KSU once enjoyed Easter Monday off


This year’s calendar forced most students to make the trek back to Manhattan from their spring breaks on Easter Sunday, while many other schools like Baylor and St. Louis Universities have received an extension because of the holiday. Up until March 1988, K-State also had an extra Monday off.

The following article was written by the Collegian staff in the March 31, 1988, Collegian.

University eliminates break, schedules classes for Monday

Yes, there will be classes on Monday.

In past years, the Monday after Easter has been a university holiday. Beginning this year, however, a change has been made.

“This year, for the first time, Monday is not a student holiday,” said University Registrar Don Foster.

The reason, he said, is because the Kansas Board of Regents established Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an official university holiday.

“Therefore, we had to pick up another day. It was basically a trade of days,” he said.

Foster said the Regents did not specify which day would have to be used to make up for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday but that administrators believe the Monday after Easter was the best choice.

“One of the other options would have been dead day [the day before spring finals begin],” he said.

Foster said the change has not resulted in many complaints, but just “a lot of confusion.”

One reason for the confusion is because the 1987-88 KSU Programmer – published by the Union Program Council Promotions Committee – listed April 4 as a student holiday.

Foster said K-State isn’t the only university that has eliminated the after-Easter holiday.

“Most universities – [the University of Kansas] included – cut out the Easter holiday several years ago,” he said.