Liars of Local Interest rock with multi-genre sounds, violinist in KatHouse Saturday


A five-member band of self-proclaimed “broken-down-acoustic-rock-folk-alternative-country-type goodness” rocked the KatHouse during AggieFest last weekend.

Liars of Local Interests’ sound, inspired by the Shins, Wilco and Blind Melon, is aesthetic and different because of Sarah Barron on the violin, said Ben Schardein, lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist.

“She brings a lot of class to the group,” Schardein said.

The range of Barron’s fiddling was impressive even to the untrained ear. Elegant double stops and unique flexibility of tone demonstrated intense dynamics in every song.

Schardein’s vocals also added to the special sound of the band. The relatively high pitch of his voice melded well with the edgy acoustic rock that permeated the venue.

The members of the band have years of musical experience under their belts, and this was evident in their performance.

The level of musicality was high in their harmonious, upbeat songs. Schardein said the band has learned not to take themselves too seriously which helps them make good music.

The crowd of about 60 people was moved by the band’s high energy. People moved to the music and hummed along to melodies, though there were a few enthused dancers in the crowd.

AggieFest was an opportunity for local bands to be heard by crowds that might not normally experience their music. Exposure at festivals for bands like Liars of Local Interest will bring them a new fan base and opportunities to spread their sound.

“I wanted to be famous by now and I guess if it won’t happen, this is the perfect town to not be famous in,” said Schardein. “Manhattan’s local music scene is pretty amazing for such a small community.”