Sebilius makes smart decision


“Help is on the way” should be the title of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ next speech.

Tree limbs are still piled up on the curb and even the occasional power cord can be seen lying across the sidewalk.

Obviously, Manhattan and several areas of Kansas are in dire need of the assistance Sebelius recently asked the national government for. More manpower means our city can be cleaned up quicker.

But will the help come fast enough? Snow is predicted for this weekend and with today’s flurries, it might seem as though winter is back in full force. Manhattan officials should start thinking more about the clean up before they have a bigger problem to deal with.

Even though help might be on the way, citizens of Manhattan should do all they can to clean up.

Cut up the extra limbs in the yard to use for firewood. Keep leaves in a bag to use for fertilizer in the spring. Family time could be spent cleaning up the yard. It’s every one’s job to make sure this city gets cleaned up.