Popular rock song is getting old, fast


So I was taking my car out for a regular spin around my neighborhood last Thursday night to make sure that it still ran after nearly a week of not being driven. I thought I’d break up the monotony of the silent ride so I turned on the radio. And then I heard it.

“Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars, and live in hilltop houses driving 15 cars.”

Almost immediately after these wretched words beat through my ears, I felt the urge to pull my vehicle over, pop open my trunk, down my last quart of motor oil and tell every bystander in the neighborhood not to help me.

I know you are thinking, “Grady, what song on earth were you listening to? Oh, wait…Oh, I know what it was!”

You guessed it: “Rockstar,” by Nickelback.

The song came out over the summer and got a lot of spins – too many. I personally do not mind Nickelback.

“Hero” was a great song and fit well with the end credits of “Spiderman.” “Too Bad” hit me on a personal level, and I cried the first time I saw the music video of “If Everyone Cared.”

I heard “Rockstar” over the summer and thought, “This isn’t too bad, but it could be better.” Six months later, the song seems to have taken over every radio station, from alternative to country (and NO, I’m not kidding about country stations either).

Honestly, why is this song so popular? No, really – I’m asking you. I do not have an answer for that one. Nearly everyone I know hates that song. And those who don’t hate it agree that it has at least gotten old.

But it’s still playing and not going away.

It was nice the first month. But nowadays, whenever I hear those same lyrics over and over again, I get the same feelings over and over again: I don’t wanna be a rock star. I don’t want to live in hilltop houses driving 15 cars. I don’t want girls or drugs.

In fact, I want to drop out of college altogether, stay single and poor and sit at home all day watching “The Office.”

Hey, hey, I don’t wanna be a rock star.

The solution to the problem is simple. Play another Nickleback song. They have several other albums which include many more songs that have not yet reached the status of annoying. Why can’t we hear them?

The radio stations that play this song over and over should take more time to listen to their audience when they choose what song they are going to play.

If you are as tired of it as I am, next time you hear the song, call the radio station and tell them to take it out of rotation. Permanently.

This is the only way we can prevent songs we once loved from being reduced to some of the most annoying songs ever played. Grady Bolding is a sophomore in theater. Please send comments to edge@spub.ksu.edu.