Student involved with recruitment, along with several other groups


Donnie Hampton never has been satisfied with watching events unfold around him. Hampton, sophomore in business, said his record of service and leadership began before coming to K-State, when he was “that guy that did way too much in high school.” His freshman year he discovered the All-University Open House committee, a group of students who plan and implement the logistics for the annual event April 19. Hampton signed on but never imagined he would be given much responsibility his first year. To his surprise, he was chosen to coordinate an entire day of entertainment at Bosco Plaza during Open House. This year will be Hampton’s third year organizing the event – he is one of 16 students on the committee. “Being in charge of Bosco Plaza’s entertainment for K-State’s Open House was quite an experience,” Hampton said. “Being a freshman in charge of such an event definitely was a crazy experience. In a nutshell, being able to book acts, organize volunteers and get people where they needed to be – without having a budget – was pretty insane.” Though his undertaking was difficult, Hampton said he impressed student leaders and administrators and serves in the same position this year. “It has been great,” Hampton said. “I gained an opportunity to work behind the scenes for K-State.” Hampton said the experience has been worthwhile, and he has been introduced to new people and new friends. “Being involved in high school, it was only natural for me to want to be involved in college,” he said. “On top of that, I knew being involved would allow me to meet other people that had the same aspirations as me. That is awesome, because I love to meet people.” Hampton still finds time to invest in other organizations. He is a member of Circle K International, Student Alumni Board, Union Program Council, University Grievance Board and the Diversity Programming Committee. “On top of all of this, I am heavily involved with my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, and the Kansas State University Honors Program,” he said. With so many commitments on his calendar, it is hard to understand where Hampton finds the time to work on campus at New Student Services, giving tours to prospective students. But Hampton says his job is one of the most rewarding parts of his day. “Being a tour guide on campus is a great stress reliever,” he said. “When I am working, I’m actually having a lot of fun, so I don’t mind work. It’s honestly a break for me. If you see me while I’m giving a tour, say ‘hi’ because I love that.” Hampton’s success stems from his humility and desire to stay out of the spotlight. Though he has desire to be involved and leave the situation better than he found them, he is still modest. “I love being able to take on a project and build something from nothing, to see it work and see people enjoying themselves,” Hampton said. “I enjoy seeing people entertained, whether I’m on stage getting the credit or not. The smiles on their faces are great.”