According to the report, the four victims were walking in the north alley of the 1200 block of Moro Street. The suspect, 19-year-old Julio Deleon Jr., pulled up behind the men in a 2007 gold Ford Focus and revved his engine. All but one man moved out of the alley when Deleon got out of his vehicle and approached the men in a hostile manner, Lt. Kurt Moldrup of the RCPD said.

One of the victims then pointed to a police officer who had been standing at the other end of the alley.

Police said the suspect got back in his car and rapidly backed out of the alley. The officer then contacted a patrol car, which followed the Focus.

The vehicle headed north on Moro, shut off its lights after crossing Bluemont Avenue, turned east onto Thurston Street where he finally pulled over and proceeded to run on foot.